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    Morse Broadcast. [Open Freq.]

    **Kyle held down the radio ptt for a second not knowing what friendly words to say** “Im not in any trouble or anything like that but I would like to meet up and discuss some things would you be willing” *He let go of the ptt breathing out slowly hoping someone would hear*

    Custom Settlements

    I not only think this is a fantastic idea but it also adds to the immersion of the game, including us being in almost 500 days now since it all started. I believe with it being in this time frame now we should be able to start building settlements signaling that we have started anew, and society can start having order and safe zones for survivors. We should look to the future and have where groups have a small sanctioned off land where they are required to protect if they are going to build there, and have it where the battles are on the border and both sides can push into the others territory and if at most that the other faction takes over the other groups settlement then the group takes over land too and the losing group should have to go into hiding and plan out next attack or surrender and become slaves or under the rule of the other group.


    HAHA what is the point of having an appeal then?


    Yea its crazy that's what made me post this I saw yours and was like dang mines probably not even gonna get looked at before my ban is up


    I understand just the waiting is killing me and felt like I was a little wronged that's all, well thanks for the help!


    Ok awesome just wondering since haven't seen much change and I saw others that have been waiting already half of their sentence.


    Sorry to ask this question but do repeals even get lookedat I feel like its just there to give us hope and not taken seriously enough.

    The House Media

    you'll have to be quicker than that haha

    Ban Appeal for BadRP & No care for the hostage

    Why is the verdict not fair: Violation of rule 3.6 is not correct in this instance. Additional Statements/comments explaining your point of view: I read through the DayzRp rules again on my part BadRp was on my side and for that I take responsibility. I did not break the power hungry rule though and was unjust. In the current state of the game human flesh causes no illnesses and does not let the player die whatsoever. So the hostage was in no way or shape or form going to die or get harmed from ingesting if anything it was keeping the survivor alive by caring for him. The implemented rule that was given to us ,3.6, makes no sense because we did not force any action or belief on another player beyond game mechanics, We simply fed him human meat that had no adverse effect on him whatsoever. Also I believe the accuser broke rule 4.6, he did not combat log but the server crashed many times and we sat around and waited in an open field for the victim to arrive back so we could further the RP experience along with protecting the hostage that we had been protecting by zombies. Maybe check logs to see if the accuser arrived after he thought it was clear and we had left for we had stood out there for at least 10 min. Also would like to bring up rule 4.10 that states that "If you are searched for items by other players you must give away all items that are available on your character - you may not make items "imaginary", hidden in body cavities or have concealed weapons." Given this rule their is no other rule that states that we have to give his stuff back nor did the character that was the hostage ask to be given the stuff back. Also along with the note of the zombies I would like to point to rule 4.7 that states "If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released." Key word that says RELATIVELY good health meaning we could use zombies as a torture method, because we ended up killing the zombies and even bandaged him back and protected him from further threats. So the hostage was in no danger of actually dying it was merely a torture method used by us. What would you like to achieve in this appeal: I would like to ask for the ban days to be removed and points taken away or at very least reduce sentence by two days and points taken away because I kept good RP the entire time during the evolution. Also would like to know if I did indeed break rule 3.6 and if the game mechanic is actually in the game as of current. What could you have done better: Remember that rule 4.7 specifically mentions protection from zombies at the time I felt that while we were using zombies as a method of torture there was never and real creditable threat to the hostages life. Perhaps also considering that rule 3.6 may have been broken in spirit, even if I believe in its current form it posted no real danger to the scenario and in the context of our actions, that the calling out of the rule is not relevant in my situation. Thank you for your time and I wish to hear back from you.

    Looking for someone who can make up a good lore

    I can defiantlyhelp I love making up stories

    The Scarpaci Famiglia - Episode 2

    Waited so long for this haha you actually got me into dayzrp wish your group was still around

    Journals Of Kyle....

