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  1. Gregory is a person in his mid 30ties. He was born in Berezhki, a small town northeast from Swetlojarsk. Even though his parents were simple people specializing in fishing, he grew up as an ideologist. So when the civil war started, he took a gun in his hands and went to war. After the war ended in 2009 he put aside his gun and never talked about that chapter of his life. He married a beautiful girl named Tatjana and she gave him a no less beautiful daughter Mira. They settled in a town named Khelm north of Berezino where he worked at the Firestation. It was Summer holidays, when his wife and his 8 year old daughter went to Severograd to visit her mother. Despite of her age, her mother was a good looking lady. She worked at the hospital in Severograd. When this horrible event started happening, he ran to Severograd to save his family. But by the time he got there it was too late. All he could find there was a chaos. He was not able to find his wife and daughter, not dead not alive. Long time passed since then. But his faith walks beside him. He wanders around the Chernarus hoping to find them one day. And hope is all he got left.
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