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  1. HDragon

    Old Thread

    I like the prefab
  2. I say remove some of the CNC walls and make wood ones or stack like sheet metal walls. Also please add a bunker under the fountain. //Approved
  3. Side note... I've already been reported by @Eciek for this situation in which he dropped. I'd like to see the logs to where he obviously died to a zombie. POV: I am in Nadbor with the boys and we come across some guys who are fixing up a Olga. This dude is getting slapped by zombies so instead of getting out and shooting the zombies I back up to run them over. At the same time he is trying to vault on top of the Olga which he fails causing him to fall back into the HUMVEE, this does not kill though he only gets injured. I see that he gets hit by the car so I pull the car forward and to the right which should give him enough clearance to not take anymore damage. This doesn't work since he decided to walk into the direction that I moved which causes him to take even more damage. I then pull the car way where he then says "God damn Im about to die" then gets slapped by a zombie and he dies.
  4. Scripted role play is when you speak OOCly about things that you want to happen IC. Again, this was an IC action done to create a believable story IC, that worked might I add. Your response was obviously real and so was the response of others. Nothing was seen as bad between us until you brought your OOC feelings into the situation.
  5. A. Shot at her to create a believable story within RP that can be easily linked to PC. B. Based on the past week to week and a half there has been 0 tension between her and I and all things have been quite pleasant actually. That is why I am stating OOC Hate as I believe there is an underlying hate on her plate at this table.
  6. Callahan McDuffin POV: Callahan has just woken up and is told that the Joyces, Russian Mercenaries, and some An Pobal members are in an active firefight with Postius Cras who allegedly attacked the Joyces first in which my group members came to assist them being the heroes that they are. After some time the fight is over as all the Potius members are killed, we storm the building and take some loot. After this we return to our OP bunker base and begin to store some of the loot and being to build the walls since the server was just wiped. After some time of sitting around I make the executive decision that we need to shed light on Potius as some bad people. As Filomena is sitting across the lake I take a shot at her which I missed on purpose, she acknowledge the shot by saying something along the line of "Whoa shot just snapped past us" she then continues to casually jog along the road. She then is hit and this is where her RP shines as she being screaming for help and roleplaying out her injuries. This is when I approach the base saying that I was in Grabin looking for nails. I start to RP with her when I am given the suggestion that a car full of people take her to the Topolin hospital. I'd like to speak on the fact that she says that I only cared about the hacksaws and gate building even though she is my IC girlfriend. I would like to say that it has been well known by An Pobal members that Callahan is sick of Filomena and has even branched out to start spending time with another woman behind Filomena's back. So for him to not make it the biggest deal of 2020 is fairly reasonable since he is really over the relationship but hasn't had the chance to talk about it one on once since she was on a "hiking trip". I'd also like to add that with the IC drama of relationships she has updated her character page to say that the gunshot wounds were inflicted by Callahan and that she is now single, all of which would technically be meta-gamed information since there is not a single member of The Joyces, The Russian Mercenaries, or An Pobal that knows ICLY that is was Callahan that shot. Here @Mademoiselle attempts to do which I think is an attempt to meta-game. During the active situation she messages a GM for logs on who shot her instead of waiting till the situation is fully over or deemd as safe. She asks for logs immediately to determine if she was shot validly which easily destroys the roleplay when provided. I wanna point out in these two quotes that are a major conflict of interest. First she states that she is reporting for Attempted Invalid Kill then she says that she left the group and attempts to to a backhand comment about it. If it is the group she has an issue with she has always been given the advice to just leave the group, there is no reason for OOC hate and salt reports. OOC Hate The main event that I'd like to respond to in this report is that I believe that this report is purely driven on OOC hate which I would like the admin team to investigate. I believe that this is driven by OOC hate for a few reasons: Sometime around February 7th I was approached by @Mademoiselle saying that she is leaving the group because all we as a group do is piss her off and take aim at her OOCly because of some mental health issues she is dealing with. This is flat out false. When we address the issues that she presented we are greeted with a raised tone of voice and some harsh words. We had tried to solve the issues but every time that something came about she would always lay the blame saying I am the source of almost every issue she has. Now, in my personal opinion I believe that if someone is bothering you that much you should just walk away, or in this case, leave the group. I've had to previously speak to the admin team about @Mademoiselle regarding her multiple forum wars with a few community members. When told to present an ultimatum to her she begins to scream that I did this to remove her from the group and that we are grasping