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  1. I never use traders. I don't like traders. They should be removed. But if I did use traders I would never use them because they are so far from everything and a major inconvenience unless I have a heli or a car.
  2. Welcome dude, hope you have a good time
  3. That is a compelling argument Rutkiy. Since I've known you for so long, I can only give in if you can slash the prices of all these items to a hefty 5 Rubles.
  4. Those items should be rare and unbuyable. You can still buy the roleplay gear needed for your 'deep in the woods' campfire rp group.
  5. Remove FALs, SCARs, AWMs, all explosives, all drum mags from the traders
  6. POV: After a long time of looking for Jackson I finally got the note from Hector saying that Candy is at a pub down south. I figured Jackson was there too. We head down and don't find Jackson at all, just Candy. We stick around a burn the place to the ground. We leave. We come back when Jackson says he is there. Jackson turns himself into Callahan and Hector. We do some hostile stuff and call it there. He begins getting lippy and is told to stop or he will be killed. This is repeated multiple times. Tree finally says fuck it and executes Jackson because he kept cutting off Callahan and Hector, insulting captors, and cycling through stand, crouching, and laying down. As shown in the chat logs we asked for perms to log but the one of someone asking is not in there. I would like to request that the log is pulled. I believe the person who asked for the entire group was Treggor Johnson aka @IntenseGeek. I also want to say I 100% agree with @YAKMOUTH the the RP felt rushed and felt like one side was not interested at all.
  7. *Callahan hears Damian's voice and picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Good to hear ya voice lad! Haven't seen ya since Namalsk. I never said that my men didn't do it I am simply stating that Jackson was in on it. Me and your father have taken care of Jackson and the problem is over. If you want to meet up with your father and I, am more than willing to. I believe you still have my private frequency, if not ask your dad. I'll see ya soon young lad." *Callahan puts the radio down looks at Hector before they part ways*
  8. *Callahan tears up due to him laughing so hard* "Lad just because you are on your knees for every major faction in South Zagoria doesn't mean they will one hundred percent help you out. They may be a common enemy but they fight for their own causes and no one else. I respect that of them. Fight your own fights, or maybe you can't because you were gunned down in front of Candy and now she acts like she doesn't even know you. Everyone in this country starts on the bottom and works their way up. You don't get a special pass to start at the top lad, get over yourself, swallow your pride, and get to your pub to have a face to face conversation with Hector and I. You have twenty minutes before I burn your shit hole of a pub to the ground. Come back to the kennel you dog." *Callahan puts the radio down and shakes Hector's hand*
  9. Sounds good to me @Hofer, as I have stated in my support ticket... I have no OOC issues with the lad. IC is IC and OOC is OOC and I wish to keep it that way.
  10. *Callahan rolls his eyes and picks up the radio, pressing the PTT* "If you have never heard of Hector then why say that you don't want to and I quote 'Work with some dirty Mexicans'? Weird how that one works lad. Some discrimination for your little political agenda yea?" *Callahan releases the PTT and puts the radio down*
  11. Turning and attempting to gun down 3 heavily armed men is how your character doesn't value his precious life? Your calls of OOC Flame is sad. Let's review some of the things I have included on the OOC Hate report I have filed against you with the Admin Team...
  12. *Callahan laughs as he hears Jackson's voice again then the Docs, he picks up the radio and presses the PTT* "Dr. Williams is that you? Ah yes. *Clears throat* He definitely was NOT part of the raid... But regardless doctor, we did NOT raid your hospital as you have helped many of my men, including myself. We have no intentions of hurting any of the medical staff at your hospital, you people are only around to help the good people of Chernarus. Keep on doing God's work lad." *He releases the PTT and puts down his radio*
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