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  1. Can't wait to RP with everyone, group is very cool. Thank you
  2. Vali Kuznetsov, born June 24, 2045 in Svetogorsk, Russia. His parents were Vasuly and Elena Kuzenstov. His parents were rugged fighters and survivors who remember the start of the outbreak well. Vasuly was a well-known blacksmith before the outbreak. Elena was a chef and always prepared amazing meals at a local restaurant. Growing up Vali always enjoyed the meals his mother made even though they were mostly scrapped together. Vali was raised in the city state of Suo-Rus and always dreamed about what life would've been like before the outbreak. He had always heard people talk about the great days of the Soviet Union and the might of it's military. Vali joined the Suo-Rus defense forces and quickly rose among the ranks as a well respected fighter and leader. Vali later fought along side Vaclav Cernik who he grew very fond of and they became good friends. Vaclav spoke of ideas of resolution and Vali was on board. He helped his friend as much as possible and they grew the organization together with many other like-minded individuals. The beginnings of revolution were quickly found out so Vali and his allies fled, heading toward Nyhiem.
  3. Just doing my community member duties
  4. Thank you man I am here for the community.
  5. Hello, I am new and I was whitelisting today. I saw this weird question talking about a place called, "NWAF"?? I've never heard of that area on Nyheim. Maybe we can change this question to better fit the way this amazing community plays?
  6. Hello roleplayers I am new around here. Please treat me kind and I will do the same. I can't wait to start out my roleplay career here!
  7. I had a mother and a shit father. My father was a raging alcoholic and my mother was a waitress at a local pub. My dad was in a local gang and was always on the run from the police. When I was 19 years old I was brought into the gang after I left my dead-end job as a postman. My life dramatically changed and it was for the better. I loved the gang life and knew it was just the right amount of tough for me. I was working on keep drugs out of the street and we were mandating the marijuana in the streets since the dirty cops weren't doing all too well. During my starting years in the gang I was just a runner. I was sent to pickup drugs, guns, ammo, anything they needed. Our gang worked closely with the IRA to help out on the unification of Ireland. This support we gave got us load of attention from the local police department. One day he was sent out to steal guns from local police to ready a shipment for the IRA. During this he was almost caught but the police were able to identify who he was. This mad it nearly impossible for him to live in Ireland anymore so he fled to Chernarus in 2017. He lived there in Berenzino for 3 months before the outbreak. Here is where he thrived in the country. Living his normal gang life in a new place. After many years of being a lonely travel and mental health issues Callahan became a hardened old man that didn't trust easy. He never cared where he went who he met. Callahan would hold friends for months at a time before feeling that their usefulness has ran up. He would kill them and feed them to the dead to stay alive, never stopping in one place for too long.
  8. More often than not DayZ patches do not have any effect on DayZRP's server. The server is only wiped when there is a major technical problem that cannot be avoided. Last time I recall a wipe due to a patch was 2 years ago or so.
  9. Was fun. Had some good time with the boys. @ChaseRP please remove me from the group page.
  10. Typo, it was meant to say "shit post" as in a shitty post. Sorry pal.
  11. Since you have never been permed let me explain it like this, @KermieSB may be banned at the moment but at the same time he has an active appeal to overturn that ban. If you were banned for something like OOC in IC would you not want to continue roleplaying your character during you ban to have some upkeep on IC relations? @KermieSB because he has the ability to come back to this community. He also doing this in PRIVATE discords. As for @Mason, he has been invited to these PRIVATE discords because he is still friends with many of the people in the community, including myself. As for him roleplaying in the Coalition discord... it's literally DISCORD TEXT RP. Who cares? You can chose to take what he says IC or not. He knows he really doesn't have a shot at getting back into the community so let the kid have some fun with his friends in our discord. It's a game. To add on to what @Tree said, let's look at my personal ban history for this rule. Let's say there wasn't a lore wipe too. I was banned in January which put me on Final Warning. I was then perm banned in February. My character get's PK'ed by your rules. I apply for Amnesty 9 MONTHS later. My amnesty is accepted. Do I get to play my PK'ed character and roleplay out what happened in those 9 months or do I just move on? Some people want 2.5k hours on their character. Also, what if my active character at the time of my ban was a side character of mine? When I come back I just switch to my main and all is good. The suggested rule makes less sense than my shitpost thread of character lifespan. Roleplay is Roleplay, the beauty of what you are suggesting is that you can easily avoid by blocking people, not being in discord with them, or just ignoring it. -1 from me.
  12. We never hangout with them. Hd is cutting you a good deal on those ghillies though brother. I'd snatch that up. My -1 still stands though. I still think that the default ghillies are good enough for the bush RP. "It should be about us, it should be about trust babe" - Ashanti on What's Luv? by Fat Joe
  13. Idk, I think that a default ghillie works good enough. I would like to see your character more sneaky beaky like. I've made this picture for you to settle our dispute since we are friends. PS: I can't wait for your new story edition.
  14. If you are walking into a hub why would you want to wear a full body ghillie and stick out like a sore thumb? The jeans and t-shirt with the added balaclava would make the most sense and THEN change your voice. Enough looking into it and someone is either figuring out who you are or initiating on you. If this is the backup to the original post then I 100% give a hard no.
  15. What does changing ones voice have to do with the base game ghillies or the horrible animation effect those ghillies you suggested have?
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