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  1. Henry is, at first glance, just another survivor. He is a 6ft 2 Inch man aged 19 whom at one time wore his hair in brown, clean and defined braids. Yet now his hair is short and unkempt, clearly 'cut' by an unprofessional with crude tools. His skin is olive in complexion and has both brown hair and eyes. Henry has always lived in Chenaurus, the war was by sheer definition his childhood, if you could call it that. Henry lost his father abruptly when he was only 11. His father was a state fighter in the civil war and died in the final month of the conflict, mcuh to the dismay of his mother. Said mother was Henry's only other close relative and he and her struggled to make amends after the loss of his father, especially due to them residing in a poor province in Novaya Petrovka. The loss of his dad, deeply troubled Henry as he had not only lost family, but his best friend. He got into trouble often and became known as the local menace in his neighbourhood. But at least henry belived that things would only get better from here... Henry was awoken on the 11th by his mother shaking him awake, her eyes were frantic and her words stuttered and she yelled in dialect "Henry, get all your most prrecious items together, Judgement day is finally here". At first he thought nothing of it, just the ramblings of a grief stricken christian whom is struggling to come to terms with her reality. But then he looked out his window. Crazed civillians ran down the street, some missing arms, some fighting, some seizuring. Astonished, Henry grabbed his mother, bringing nothing with him and burst out into the ensuing chaos. He followed the crowd who seemed to be heading towards a makeshift military checkpoint,flinching as weapons were discharged all around them. Upon reaching the checkpoint they were rushed into an APC begin travelling in convoy towards the boarder, his mother in the lead car and himself in the second. But it was not to be. One crazed civilian had slipped through the net and chraged the windshield of the lead car, leading to loss of control and the APC rolled. A pileup followed and then everything went dark. This is where Henry's second life begins.
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