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  1. I had a mother and a shit father. My father was a raging alcoholic and my mother was a waitress at a local pub. My dad was in a local gang and was always on the run from the police. When I was 19 years old I was brought into the gang after I left my deadend job as a postman. My life dramatically changed and it was for the better. I loved the gang life and knew it was just the right amount of tough for me. During my starting years in the gang I was just a runner. I was sent to pickup drugs, guns, ammo, anything they needed. Our gang worked closely with the IRA to help out on the unification of Ireland. This support we gave got us load of attention from the local police department. One day he was sent out to steal guns from local police to ready a shipment for the IRA. During this he was almost caught but the police were able to identify who he was. This mad it nearly impossible for him to live in Ireland anymore so he fled to Chernarus in 2017. He lived there in Berenzino for 3 months before the outbreak. Here is where he thrived in the country. Living his normal gang life in a new place. He made plenty of connections but no friends during this time so when the infection hit, he was alone. He moved out east outside of South Zagoria. He lived far near Miroslavl. In early 2019 he caught wind of a group called the DISTRICT, a group of good lads from Ireland. He wanted to reunite with fellow countrymen and packed up everything he could take and started his journey out west. He arrived to South Zagoria and met a few people. None of them where very helpful. He heard things like they all have moved off to Ireland, they moved to Deer Isle, or they were all dead. He began his search looking for them. Knowing only a few names of their ranks; Ryan Shepherd, Vali Kuznestov, Paddy O'Connor, Awimba Muncho, and Larry O'Leary.
  2. HDragon

    Griefing Youself?

    What would this be determined as? For example, I am raiding a base. The defenders of the base destroy all of their storage such as barrels and tents so that I can't take a lot back with me. I successfully win the raid via taking hostages or killing people. What is this considered as? I spoke to @Saunders and was told to ask @Roland and if not him the Admin Team.
  3. HDragon

    Poisoned to death?

    I had just logged on as @Willow and @Lorcan arrive at Tisy base. They hook me up with a plate carrier and water and I began to act like a slave with Willow so that we can convince these guys to “join us” so that we can ultimately use them. After they talk down to Willow and I a bit we walk over to the bunker building. They are about to beat me for being a “bad slave” inb4 I start talking shit to Willow. We decided to have a duel and the better slave will win. After we start I turn my rifle to @mbender08 and @Kaptain. We initiate and then have a little bit of hostile RP and give them instructions. Bender asks for water so Willow takes his canteen out of his bag and gives it to him. We keep RPing and after I hit him a few times he get told to stand against the wall and minutes later he collapsed and died.
  4. HDragon

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    1 Characters who have "lived in Chernarus" their whole life or for long enough to know some kind of history of the area but having 0 clue about anything related to the lore of SZ. IE: People who moved here to "help in the civil war" and don't know who actually fought in it. 2.3 People who make characters but don't fact check the lore or anything IRL. 3 Whitenames when they make a character without reading lore then acting like the infection just started and zombies are a new thing. 4 People who make military characters but don't fact check. IE: "I am a Marine who went to basic training in New York City and my current rank is a Senior Airman and I led my fleet of 200 men". 5 (I agree with @Major) Nationalist/Extremist characters who don't really understand why they have those beliefs or dislike a certain group of people but are just about "killing foreigners and slava my country".
  5. HDragon

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    Server and location: S1 Tisy Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-11, 02:50 Your in game name: Vali Kuznestov Names of allies involved: @Jsesse White @RiZStream @ImNovaaa @Lorcan @Fae @Willow Name of suspect/s: Dalton's Gang Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @RiZStream and @Jsesse White got some Detailed description of the events: We were big chillin at our new base in Tisy and we decided to embrace our Russian pride since we were so close to the Russian border. I played the Russian National Anthem and saluted with the boys. I faded out the music and began to talk about how happy I was about the move when @Lorcan ran over to us and says something like "We are about to get fucked run". I see the homies run off so I join them only about 5 meters behind them. There were about 4 people who stayed at the entrance of our base when I guess Dalton's Gang initiated? I was hella confused and saw the people behind us with their hands up once we were like 50+ meters away. I asked on Discord what was happening because I was so confused. We then start to hear gun shots at which point I am tapped and fall dead. Confused as hell I said something like "I'm dead what the fuck just happened why the hell was I shot" because I am mad confused. EDIT: Our situation is the beginning of @Mia's reported situation.
  6. HDragon

    Give Loremasters Admin Tools

    +1 more Lore, more roleplay
  7. HDragon

    S1 - Lopitino Church - Griefing

    Server and location: S1 Lopitino Church Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:52:29 Your in game name: Vali Kuznestov Names of allies involved: @RiZStream @Grazey @Cracka_tee Name of suspect/s: @TIMELAPSE @ElsynVC (Maybe others from Dalton's Gang) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @RiZStream Shows the griefed walls starting at 1:55:16 Detailed description of the events: We were griefed. No one was logged on and no one saw it. Just logged on to a griefed base. From what I understand they broke into our base from the watchtower. After they were done they decided to leave from the gate but realized that it wouldn't work. They then opted to break out from the fence. My question is why destroy 2 walls completely when all your are doing is creating a way for you to leave the base. If that is their intention then why not just break a lower wall and frame? I see no reason to destroy a full 2 walls and their frames. I get that Timelapse only broke the watchtower which I see as reasonable but for whoever all destroyed the 2 walls I don't see as a reasonable amount to break in regards to 4.8
  8. HDragon

