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  1. Me and my friend tried for two hours, sat in a house with 10 meters distance between eachother, atleast 15 wood logs each, warm food, disinfected and purified water, codeine, tetrcycline en vitamins. DIdn't help fml
  2. Baited? We didn't bait you, it was our goal to rob you and that was our only goal. I didn't intend to kill you but you forced me. You first shot at me.
  3. Please read what I write before commenting. As I mentioned we barely took anything, we even locked the door of the house behind us so noone would steal your stuff. There was an Ump which we gave to the other guy at the end, aside of that i might taken a bunch of shotgun bullets and some medicine. SO how is this GearRP? I joined Misha aka Serpent because he helped me with those zombies and I was walking around without much of a goal. It's wasn't really hard to follow what's going on there were clear instuctions, hands in the air, drop your gun.
  4. Phillip Gibbles his POV I met Serpent for the first time in the military compound in Dichina. I was being chased by a few military zombie's (I had barely any gear) Serpent helped me out with the zombies. After talking het tells me that there is a guy in a house being cocky and he tells me about his plan to kill all of the sick people. I tagg along and we go to this house. As seen in the video we go talk to him and proceed to act like we leave him. Waiting behind a fallen down tree me and Serpent talk a bit and wait for him to come out, after he does I sneak up to the little shed. Serpent comes to me after a few minutes but James notices Serpent running. I stay behind the shed and Serpent draws him closer. I initiate on him tell him to put his hands up and drop his gun. He didn't drop his gun but I decided not to shoot him straight away even though I could. as we walk up the house he closes the door behind him and takes out his shotgun This is when Serpent shot first, followed by one shotgun shot at me from James and a shot of me at James At this point it's me or him since Serpent was behind the house. We kill him and looked at the loot but didn't take much. -Side note- I don't like killing, I'm sad it turned out this way. I only killed you to save my own life.
  5. Philip had a good childhood supportive parents, some good friends... As a teenager Philip was always the comedian of the house joking about everything and everyone. He studied to become a Comedian although he ended up working at a supermarket for 10 years. While he was working at the supermarket he started his own humor show on television, he became popular and was able to quit his supermarket job and become a fulltime comedian. Philip didn't really give a shit about anything really, he was just around to have fun and amuse himself and others. He started following cooking lessons and became an excellent chef. After a few years of comedy a friend of him asked him to join a small private group of military muscle. After agreeing to join them his life changed, going from one warzone to another. He fought many wars and eventually ended up in Chernarus. After a business deal going south he was captured and imprisoned on Prison island. When the outbreak happened there all of the inmates were released (most of them killed eachother). Philip swam back to Chernogorsk and started gathering everything need to survive another day.
  6. Since there was a wipe and nothing really matters now anyway, I would like to close this report.
  7. Listen to the guy that yelled at me once I was laying down: Drop your backpack and your gun. 1st he said backpack 2nd he said gun and that is why I first tried to drop my backpack. Also, I came to you guys, I could've run away when I saw you guys but I went up to roof to have a friendly chat.
  8. Maybe because I only had 5 seconds to and drop my stuff and try to talk to you guys. At what point was I even a tiny threat to you guys?
  9. I was laying on the ground and had nothing in my hands. I was trying to drag my backpack to the floor but it was not working, I was in my inventory trying to drop it while you shot me. Also I have not been in any previous hostile interactions as mentioned before, I'm not even part of any group. I went up the roof just to talk a little bit and have a little chat, I did NOT do any hostile actions.