    You see if I didn't get dragged down by that damn plane at the airfield I would have been with the rest of my men right now. Broken and Hazy from the crash I woke up in a rush, and panicked where was I? Where is everyone I was with? I searched all around the aircraft but all I could see was the two dead pilots in the front seat... I threw up, not from the smell or musk coming from them, no, no I had seen that many times in the war. I was throwing up from the pain hitting me all at once, I realized the situation I was in and had to move fast I didn't know much about this country but managed to spot military tents in the sinking sun. I picked up a broken pole from one of the seats and managed to crutch over towards them. Limping and out of breath I reached them not 5 min after I started out I gazed slowly around... to my left and right I could see bodies and the same dead I had been fighting now for over a year. I spit up blood now, unable to see anything else I slowly crept towards an open tent and managed to find some gear I guess the military had left behind in a hurry. I saw a syringe of morphine at the end of the tent on a table. My lips trembled slightly, thinking in my head "Was I going to be ok now?" I inched closer to it and was just about to be in reaching distance of the syringe when I heard a thick raspy chernorussian accent from behind me "Look brother I mean you no harm, but if you turn around I will have no option but to fire my rifle at you." How was he so calm and collected right now I thought. I knew he had done this before maybe a few to many times before. I whisper back to him " Hey buddy I'm badly hurt, and this syringe will save my life right now." He slightly chuckled as if mocking my pathetic attempt to save my life. "But the question is my friend is your life worth being saved?" I could hear him slide a chair back ,and sit down slowly, he continued "I knew an American that dressed like you he told me stories of what he had done ,but said that this damn whatever you want to call it, virus maybe, gave him a second chance to give back, right the wrongs he had did to so many others." I thought back to all the wrongs I had done in my life, the mistakes, the injustice that I have instilled on so many people. I replied now with my teeth gritting every word I spoke "Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain.... To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue, to make mistakes and choices- today I choose to feel life not to deny my humanity but to embrace it." Stumbling to fumble for the words now my pain was slowly starting to wear my body down I clenched my left leg for it was starting to go numb from time. I could feel my heart racing trying to say the right words, to not please the man but to maybe please myself, no that couldn't be it maybe I do want to live after all. Maybe this whole time I was looking at everything all wrong I am....one of the lucky to still be here. I shifted up a little straighter as if to tell the man that I was proud to be myself. I said sternly "Fear is the most debilitating emotion in the world, and it can keep you from ever truly knowing yourself and others- its adverse affects can no longer be overlooked or underestimated. Fear breeds hatred, and hatred has the power to destroy everything in its path." I looked down at my leg no longer feeling fear for my own life, my fear had left I leapt out and grabbed the morphine. I stuck it in my arm and immediately felt the pain simply fade away. I turned to where the strangers voice had come from but all that was left was on the table next to where he sat was a pipsi, knife, silenced pistol with ammo and a small note resting under the pistol. I slowly dragged my feet along the tent floor and shuffled the pistol to the side, instantly reaching for the note. It read as carefully and plain as it could for English handwriting: -Choose this life for a better tomorrow, do not lose sight of what is good and bad you will come across some bad people here do not be afraid to fight those that are bad, but at the same time never give up on the idea that there is others that require your help so seek them out and give your full energy to helping them- I grabbed the Pistol and walked to the end of the tent peering out to a nearby hill seeing the last of the sun slimmer away into the hills. Almost tearing up and smirking " I will be the new light to this land." OOC- Let me know what you guys think I will be writing more entry's everyday!

    S1 - BadRP - Ratnoe Outskirts - 07/11/2018 - 8:20PM

    So I run into these guys in novyo and they told me to come with them so I joined them hoping to live after I ran with them a bit we come up to this guy who’s running down the road and after a bit we stop and rob him to keep us safe we marched him into a building and started RP we were force feeding him and toroturing pretty much and doing what cannibles do after a bit the server started glitching out and we kept getting booted we let @Onyx go with zombies after him realizing what we did we went after him and killed the zombies that were chasing him we said we were going to escort him to Groshino to meet with friends and have more fun with him at this time the server restarts we wait in the field for a total of 15 min to see if he logs back in giving the time he is restrained we decided he might have died with a glitch of people restarts and maybe we should just go after that we ran to the woods looking back one more time and still nothing from the character “waking up” was good RP sad to see this reported.

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    It feels good to be back!

    S1: KOS / Pavlovo - 11/11/18 11:49

    Right so after much thought my initial overreaction is my fault and I apologize. I'm not sure who went out of character and said those things but it was very unfortunate because I was also trying to RP it out and trying to negotiate a trade for out life to leave. I move that I take you up on your offer @OnionRP maybe you can show me how to interrogate someone haha. But I would like to close this thread as a series of bad misfortunate events. Hope the game and server is going great for everyone.