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    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Ah the boys are moving back in hope to catch up with you boys and join up again good times all around!
  2. I just wanted the video so I could see if you guys had initiated or not that’s all. I believe my guys were out of voip range and did not hear it and instantly got shat on was the reason behind this. There was no I’ll intent and I felt like Norway’s character had got metaed and you guys still executed him which we were frustrated at. Looking at the video was all the justification I needed and it’s clear from talks side that he did initiate but next time please be closer so we can understand you better. Seeing as I did ask to please post video evidence that’s all I wanted in the end to see if it was a valid initation or not. That being said I’m good to close the report seeing as it was all a misunderstand and Dayz doing what it does best and screwing up as always.
  3. Ok let’s start with first you look for constant action to try and kill us every second you can. You saying in the video oh we know who you are is meta as shit because Norway was playing on a Chernarussian character and you executed him later cause you didn’t find him to your liking. As I said I was running from tree to tree and had just heard both my friends get gunned down after hey buddy. No one heard any imitation from you. The fact that you go straight to say I’m lying even post rules is saying that now you want to counter with that I have for some reason broken a rule yes I went to the tree after you guys tried fucking shooting me as I ran. I stopped by the tree to SEE if I had to bandage because of all the shots flying around me. That still is not the important part your part is to make sure you intiaite properly the way we did not receive. After being shot at multiply times while running I hid in the tree yes and one of your boys came running at me pointed at me as I came out of the tree knowing he was about to shoot I tried shooting first and he instantly mag dumped me there is no wiggle room here. You literally gunned us all down for no reason after meta gaming that it was us and you meta that it was Norway after he was on an alt character and executed him for no reason. The fact you wanna say I rule broke now is hilarious in no part have I lied this is all from my perspective and not a lie. The fact you shot after not even properly initiating is the rule break here. I would talk it out over discord but every time we do Ming still puts up a report talking does not get through to you guys so we seeker the only way we knew next to get some answers as to why we were metaed and why you were imitating on us for no given reason. The fact that the smallest detail out of this you picked out trying to say I was lying everything you did was against the rules and you know it. And what does that mean California so your saying your not gonna rp with us anymore cause of this report and use every kill right you can to kill us?
  4. After you didn’t initiate and started gunning my buddies down for no reason reason I shot back from the tree because you were killing on sight you weren’t going take me hostage because you were already firing before we could even do anything so we fought back yes like any other person would. Oh and because you were already shooting at me while I was moving tree to tree as well. I know you guys are more than likely withholding video too so could you please release that it would make everything a lot more clear for the admins and you.
  5. You mean after you gunned by buddies down after a non given initiation?

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Just to be clear with everything the only reason we are at war and stuff is because of what was done to Pavel. You know what you did and I've done radio posts about it you have a problem with my rp come and message me. But I have tried to rp with saviors last time I did actually Moody started screaming at me instead and counted down and ran off ended with him being shot. I wish we could have better RP then you guys just sitting in the base all day but I don't think that's going to happen. Hence why I do the things I do ic I have no problem with it because I am trying to further our RP between our groups but it feels one sided, I thought we were good friends then I was lied too by Saviors and all trust got thrown out the window and you all deleted me on discord. Which is fine I'm here to ask for better RP between our groups other than you sitting in your base all day. I have done plenty of stuff now to advance our rp but every time I capture one of your men, or every time I talk to I'm giving a rude remark and told you don't care about your lower men. Please if you have any other questions please pm me. I would love to maybe sit down and talk with someone if we can advance this at all or if its not going anywhere.
  7. If you have video evidence please provide I know a number of you record.
  8. Your initiation was: Hey buddy, we turn around with gun in our hands backing up still didn't raise it to you and you instantly shot.
  9. Server and location: Between Zvir and Pavlovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05:43 2019-02-23 Your in game name: Yuri Maklovich Names of allies involved: PAMYATI Name of suspect/s: Kamenci Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Dont have ANY Detailed description of the events: We were hanging around a base to see if it was safe to trade with some people, when Kamenci came up behind us and asked what we were doing we say seeing if the people down below were friendly or not. They leave and we leave we notice they are trying to follow us everywhere we went. We try hiding but they are still looking for us. They eventually saw us and chased after us with guns out they get close enough and say hey friends and just start firing on us. They were was no time to comply and no rp givin at all besides being shot at I ran and hid after being shot trying to bandage and they still chased me down and killed me there was about 7 of them and 3 of us.

    Green Mountain Radio [Open-Recruitment]

    We've met a lot a while back and have heard all good things about green mountain radio wish yall the best of luck and hope to run into yall in the future.

    To the Rapist aka Pamyati (Open Frequency)

    *Yuri picks up the radio* “Da it was’nt me but a new recruit of mine, but I don’t think your going to believe me anyway givin the fact you have now spread lies about me and my men that we are child rapist. Seems to me you trying to start a rumor to make everyone forget about Moody being a child rapist. If anyone wants to see the evidence on that let me know I have the little girls journal and she was Russian. It was the whole reason we started the war months ago. Seems petty now I was going to wait for an interview but after seeing all this here goes. My former leader Pavel was raped by two people 5 days ago by the saviors. One was a woman that groped him and let it happen the other was a grown ass black man that everyone let him do what he does, I had to hear about it as Pavel was transported out of the country. It made me sick to hear this then Pavel was shot in the face and left to die, Pavel is not dead he is in Moscow getting treated right now. Did one of my men rape your wife...yes, was it me...no. But like I said your not going to believe me cause you have already started lies about me and my men. Your saviors have done triple the amount that we have, PAMYATI is half filled with bad men, but Saviors is filled all with vile men. You wanna come at me and spread this shit well here it is all on the table. See the difference between me and you is I got nowhere else to go but up from here. You sit in your compound everyday beating your chest saying your the best but every time we come around we get nothing but cowardice. What you do everyday is unjust and unkightly. Before this event happened let us not forget what the saviors have done, they’ve lied to their citizens about protection and not cared for their lives. They have raped and pillaged whole towns. So one act to make a “king” bend the knee is an act that I don't particularly stand behind but the action was done and I dealt with that man accordingly but I can say when Pavel was raped that Moody did not deal with that man so he must stand behind it and be ok with acts like this. Because everyday months ago was nothing but saviors killing innocents and waging war. Your vile men and lets be honest vile men have to be dealt with in vile ways. Dasverdanya.” *Yuri turned the radio off not caring if anyone believed him or not just glad the truth was out*
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