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  1. Nargulok


    Hahhaha indeed; laughed quite a bit when I noticed!
  2. Nargulok

    S1 BadRP NWAF 17:00 2018-11-12

    Are we good?
  3. Nargulok

    S1 BadRP NWAF 17:00 2018-11-12

    I was thinking: What would be the most realistic thing I would do in a situation like this. I would overpower you and make sure you wouldn't be a danger to me or my friend. I would "neutralize the threat" you could say. Why would you call this "bullshit" the rules say that you have to value your character his life, so I did.
  4. Nargulok

    S1 BadRP NWAF 17:00 2018-11-12

    Hello my friend Iridius sent me this thread. I am The one that handcuffed you, Me and Baldwin had been shot at while roaming on NWAF. We started running around and checking out the possible sniper spots. Baldwin indeed found you and I joined later. Baldwin is pretty new to the game and interactions, because I didn't feel very safe I took the measure to handcuff you. Concerning your death: We have never had to intend to kill or harm you. But once you logged out you died. Do not ask me how, we did not shoot you nor punch you. On my screen you were handcuffed and laying down, a few minutes later you had the handcuffs in your hand (still alive) I crawled upon you an while I was laying on your body you died. The entire time you did not get shot, hit, punched or anything else. https://steamcommunity.com/app/221100/discussions/0/558753804021039449/ I found these threads stating that if you log off with handcuffs you die. Concerning the roleplay accusation: I handcuffed you as soon as you were distracted. You had your gun in your hands and I did not feel safe. Giving the fact that we heard alot of shots we were on our guard. I was not planning to kill you and so I said! During the time of you being cuffed (+/- 70 seconds) I was talking to you and asked you if you had any squad members around and I asked you if you had been shooting at people from this position. On both those questions you replied with no. I had a look at your inventory and there was nothing I could use. I was planning on releasing you after we could have secured our own safety. (taking your bullets for example) Everything that happened from that point is known: We didn't hear yousay anything and you died after a small 30 seconds. I feel sorry for what happened, I 'm not a aggressive player but I'm cautious and take measures when I don't feel safe. I hope there are no hard feelings. Kind regards Ewout aka Naruglo Harris
  5. Farmer, hunter and gatherer Has a criminal record for fighting in bars but is a reasonable person with a temper. Living in the woods not far from one of the cities In a tent or a secluded houser or barn. Mercenary for hire, teams can hre me to accompany them. used to run a squad when he was in the military. Fighting for the NATO, learned him how to take care of business, small signs of ptsd. Not always thinking straight, Seen alot during his time in the military. Used to be assigned in dangerous zones in Africa. Got recruited to Cherno to fight when the world heard about the zombie outbreak, Now that the outbreak spread he is stuck in Cherno, Been a social person for most of his life looking for challenges. Excellent survivor in the woods and a good shot.