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  1. As Bear grew up in the harsh icy planes of Iceland he learnt how to survive and became one of the most appreciated hunters in his community, he brought home seals, foxes and bunnies enough to provide food for his family and friends... as he grew up and became older his family started to shrink as he was the only son in his household, with no girls around with his age he was faced with a dilemma "stay in Iceland" or "travel some place for opportunities" with the brain of a young man he decided for option two and said goodbye too his family and friends. He saw some news articles about a place that was booming in business named Chernarus... with no money and no hunting equipment he decided to make some money and work in a mine, it did not pay much but at least he could live from it. In April 2017 he found himself in a crowd of people when all of a sudden he hears gunshots popping over his head, as he left the scene he found out that the attack was done by Chernarussian extremists and he knew something bad was on the horizon. With this feeling in his stomach he bought a rifle and ammo with the little amount of money that he had and prepared for the worst... (a few days later) as the apocalypse had started Bear searched for shelter and found an empty cabin in the woods it made him feel like home as the cabin looked like his old house in Iceland. With limited food and supplies he decided to go hunting and stay as much away from the people and the soldiers as he could, but on one day as he woke up and did the same routine he found himself surrounded by infected and had no way out, with little to no survive ability he gave up hope and closed his eyes... gunshots... he opens his eyes but sees nothing, he stands up and looks around, he hears twitching in the bushes and hears a friendly "are you okay?" as the men get to know each other Bear asks for more information about the outbreak because he was not in contact with the news, all he knew was that there were infected and that he saw military planes fly over time too time. He now still lives in this cabin and hunts for himself and the friends he met on his journey.
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