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  1. Josephi Krakowski, born August 20th, 1988 in Miroslavl, Chernarus. His parents were Boris and Elena Krakowski. Boris was a well-known chef in town and owned a restaurant. Elena was a waitress at Bori's restaurant. Growing up Josephi was a chef's apprentice working with his father. Josephi always had an interest in the military and had handled firearms a lot growing up. Joesphi later commissioned in the Chernarusian Defense Force and joined the 76th Mechanized Battalion, apart of the 93rd Bridge, stationed at Balota Airfield in South Zagoria. He was stationed here until 2009 when the out break of the Chernarussian Civil War against the Movement of the Red Star (Chedaki).The war eventually ended in a hard fought victory for Chernarus and for the next few years Kirkov was deployed with the UNFORT Chernarussian Defence Forces conducted peacekeeping operations within Takistan until early 2017 when the initial outbreak occurred and he was redeployed to back to Chernarus.
  2. HDragon

    Staff Feedback: Peril

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Has been a good guy to get any info from also is real good and keep situations in Help Desk calm and flowing. Definitely a great member of staff Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  3. HDragon

    S1 Kab Invalid Kill

    Please close report
  4. HDragon

    S1 Kab Invalid Kill

    Server and location: S1 Kab Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-12, 06:30 Your in game name: Vali Kuznestov Names of allies involved: The Obscure, The Dollars Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I am in Kab meeting "The Obsure" for the first time and they are wanting to business with District so I started talking to them. After a few minutes there is a Tampa Bay officer who started something about the Kozlov regime so I started smack talking the regime. He didn't like it and we exchanged some words then had a bit of a fist fight. A few punches were thrown and what not. Shortly after we hear shots in Kab so we run to make sure everyone is ok and alive. After some talking we conclude that the officer is under the influence after a quick field sobriety test. We then told him that he can't be influenced as an on duty officer and wanted to make a citizen's arrest. A few people tried to get him to stop moving then I pulled a defib out and told him it was my field sobriety kit and I wanted to use it. After that he denied my request and started walking away and I followed him with the defib out. We probably walked for about 3 seconds before I hear a gun shot, I was shot in the back of my vest and I was in shock. I then get shot again and Im dead.
  5. HDragon


    Nice group dood
  6. HDragon

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some quality roleplay with my homie @OxeN. We also had ran into @[email protected] and @lunathecat. Definitely some funny Kab moments. Kab Gang Gang.
  7. HDragon

    S1: Bad RP/ NVFL?

    I felt it necessary due for a few reasons. The first one bring that these guys were creating a threat for my character. The threat is that they are going to return here later to talk to the leader of the camp about me. I’m not to set on the idea of the camp knowing it was me. Now if I can take them hostage and force their hand thru either beating them or laying out clear threats for the future I’m set. The intent is to create a threat to these boys, hopefully enough of one to stop them from wanting to go on with their original plan of coming back to tell the leader about this. The second reason being it puts my character in a rough spot to come here everyday to RP whilst having them know I just raided them. If I can try to avoid that I will.
  8. HDragon

    S1: Bad RP/ NVFL?

    Are you saying that calling someone “special” and telling them to “suck my dick” is not insulting towards anyone? What what exactly is the OBS F key? I don’t run my audio through a traditional Windows setup as I use a software to route my cables to a multi-channel soundboard for live audio editing and audio splitting. I happen to also have multiple things hotkeyed. I needed up muting my mic to all recordings such as NVIDIA shadow play and OBS. If you knew there were 2 “guards” outside the compound and there is one guy on the inside what makes you believe it is a 1v4 situation? Do you automatically assume that the man inside the trader base is a hostile who doesn’t live there? Edit: I have shown the whole video. If I had the parts where I JFK’ed your buddy and killed the other one then chased down the other 2. I would post it, trust me. I will also no longer be posting unless called on by staff or a verdict has been made.
  9. HDragon

    S1: Bad RP/ NVFL?

