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  1. My characters' name will be Richard Diesel, and he will be a friendly player that's always available to help someone out. He will be open to trades and loves hanging with his boys. Before the outbreak, Richard was a farm hand in the land north of Chernarus on a cattle farm. He worked with the livestock along with seventeen other farmhands that he lived with, in a communal house. Before being a farmhand though, he lived back in America but was tired of the everyday grind of his daily job and routine. Richard yearned for something more than the daily corporate life that he lead, something wild, and something that would make him feel engaged in life, which is why he became a farmhand in a foreign country. After the outbreak happened, Richard left the farm and his 17 cowboy companions, in hopes of getting to an airport to leave the country and make it back to America. Unfortunately, the airfields all closed down long before he ever made it to them, so he was now stuck on the peninsula of Chernarus. Seeing what his predicament is and knowing leaving the country is a fleeting dream, Richard decides to take this apocalyptic scenario, and turn it into the adventure that he has always wanted. He decides that instead of going back to the farm up north, he intends to start his own farm on Chernarus. The farm will be much like the one up north, it'll be a place of refuge for people that are done with the world as it is, and someplace to live a simpler life, away from the horrors of the apocalypse. He may have to do what he needs to do to survive in the meantime, but he will always be working towards the goal of building his own farm and his new home.
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