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  1. This would only increase hostility actions because of huge groups needing them. Keep it the same it already got bad when loot tables were bad.

    S1 - Lopitino Church - Griefing

    My POV: So basically we were told icly that that runners had moved near VMC and went to Lop to check it out after talking with some locals they said they hadn’t seen anyone the entire day since the Russians attacked. So having hostility with the group the runners we decided to break in. We started at the tower were we could easily defend if someone came up on us and we got in from there. Now our main attention was to get out through the gate since it’s easier to chop from the inside once we got down to the frame we quickly realized we had no right tools to take the entire thing down as a gate I think you need a crowbar or something. So Elsyn decided to choose another wall entrance to get out instead to carry some loot out such as tents. Once he broke down the wall some buddies of ours said they were up north can could bring a car so he chopped the wall directly left of it to fit a car in. As soon as he chopped it we realized there was a pole in the way as in no use of a car getting in and out preventing further damage we left. There was no intention of griefing and we’re sorry you all feel that way. These were legitimate break throughs that we carried out sorry for the inconvenience. Hope we can all get past this misunderstanding and continue playing with each other!

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    o7 boys been with friends with y’all for a long time I’m gonna miss ya.

    Server wipes every week, encourage map / group settlements, & bring in points of interests.

    Hard pass
  5. Ayuyyyyyyyy that’s my boyssss
  6. POV: I was running in a field and happened to see a guy laying down south of VMC. I run up and say “hey buddy” I wait for about 10 min and saying other small chit chat trying to get his attention. All of a sudden he moves and looks at us flips us off and logs. That’s all I got really we were trying to RP possible take him hostage if he was one of our enemies. End of POV.

    Eagles Junk yard

    Good shit bro!
  8. Let’s do what we do best
  9. Groups goals and graphics look amazing, job well done!

    Waiting for Deer Isle to open ;)

    Someone say ERP

    If DayZ had a crossover with GTAV xD

    I miss the Moretti Family

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

    Oof haha 22 close tho

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

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