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  1. I'm willing to drop this report if ofcourse that is allowed, I talked multiple times with Rickets and we're good, no hard feelings. I'm still uploading my video in case it stays open.
  2. Uploading the full video, I estimate that it will take 2 hours.
  3. I have a 10 minute video but uploading speed here is very slow, I tlaked with Rickets on dsicord. He was so kind to contact me himsellf and we talked it out, he will give me back some stuff today, if that happens I will gladly drop the report. He explained that I looked like a Green Dragon and his teammates in D7 gave him green light to shoot me. I will update on this post within the next 24 hours to decide if I will drop the report or not.
  4. Server and location: S1, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-18, 21:12 Your in game name: Phillip Musk Names of allies involved: / Name of suspect/s: No idea, guessing someone part of the 24th street gang Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I'm talking to some people in Kabanino and suddenly a guy gets shot out of nowhere, no initiation or anything, a few of us are standing around the corpse wondering what happened and one of the guys next to me gets sprayed down out of nowhere aswell. (he was unconcious) after helping the guy I decide that this place is not safe. (I already got robbed my the 24th street gang yesterday) so I decide to loeave, on my way to vybor I see a dead body and decide to scavenge a bit, I get shot in the back. I have not taken part in any hostile RP or initiated on anyone. Nor has anyone initiated on me.
  5. No no no I did my RP and I complied untill I got bored for obvious reasons. EDIT: Oh I'm really sorry I didn't cry out in pain and make my neighbours and my gf think I have some mental issues.
  6. Not salty bored the fuck out, I complied the whole time yet you kept ranting and ranting and keeping me there for way too long. I can understand you want to interrogate me or whatever but does it have to take that long? Either you shoot me after 10 minutes or you let me go but don't waste my time on your "interrogation" if I can even call it that.
  7. Does anyone have a video of the Sledgehammer hit and the "Aw" As you mentioned "9 minute" of about the full hour and a half that this took.
  8. What a drag I log in, go to Stary Sobor meet a guy and start talking to him providing some good old campfire rp after a few minutes of talking I tell him that I used to be a saviour but i quit (before the saviours got disbanded) this guy clearly isn't interested in campfire rp so he calls his friends on the radio (without me knowing) and keeps the conversation going). A few guys pop up tell me to put my hands up. I put my hands up and play along nicely, they make me drop my vest, backpack and gun which I'm pretty ok with. The they decide to take me with them to some house near Stary were they keep asking the same questions and end up with wasting an hour or even more of my time. Aside of me being an ex saviour there was no reason to interrogate me. I eventually get bored and start changing my stories here and there, nothing changes. (atleast shoot me straight away or let me go but don't waste my time, some people actually have a life outside this game and don't feel like wasting their free time). I gave up trying to rp, I coudn't care less, the rp they provide was awfull, there were no claims they could make that I actually was a "bad" person. I just wanted them to kill me because I was so done with repeating myself. I strongly adivse one of you guys to share a full video instead of some videos of 12 seconds :). Lastly, I was fully aware this was going to be the outcome of my actions when I decided to go ooc, If they would have provided interesting rp this could have been avoided. I was hoping SNORING might make it obvious. Apparently even a hint like that wasn't obvious enough for any of them.
  9. Me and my friend tried for two hours, sat in a house with 10 meters distance between eachother, atleast 15 wood logs each, warm food, disinfected and purified water, codeine, tetrcycline en vitamins. DIdn't help fml
  10. Baited? We didn't bait you, it was our goal to rob you and that was our only goal. I didn't intend to kill you but you forced me. You first shot at me.
  11. Please read what I write before commenting. As I mentioned we barely took anything, we even locked the door of the house behind us so noone would steal your stuff. There was an Ump which we gave to the other guy at the end, aside of that i might taken a bunch of shotgun bullets and some medicine. SO how is this GearRP? I joined Misha aka Serpent because he helped me with those zombies and I was walking around without much of a goal. It's wasn't really hard to follow what's going on there were clear instuctions, hands in the air, drop your gun.
  12. Phillip Gibbles his POV I met Serpent for the first time in the military compound in Dichina. I was being chased by a few military zombie's (I had barely any gear) Serpent helped me out with the zombies. After talking het tells me that there is a guy in a house being cocky and he tells me about his plan to kill all of the sick people. I tagg along and we go to this house. As seen in the video we go talk to him and proceed to act like we leave him. Waiting behind a fallen down tree me and Serpent talk a bit and wait for him to come out, after he does I sneak up to the little shed. Serpent comes to me after a few minutes but James notices Serpent running. I stay behind the shed and Serpent draws him closer. I initiate on him tell him to put his hands up and drop his gun. He didn't drop his gun but I decided not to shoot him straight away even though I could. as we walk up the house he closes the door behind him and takes out his shotgun This is when Serpent shot first, followed by one shotgun shot at me from James and a shot of me at James At this point it's me or him since Serpent was behind the house. We kill him and looked at the loot but didn't take much. -Side note- I don't like killing, I'm sad it turned out this way. I only killed you to save my own life.
  13. Since there was a wipe and nothing really matters now anyway, I would like to close this report.
  14. Listen to the guy that yelled at me once I was laying down: Drop your backpack and your gun. 1st he said backpack 2nd he said gun and that is why I first tried to drop my backpack. Also, I came to you guys, I could've run away when I saw you guys but I went up to roof to have a friendly chat.
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