    I would like further logs pulled for my connection due to the ghosting counter-report. There should be a few more disconnects and reconnects in there. As shown in my video I was around for a lot more than 2 minutes before I shot the dude in the back with the mosin. In the logs it should also show that I was not in server 2 for any amount of time during the situation. I've been having terrible pings issues this past week and am still looking into it which is also shown in my VOD. I also have some more evidence I reviewed in the form of a video. In the video my microphone is not heard at all due to me accidentally muting it on my recording software but since the OP and his boys said in their POVs that I did infant speak to them and initiate. After reviewing the evidence I have posted I would like to back up my counter-report for NVFL on the these guys. As heard you can see they clearly heard my initiation by responding with, "suck my dick" and "Have a great evening sir". At this point they started to walk off and reassured my initiation saying, "I'm serious you guys have 10 seconds". One of them then proceeded to say something along the lines of, "10 seconds my (?)". After I gave them a few seconds I see they still walking away and I am loosing LOS so I fire on one of the men and they still continue to leave town. Something I skipped over I want to revise is the way I ID'ed myself as "fuck you". At the point of them walking up I am unsure if they live at the base, are friends of those who live here, or are simply just passing by. But, I believe the bad outweighs the good and decide to be hostile with them as I am currently raiding a base. I have no obligation to correctly ID myself to some random people that I don't trust. I would also like to add that today I spoke to these guys under the staff supervision on @Peril and they admitted that they believed I was a member of the trade group, who also had 2 members in the area they had just roleplayed with.. technically making the firefight a "3v4" in their eyes. Also in their POVs they stated that they "couldn't see who initiated on them" but when they were approaching the NW wall of the piano house they clearly saw over the wall and said "hey hey hey you, whats the problem man? how come you shootin? you said some shit then shot a shotgun in the air". This clearly shows that knew what I looked like, where I was, and in enough detail to know what weapon I was using at the time. Adding on some more.. I want to respond to the 2.3 stuff. This incident I don't feel is 2.3 worthy. These guys were constantly insulting my character and creating a unidentified threat in the area I was conducting some business in. Like I said before they can either live here, be friends of those that live here, or just be travelers. Due to the circumstances anyone that comes by and says my character is "special" and keeps insisting on it is not friendly to me. Especially when I tell them to put their hands up and they say, "suck my dick". I don't focus on the PvP but when my character feels threatened in any way he is going to deal with the threat at hand.
  10. HDragon

    S1: Bad RP/ NVFL?

    So basically last night I was raiding the traders piano house in Kab when I hear voices outside, they were a little passive aggressive and one of the men were being a bit rude. Since I was in a very defendable compound I decided to poke some remarks their way. One of the men kept trying to degrade my character's mental health and such so I said something along the lines of, I wouldn't be saying that if I were you. To which point some more comments were made towards me. I then initiated. The men simply said, see you later which is the point were I shot @John Jameson in the back as the 4 men casually strolled of to the south towards the apple fields. At this point they began sprinting and crested the south hill so I followed. For some reason they decided to stand in a circle in an open field at which point I shot Winslow Smulders then double tapped him for safe measures. I ran up to his body to upgrade my equipment from a shitty shotgun and mosin to a mosin and an SKS. I began chasing the other 2 men that were traveling south, they were about 100m in front of me. I run past a tree with low hanging branches and do a double take on a guy wearing a ghillie hood waiting for his moment. At this point I turn around and gas Robbi with my newly acquired SKS. I tried to follow the other 2 but lost sight so I returned to Kab to keep on raiding. I'd like to counter report these lads for NVFL as they showed 0 hostile action at the time that I initiated as well as didn't comply.
  11. HDragon

    S2: Combat Logging/BadRP/Blackmail?/ Sosnovka 2019-08-05, 05:15

    Which one of your men wears a dark colored shirt, wears a silver ballistic mask, and uses the SCAR? Because just seconds before I intimated I saw him in the rooftop looking to the west trying to get a view on me after shooting your friend.
  12. HDragon

