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  2. Thanks for the feedback @Fae greatly appreciate it, and will look into becoming better for the server. Have a great day! Oh and also gearRP is no longer a rule just thought id point that out to make sure you didnt make the same mistake again.
  3. Oh shitttttttttt my boys are coming!!!
  4. No from me as well I don’t believe it’s AOGM either because the people living there are smart. They built it up and RP there everyone has their own version of RP, so if anything just build a bridge, but don’t take any of the map away.
  5. Bam bam we back baby and better than ever!


    Look's clean, love the graphics and the way everything was set up good stuff guy's, hope to see you in game!


    You better be selling me some drugs later! Lol looks good!
  8. Excellent job bub!!! Enjoyed the read very much and loved the ending I think the ending lone person may have been Olivia. Anyways great job and you could add my character to one of your stories anytime!
  9. *Yuri chuckled at someone else fighting the corporation as well and picked up the radio* ”Da, I’ve heard of them dying plenty as well my boy’s killed about 8 of them yesterday at VMC hill. If you find where they are again let me know I’ll give you a hand. Dasverdanya.” *He set the radio down on the table*
  10. Welcome back haven’t seen y’all in a long time always had great Rp with y’all!
  11. Welcome enjoy your stay a lot of good RP on this server!
  12. *Bringing out a bottle of vodka he brought with him he takes a swig from that* "You see these other people wanna implement licenses and take guns from people when we could care less what people bring around it is the end of the world you know. You see we like the world in chaos people can do what they want when they want now. Their are no rules its survival of the fittest and if someone comes along wanting to be a little new government then that's gonna screw up not only our plans but a few others as well. This new world should be based off of kindness and unlawfulness and hate filled lands driven by the people around us. No more rules no more anything that's how this apocalypse came to be was the government not doing anything and now we have a chance to change it ourselves. So yes we are different these Anarchy are robbing people and telling them its for a good service. We are bad people as well yes, but it takes a bad group to defeat another bad group. When all is said and settled everyone can go back to what they were doing before and continue to live in this lawless land, free will and able to make our own choices." *He took another swig*
  13. *Chuckles lightly after hearing about the Anarchy* "Da, we have been the ones attacking them so far I'm sure we are the only ones fighting them as well. Everyone else has cowered in the shadows and are living under their rule. But not us between you and me they aren't too good at fighting they choose quantity over quality, so chances are when you lose a fight against them its just because they have sheer amounts of numbers they are nothing but sukas. They will learn their place soon enough, as for the Black Roses no I am honored to be in it and we have a good group of boys there. All their rules are fair and I like them as well we have come here to just control our areas that have been under us since the beginning." *Stretches a little bit before settling back in the chair*
  14. *He finishes the drink before continuing* "Da, I was a leader in PAMYATI then I had a friend that I thought I could trust until I got back from Moscow take over for a bit. In the end he ruined our organization and it crumbled. I currently have come back with some buddies of mine you may know or have heard about them "The Black Roses" we deal with plagues that are ruining Chernarus. We are a band of brothers you could say that have taken no ones side but we don't like someone implementing "Their" rule on others. So we have come here to stop and so far we have been very successful with some raids and attacks we have done. Our goal is to make sure people know that we are back and we never left and have been here and will continue to patrol and control our areas we have control over." *Lighting up a cigarette he sat back in the chair*
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