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  1. Born in Sydney, Australia with two Chinese parents i grew up being the typical Asian student with a very normal life in a very normal town. I had few friends in school as i struggled with social relationships but i didnt mind that as i knew when i grew up i would outclass those scum Australians and become a great independent Asian man. Around the ripe old age of 18, after my final school exams my parents wanted to treat me to a holiday so being so good throughout my school years, of cause i was very excited so go on my first ever overseas trip. I arrived in Chernarus afew months after my exams where done and i was having an amazing time, until.. well.. what we know now is the return of the dead started to happen. Long story short i became stuck in Chernarus and had begun having to defend myself against these 'dead' people, and living..
  2. I was born in Sydney, Australia but my parents are from South Africa. As a small boy in a foreign country i was met with alot of abuse and harassment coming through the education system, a black child in a predominantly white area things where rough to say the least. Growing up through my teenager years i dreamt of the day that i could finally leave my small suburb of Dee-Why and join the Australian Defence Force. When that day came i felt like i was about to start a whole other chapter, i felt like i was about to start my life. Being apart of the army for many years i excelled in what i did, i wanted another challenge, so i decided to tryout for the SASR. I was successful, i was now apart of Australia's most deadly special forces regiment. One day we where tasked with going to Chernarus to deal with a rebel militia who where terrorising the native people, who had almost overran the government and who now had a stronghold in a former government facility in what the natives call 'Stary'. Long story short, we came in and after a long drawn out battle we managed to rid the militia of Stary and started pushing back the rebels. Then one day.. I don't exactly recall how it all started, the day started like everyother day... But as the day grew older and older we began to notice something wasn't right, people fleeing from main towns towards Stary and the North West Airfield, in numbers i have never seen before. People where running for their lives. Me and my regiment knew something was wrong, we assume the rebel militia had somehow regained numbers and had hit a large coastal town so ofcause we decided to go and respond.. We had no Intel... We had no god damn idea what we where walking into. We arrived to absolute carnage, people running for the lives in the streets, people looting and some people even killing other for their stuff, it was complete and utter madness. We pushed in, to find.. People.. Eating people. But these people where not like others.. They looked.. Dead. This is what i recall when we first heard and seen the outbreak, me and my group are still here. Stranded. We have lost some good men along the way, gained some along the way to. I don't know if this will ever end, if we will ever be free from the hell. But one this is for sure, i will look after myself and my group.
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