    Invalid Execution(Role-played)/Ruleplay

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I think there might be some misjudgment on ruleplay with the invalid kill added on. I believe that it may have been overlooked on the situation's intensity. Almost an hour before the situation Green Mountain was raided by the Green Dragons in which myself and Hutch died. We had just barely got to Stary from Staroy where we spawned. We get a radio message from Grace that the Green Dragons are looking for us. The same group that had just gunned us down at Green Mountain. Almost a minute after hearing this we run into a Dragon and flee. Lawrence stops to talk to one and Hutch and I are chased by one. I know that regardless of the scenario this goes south. I understand that when you take someone hostage that they should follow the demands of the aggressor. I can think of many instances where people have initiated and told the hostage not to speak. That doesn't mean that they will not give quality roleplay but they are simply assuring that fact IC and OOC that there is no way for them to contact their allies and alert them of hostilities taking place. With that he did address that he understood not to speak but he did speak in doing so. The demands where clear and simple, "Put your hands up without saying a word, if you speak I am killing you". Almost a second later you hear loud and clear him responding before putting his hands up. I feel I did not abuse the ruleplay rule and simply chose roleplay over rules. My character does not like the Green Dragons and had just received info that they are actively hunting us down.. after just killing us. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the removal of the Ruleplay and Invalid Execution and to be unbanned. What could you have done better?: Given him more of a chance before blasting him
  9. HDragon

    S1 no time to comply, invalid execution

    Hutch and I had just died at GM and happened to respawn together at Staroy, after some time running we run into Lawrence. A short few minutes after we found him @RiZStream gets a radio message from Grace saying that the Green Dragons are going to Stary to hunt us down even though they just killed us. We began to leave stary thinking that they are in town, after heading west towards VMC we see 2 people at the Stary/Kab CP and book it into the tree line where we see 2 more people. We book it some more to the road leaving south from Kab. We see a single guy and I say something like hi, at this point he either threw on his GD armband or turned so I can see it. And the boys and I decided to run because we had just heard the whole GD is coming to gas us thing. So we run all the way to VMC where Lawrence gets caught up by a few GD. Hutch and I continue running to the VMC hill where a guy who hasn't claimed to be apart of any group is following us. I hide and Hutch stops to speak with him. The guy (Nik) acting very sketchy talks for a minute to Hutch and Hutch says some things like dude stop following me I don't know you, the whole 9 yards. Hutch then leaves the hill to the south east-ish. At this point he is double micing and saying "Stop following me" and whatnot. I chase after and let him now Ima rob this guy. When I walk up I tell Nik something along the lines of "Put you hands up without saying a word, if you speak I will kill you". He then replied very loudly and clearly before placing his hands on his head "OK OK OK". At this point I shot him. He spoke after being told not to. Just a few minutes after the server crashes and me and Hutch are in the same spot in the tree line, where we begin taking fire. I would like to say that I believe there was some meta-gaming on the Green Dragon's behalf due to the gunfire happening. Nik was dead, he never said anything about being taken, being shot, or anything of the sorts IC. His last words were, "OK OK OK". This can be taken as a sign of hostile action but can definitely not be conclusive evidence of hostile actions in it's self. Will responded if requested by Staff Team
  10. HDragon

    Warren Lowe

    Vali laughs as he hears the radio message. He presses the PTT smiling. "It is about time that you have openly stated that to the world Warren. I have been telling people of your sick ways. Come to Green Mountain sometime to talk." He releases the PTT and takes a sip of water.
  11. HDragon

    The Market - Open recruitment

    A wild @TIMELAPSE appeared! Welcome back! Also I agree with this statement
  12. HDragon

    S1 Cherno BadRP/Invalid Execution

    I can definitely still argue that there is some BadRP. To start with there is the first initiation which was easily swept under the rug when you drop all negative tones in your voice and say "Actually no you can continue your conversation" there are no hostilities after that. But Nik, Apollo, Phoenyxx, Hutch and Wong don't count as any quality RP in this case. You initiated on me and since Pavel is not in Legion or Wolfpack you are running with them dynamically. They never initiated but simply ran with you. The most RP that was there was the boys from the end init asking everyone why I was being taken and later why I have to die, both with 0 response by the hostile party. I do agree that your statements of roleplaying your character's backstory is slightly right tho.. I can't think of a single person who fights alongside someone for a few months and then later decides to kill them and has 0 emotion during that.
  13. HDragon

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    I've been roleplaying with this group well before they had their GP up. Had nothing less than good time and good RP.
  14. HDragon

    S1 Cherno BadRP/Invalid Execution

    I still wanna bring back up the bad RP in this scenario since there has been little talk about it and I still think it is important. I feel that if any rule was broken it was more than likely rule 4.4 on the attacker side. The roleplay given to me by Hutch has nothing to do with the initiation and roleplay provided by Norway. The badRP comes from me being provided 0 roleplay to the point where I am told I am being killed. There was no questioning, no hostile rp, nothing. I was taken, swiftly moved, sat down, told why I was being killed, then killed. I think anyone can say that that is badRP especially if your characters have known each other since January... I would go almost so far to call it ruleplay on his side because he executed me without roleplay due to him believing he has rights.
  15. HDragon

    S1 Cherno BadRP/Invalid Execution

    The situation of me meeting you lot in Stary Yar happened after the event that you posted. Also during the times of you playing in Green Dragons, Time, and House you gain no rights due to you playing on Vitaliy Makrovich so those 20 executions go out the door because this situation is related to Pavel Ivanov. A character who you stopped playing after he was raped by Saviors then you returned to playing after Vitaliy got 2.3ed. But even then when Pavel joined the Time I never fought against you guys because I was a lone wolf helping you guys gather information on Dalton's gang and the Toymakers. As for the perma-death agreement this is something that Potius had dealt with and was forced to make it valid via posting on the forums but for the right of KOS. I would also like to restate the fact of BadRP. Being taken hostage, barely spoken to during my transportation, then quickly executed.
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