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  1. HDragon

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    I don't remember a lot tbh... but I do remember I was medical RP'ing with @Hunter then she got one tapped. I literally don't remember anything after tho.
  2. HDragon

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Have been playing on and off with this group due to my character's linked backstory to their origins. I have been provided good roleplay from people like @NorwayRP and @ThrashRP this roleplay has shown their ability to have some very nice non-hostile RP. 10/10 rp from this group as a whole and I am waiting for their approval.
  3. HDragon

    Radios attachable to vests

    Some of us don't carry backpacks but still like the look of a radio attached near our shoulder. IRL you have the ability to attach a radio there too so why not.
  4. HDragon

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    It is not meta'ed for people to ask me if I was in Pamyati before. Just saying. We were discussing how we met and it was back in Pamyati times. Also @Eagle there is still @Rutkiy who plays Ilya and myself who plays Vali. Both are characters that were brought to the region for Pamyati
  5. HDragon

    Feeding Chernarus - Food for All! [Open Freq]

    *Vali finally hears Chip's voice and laughs before he pressed the PTT* "Do you think we wanted trouble? No. Your two boys made a mess of your business and what do they get? Jack gets a slap on the wrist and your son gets an ass beating! Jack misfired in your shop half a magazine next to 2 people and your son loves running his dick suckers and sprayed an entire mag at my feet. Your boy is a reflection of how you are as a person, he obviously wants a fight and has no respect for your business. I'm think you are the same way... It's a pity to see you move and I can't wait to come visit the next shop! Da svidanya!" *He releases the PTT and laughs*
  6. HDragon

    What do you do for a living?

    Is that Nellis AFB? I live in Vegas lol
  7. HDragon

    S1 Kras 6/24/2019 20:24

    Server and location: S1 Kras East Woods Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-06-24, 20:24 Your in game name: Vali Kuznestov Names of allies involved: Anton Kuznestov @TheGodPerre Name of suspect/s: Cowboy hat guy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly Red Car / Enemy Olga Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had just stolen a car from the shop about an hour before the incident when we returned we stashed out the and saw the man we stole it from. One of the boys from Chips decided to follow us into the woods where @TheGodPerre initiated on him and he complied. The man in the cowboy hat aimed his weapon at the armband guy and decided to help. Just seconds after he ran behind my buddy and shot him in the back. This is when the firefight broke out.
  8. HDragon

    S1: KOS -Krasnostav 6/24/2019 -06:24ish

    @Arcarius I shot you because you were firing your rifle into the field where my friends were, you were the only person I was able to shoot in the firing line.
  9. HDragon

    S1: KOS -Krasnostav 6/24/2019 -06:24ish

    I have talked to @Gopnik22 @Starcrashers and @shleal225. Star was killed by someone else we think and the other 2 have decided not to report. Allies: @Dominic Corsetti and @TheGodPerre. I would still like to try and talk it out with @Arcarius but I have been left on read twice. My POV: We had just stolen some things from Chips store and ran about 150m away. A guy approached us and we were on high alert, we were led to believe that he was with Chips gang so we initiated on him. We see a girl walk over who was @lunathecat . We asked her to please leave, moments later we see a large group of people at least 12 deep full sprinting at us with their weapons out. The 3 of us shit ourselves and started to walk backward, the guy we initiated put his hands down and ran to the crowd so we ran the other direction. I hid next to a house nearby and my 2 friends headed NE towards some barns. Once they were about half-way through the field I see a line of at least 7 people firing at my friends these people ranged between 50-300m away from me so I began firing at those closest to farthest. I was able to kill one guy before they all scrambled, I then fled east towards the small gathering of buildings on the west side of Kras airfield. From here I see Dominic standing on a road with 3 people surrounding him, I asked over radio if those people had fired any shots and he said yes. So I fired at 2 men and killed them both. One of these guys was @shleal225. The 3rd person on the road was @lunathecat who after I killed the second guy threw her hands up so I stopped firing. Not 30 seconds after I see @Dominic Corsetti get shot in the head and fall dead. I fall back to the east and I reposition. After a few quiet minutes, @TheGodPerre radio's me and tells me that he is alive and that the group thought he was miss ID'ed and provided medical aide after being shot in the plate carrier twice. He then limped away from these people to recover his rifle from the field. Shortly after he radioed me that he had ran into a group of 4 people, 2 men wearing black, a lady wearing all white, and a guy wearing full CDF gear. @TheGodPerre told me that the CDF guy was the one who shot him and the lady had also previously fired at him. I set up and was about to fire when he said he will walk up to them and talk to them. He did and told them he was looking for me too because I "shot his friend". Perre, the 2 men, and the girl all ran up the west Kras hill overlooking the airfield and began looking for me. After some time the CDF guy ran east towards the barns and began searching for me, after running past me twice I left him to go and began taking fire from the girl in the white clothes. @TheGodPerre killed her and the 2 other guys turned on him, he was able to kill one and run away. From here we met back up on the far east side of town and ran south then circled back around to the double greenhouse next to Chip's. From here I ID'ed the CDF guy @Gopnik22 and was able to kill him. We then were pushed by an unknown person and were fired on, the guy fell back then @lunathecat ran into our house where we took her hostage and tied her up. From here we see 3 armed guys on the road talking on the radio about us so we look at each other and decided we needed to leave or we will be killed. From this point, we ran all the way south and headed towards Devil's castle.
  10. HDragon