  10. Server and location: S1 Vybor hospital Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Your in game name: Ryan Baggins Names of allies involved: Jack and Jimmy can confirm there was an attack but weren't near me when I got killed Name of suspect/s: Don't know "New moon" Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: So me Jack and Cecilia and some others are passing through Vybor when a few members of New Moon approach us. We talk a bit, I notice a guy up the hospital roof and I go to him. We talk a bit and notice that people start pointing guns at eachother. Some guys come in the hospital and tell us to come down the ladder. Me and the guy go down. Through voicechat we hear 4 people shouting at the same time. "Lay down" "Drop your gear" "Go to the police station" "Drop your backpack". I go to the dorr to go to the police station. 3 guys start shouting. They tell me to lay down and so I did. They ask me to drop my backpack and while I'm trying to they shoot me. Not much RP was involved. I hope someone is able to post a video of what happened
  11. I had a backpack with 115 Boonie hats, and a bunch of bandits wearing black bandana's stole them as if they wanted it. Sucks pretty hard took me long to gather. (I'm a boonie salesman)
  12. Me Emilonfire, Dino and XieAngel had a talk on discord about what happened and we agreed to close this report. XieAngel and Dino helped us refresh and clarify the rules and made clear what went wrong. After our talk me and Emilonfire agreed there aren't any hard feelings and decided to meet up and hang out when we run into eachother. Maybe put some meat on the fire and share some good Wodka. Thank you to all te people who invested time in this report and helped us!
  13. Part one I'll start my POV from the point where I met those 3 guys in Stary Sobor who robbed Emilonfire. (atleast that is what he told me). I was in Stary trading Boonie hats to 3 people I just met, since this is my new hobby And they thought it was pretty funny me and those guys talked for a rough 10 - 15 minutes. They seemd to be very civilized and friendly. After splitting up I met Emilonfire who told me those three guys (they were on there way to Vybor, we could still see them) robbed him. I felt like I might be able to talk to those guys to give him his backpack back. I shot in the air twice with my Mosin and used the waving aimation. They stopped running turned around and waited for me and Emilonfire to arrive. As I talk to them and try to find a way to get Emilonfire his backpack back. They ask me to bring Emilonfire to them so I ask Emil to come with me as seen on the video. The situation gets pretty heated, I feel like violence is not needed since I would like to stay alive and keep them alive aswell. I ask them to keep it civilized to prevent a gunfight. (The moment he mumbles that he has no ammo was not hearable in-game). Then they forced Emilonfire to run away and so he did. (I went back to Stary alone) Part two While I'm in Stary Emilonfire runs to me stating that the previous interaction with those three guys didn't really go well. The new guy who was asking how to load a Mosin came and we talked a bit. at 22:00:52 I had a glitch where I could not move after typing in chat. I wrote "//have to relog". I know to talk ooc I have to write in chat but wasn't sure about the //. Out of the game I relogged still had the issue and went to discord (the voice chat help channel). After waiting about 20 seconds (very happy about the fast response) XieAngel joined the call and helped me with this issue. After getting back in game I tell him I was "paralyzed" to keep on roleplaying. Now everything I had to say OOC from this point happened in voice chat as I had no other option. This was a tough call sice I recently got banned for BadRP and I didn't know what to do: Write in chat and glitch to a point where they can kill me at any moment or talk OOC in voice chat while breaking a rule. I chose option one because you have to value your characters life. Part three I'm back in game ready to continue playing, Emilonfire sees me and we start talking, we see someone with a bigger backpack and since I wasn't able to help the first time I wanted to make it up by helping him getting another one by robbing that guy. I asked him if he wanted the backpack and he confirmed twice: "Alright", "I like it". After we start talking to this stranger I feel like he is a nice person with a kind voice so I try to RP a bit and ask him if he wants to trade backpacks wit Emilonfire. I tell him I don't want to threaten him but make sure he gets my message. Apparently Emilonfire regrets his decision which I can see on the video (He didn't say so in-game). Cartman says I'm the same as every bandit. Staying in my role of a hat Salesman I tell hime I'm better than a bandit because I'll give him a Cowboy hat. He threatens me and I am trying to figure out what to do talk OOC because he lied about agreeing to rob that guy( didn't want to use chat because it would've glitche me again and I would probably have died for not putting my hands up. Again I value my own life. XieAngel can confirm I had this issue. PS I don't understand why you killed yourself, I told you not to.I did not want you to die. I'm sorry if I upset you, I do feel like insulting me was not needed since i didn't do you any harm I evenn tried to help you. Side note I'm new to Roleplaying and learning more each day, I never thaught this server would be this serious about rules but: I like the way this server is, this is what makes it different from all the other servers and much more fun. If there woudn't have been a bug that "paralyses" you when you use text chat noone of this RpBreak would have happened.