    S2: Combat Logging/BadRP/Blackmail?/ Sosnovka 2019-08-05, 05:15

    Server and location: S2 Sosnovka at old Toymaker base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-05, 05:15 Your in game name: Vali Kuznestov Names of allies involved: @Andrew Jackson Name of suspect/s: @Millie and her basemates (unknown names). Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): BadRP and Blackmail(?) Discord Chat Detailed description of the events: A few hours ago my buddy Luke told me he was robbed and released by some people that said they lived in the Sosnovka area, I did some searching around and found out that they lived in the old Toymaker base. From here my boy @Andrew Jackson went to have a conversation with the people who live here and to scout the base for a raid. When we approach the base we saw a guy in the watch tower staring at us and as we approached the exterior walls there was sounds of people saying "are the gates locked? makes sure all the gates are locked". As we approach Vali decided he was going to hid is identity by using an accent he just heard from Trent Jeager. We then started to have a conversation with the owners of the base and noticed their armband which Luke said they were wearing when they robbed him. I quickly recognized that they were the same people, they were stand-offish as we spoke to them and we simply opted for asking for food. They provided one steak that they threw at us and I RP'ed that it hit me and it hurt. I reacted and was called some names and then then I said, "Don't fuckin insult me dude", Millie then said, "I'm not a dude, dude". Because I was very confused as to who was talking to and who responded I look at the female model which I assumed was just a femininely build guy with a deep voice. That is when she started the // stuff such as; //stop, //i will report you, // I'm recording, //say it again. I believe at this point she began to try and blackmail me which I found comical that she went to that length. Then she said in VoIP, "Out of Character I am going to absolutely fuckin report you leave my fuckin base right now". I was shocked she said that and laughed. I really didn't know how to react since know one has done something like that before. When I said "can I shoot him for that", I asked in discord OOC if I can shoot her for breaking character like that. Right after that we left the base and circled back around to the south tree line where we found one of their men sneaking around us. When we approached him he kept trying to circle around a tree but since there was 2 of us we got him. He said, "What do you want", in which I replied to, "You.. put your fucking hand up or I will kill you". He continued to walk backwards with his gun in his hands facing me at which point I fired on him. About a minute after this we approach the edge of the treeline to look at the base where I see a guy scoping in at us I approach under the cover of a tree within normal VoIP range and pull out my megaphone just to make sure he really hears me and say something along the lines of, "Sorry your guy fucked up. Everyone come out with your hands up and or you will be fired upon, the entire camp is surrounded. You have 30 seconds to come out. Before we begin shooting". They never came out, shot at us, and said anything. Andrew and I pushed against their walls and tried looking thru cracks for about 10 minutes before we started checking the forums to see if they combat logged in which we found out that they did. Shortly after that I messaged Millie on discord about why she combat logged and she said, " You came around spouting transphobia and bad RPing, didn't initiate, killed a friend of ours in the woods without giving him an opportunity to comply. I"m not going to hang around so you can come back and fukcing call me IT again. That's two hostilities in a row today where I've been trashed for being trans. I'm fucking sick of it. I have no obligation to participate in your hatespeech filled garbage". In my defense I would like to ask @Millie how is this Vali spouting transphobia and bad RPing?
  13. HDragon

    Live Streams

    The home page has had a new "Live Streams" feature and I love it! But after messing around to see how you get on it with Hunter we have found ourselves at a dead end. What determines who goes on the board? Is it DayZRP in the name + Twitch Affiliate? Do you need to link your Twitch account?
  14. HDragon

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Vladimir Reznov Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Which Lore Faction?: CDF (pref) ok with Terror Lore Faction staff?: Yes Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: P1 Reserve Phase: P2
  15. HDragon

    Kos | Polana | S1 | 06:47am

    My boys said that were some guys chopping away at the gate so I come by to help. Hunter drops the initiation and I just hear a shit ton of gun fire, someone shoots at me so I hit him and then chase him down and execute the guy. I then run outta town to follow some of these boys who are fleeing from us and get a shot of before I get gassed.
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