at any reason to get her banned, this happened at the same time that she had attempted to bride a community member to not report her for blackmail (at least I think it was blackmail). All this can be backed by other An Pobal leadership and can be personally contacted by the admin team if there are any questions about that situation in specific. Right as her stream ends from the encounter detailed in the report we hop into the same comms along with a good amount of An Pobal members. In this conversation there is a lot of yelling from her side. I allowed her to speak on her half and answered each of her questions calmly and with truth. @Mademoiselle then again, curses me out then says she is done with the group before she leaves the group's discord and CP. After this she joins her own discord with the company of Atrix and Squilliam (two people that there is some definite OOC tension between myself and them) to start writing the report of the century. At this point two of my members join her discord to try and talk to her about this whole thing in to which they are basically told that "Dragon can go fuck himself". This is where majority of my words have been turned. She states in her POV that I claimed that it was scripted roleplay. Anyone that knows me knows that I strongly dislike scripted roleplay. As for the hunt down Potius Cras being PVP oriented this is flat out false too. PC is a long time roleplay group in this community and I believe that Gary Cash has done an excellent job in running his group to that standard. I believe that @Mademoiselle is merely pulling at straws here to try and pin me for anything she can. Even @Mademoiselle can say that before I even made An Pobal a group I had multiple interactions where I had hunted down PC and not only delivered hostileRP but was given excellent RP. With all of this said, I would like to speak to @Mademoiselle in Helpdesk with any of the admins.
  7. It's a 5x5km sized map.. that's REALLY small. Especially that a quarter or more of that is probably water. Can I change my vote to no?
  8. DayZRP Mod is essential?
  9. @William89 Great roleplay today man, another great day of RP. @GMAK Never knew you had it in you lad. Good stuff @DaisyMay Filomena will not be a happy girl when she meets you. @Replaceful Really good RP there man, good stuff tonight.
  10. Can we just close the thread and let this be dealt with by Roland? This thread is just an argument for no reason as there is nothing else to add.
  11. Does the bunker define the outlook on the rest of the base? No. It's one part that people are taking out of proportion. It's a bunker.. relax.
  12. I can hide in there sure, but will I last? Probably not. Whoever sits on the outside has an advantage to resources, if I am sitting in there I am limited to the resources for food and water that I have stocked. If the attacker can wait, they can easily outlast the defender. With that, it's a wooden gate, grab your hacksaw and the person on the inside can't do a damn thing about it.
  13. Added with PVP intention, lol. There is no PVP intention in there. If I went into the bunker for PVP I would be screwed and stuck down there. It's not like running into the GM tower and watching someone climb up a ladder or going to my platform water base and shooting kids who are running across a bridge. Not to mention that it is underground, I can't shoot out, I can only shoot at those who are in close proximity to me. I'd argue it's one of the worse spots for PVP.
  14. I don't see why there is a big issue over the bunker. @Roland The reason that there is a bunker is not for storing gear but to try and allow more hostile RP. Our goal is to continue to bring people who deem hostile to the bunker for things like interrogations etc. Though at the moment we do have a lot of gear down there we are trying to secure the main building off before we move all the gear into the main building.
  15. I suppose that maybe I should respond since this is about my group and prefab... I'd like to start with addressing the OP of this thread. I feel that there is NO REASON to show off a bunker as it is not the highlight or the center of this base. Though the raised and walled off area is considered the area of operation for our group the main area is outside, where we allow survivors to build and roleplay freely. To piggy back off of @neom I agree with almost everything he has to say. There was some things that I would like to keep secret about my base for an RP sense. The goal was to keep this spot a secret IC for as long as possible in hopes that we could create some good RP around it. This was sadly forgotten through some of our ranks and Bravo was brought in so we live to move on and keep playing the game. No one has batted an eye at the Soup Kitchen's prefab, no one has complained about King's Ridge getting a hospital before they were even an approved group. Though it might be a pain in the ass to raid but there are most defiantly harder to attack bases like Wolfpack's 1st base and 503's current base. If I wanted a full PVP oriented base I wouldn't have made any building on the outside of the base taller than my walls. So for people to cry about a bunker is absolutely ridiculous to me. @Watchman Well as a dev and Council member if you saw in issue maybe you should have responded before it was added to the game on my thread. It's pointless to speak up now instead of when it really counted. With using the prison as an example I think it is very fair, though it is seen as a public spot.. the KOG have owned it since the Livonia server was released. Since then the 503 basically strong armed their way into owning it and have owned it ever since, so is it really public anymore? I'd say it's a free prefab for them.
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