    Журнал Вали Кузнецова (The Journal of Vali Kuznetsov)

    There are torn pages from the last time he wrote. The pages have been burned in a fire. 18 июня 2019 г. I am sorry for my actions. I have done my friends and family wrong. Old soldiers never die; they just fade away. An American said that. It is true. The Russian Federation has failed me countless times and I let it every time. My friends have never failed me. People like Constance. Again I am sorry.
  11. HDragon

    HDragon - Points/Ban Removal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was banned for Meta-gaming because I "didn't have a radio" you can clearly see in the evidence that was provided in the report that I do have a radio in my jeans at the bottom right corner. If you pause the video when I am in my inventory at 0:28 you can see clearly I have one. JimRP also states that "I can't know for sure that that person wasn't logged on at the time." I then asked him to check the connection logs for the user @Robert Faltin who plays on the characters Johnny Iverson and Grover Maddison. He then stated that he can not be sure of who that person is. I then provided multiple sources to confirm his identities such as his Twitch and YouTube where is titles and/or descriptions include his character's name. I did this because I was trying to get across that I was simply talking to a friend while he is doing other things and I am playing a game. My second ban reason was for BadRP. I was seen climbing a ladder through some barbed wire. Now I can see, depending on your character's history and such this being some BadRP. But for a Russian Special Forces agent who has been serving for years in and out of wars, I'm fairly certain they would know what they are doing with the added factor that I am fully clothed and wearing combat gloves. The most that my character would get from this is snagged pieces of clothing in the wire with MAYBE minor cuts. I am also not saying Vali didn't suffer any injuries, you can clearly hear him grunting in game, but they are minor like I said. There is the option to either treat small cuts or take care of minor injuries after I leave. Due to the intensity of the situation, Vali decided to carry on and treat wounds after he was armed and in a secure location. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points and Ban What could you have done better?: Roleplay out the cuts I might have received from barbed wire.
  12. HDragon

    S1: Invalid Attempted KoS

    There was one guy outside who was traveling West to East coming from the hill entering the town and one of my guys did initiate on them.
  13. HDragon

    S1: Attempted KOS - 1:30pmEST 6/16/19

    Bro, I am complying with the rule but I had some adrenaline running and I'm keeping my buddy who is interested in the things I do up to date just like how he was telling me about is video and how is RP was the day prior and such. We talk about things we are doing either very recently, or currently because it continues to serve a conversation to talk about. Just like how we talked about what had happened after I died. I can understand what you are saying if he was in the game but since he isn't its simply me talking about the gameplay I am receiving.
  14. HDragon

    S1: Attempted KOS - 1:30pmEST 6/16/19

    I can't commentate what I'm doing to myself or a friend? As I said, the point is it isn't IC transmission or else I'd be roleplaying as my character.
  15. HDragon

    S1: Attempted KOS - 1:30pmEST 6/16/19

    So you want me to broadcast me bullshitting with my friend who isn't in the server and I'm talking with on an OOC level? I am not giving him any information to use IC or I would be using my Russian accent and double mic. But I'm not. I'm playing Vali who is Russian and when I talk OOC I am talking with HDragon's voice to someone who isn't even on the server. How would that be considered meta-gaming?
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