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""Rise and Rise Again Before Lambs Become Lions""

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    To the District and their Allies.

    *Yuri chuckling at the broadcast thinking to himself why in the hell are these Demons still even here* *In a thick Russian accent Yuri starts to speak* ”Privet Demons, these are not wise words to speak about my allies like this, you say we have signed our death warrant but all I see is your boss 6 feet under the ground and empty promises. Your right changes are coming and that ends with me hunting down your little band and executing you one.....by......one. If you come near District or Green Dragons or PAMYATI you will be shown no mercy, I’m giving you a chance to leave South Zagoria you have 1 day to relocate after that my bois have free reins on you and your men. Dasverdanya *Yuri releases the ptt and goes back to cleaning his AK*

    S1 | Stary Sobor | KoS | 2019-01-20, 13:40-45 CET

    Like I said I was roleplaying in Kab with stannis when he was there not that long before I don’t think it was an hour and a half I had just been on and went to grab some food and was talking on the radio with him when he said he was getting robbed I also share defense rights cause we are a dynamic alliance with each other PAMYATI and Free Territory are allied with each other after I saw he was murdered how I reacted is how anyone would react to that situation.

    S1 | Stary Sobor | KoS | 2019-01-20, 13:40-45 CET

    My POV: So I was in Kab with @Stannis when he said he was gonna go loot stary mil tents due to him being a fresh spawn, after a couple of minutes I was talking to @Stannis on radio when he told me he was looting Stary Tents and a group of two men approached him at gunpoint and told him "Get the fuck out of town, now because this is our territory!" I asked Stannis to give me a detailed description of the associates, he did. After, his radio goes silent, I only assumed the worse so I ran all the way from Kab to Stary tents to see if I could find stannis I crept through the western parts of the tents in the forest and laid down for a while trying to spot stannis cause his radio was muted. I saw two dead men at the northern part of tents and a man running around with a mosin. I watch the man for about 5 min before I see the second man wake up and start grabbing the gear from my friend *3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You also must stay away from the location where you died for 1 hour and not get involved again with the situation that lead to your death. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR). * I think logs can show that his friend came back a little after 20 to 30 min to an area that he was not supposed to come back to or maybe was a random that they knew. I know it is the same men cause he grabs all my friends gear and I hear them talking about how crazy that guy was or something along those lines I wasn't sure that they were talking about until I saw them looting my friend. I instantly know that it is them and begin to stalk them I crawl along the tree lines trying to pick my opportunity to kill them. I wait for them to separate at the time I see them separate I am on the north eastern part of town still crawling. I stop when I see the other run towards red barn area the other one starts chopping trees knowing I am outgunned I waited for the right time to avenge my friends death. I aim my mosin long range scope at the man chopping trees and I kill him instantly with a head shot. I get up and pull out my m4 and sprint towards the man that had the mosin. I see him running towards his friend that is lying dead on the ground and I poke the building and gun him down as well with my m4. I grabbed only the stuff that stannis had on him when he left kab and ran back to kab to meet up with another friend that I left back in the town. Basic rundown: I had lost contact with stannis the entire time after he was killed I found the exact match of the people that gunned my friend down and took no pre cation against them since they had showed no mercy for him and gunned him down. 4.2 If you are attacked by other players and subjected to a hostile action you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining DEFENSE RIGHTS on the attackers. Defense rights allow you to kill other players for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defense rights can be shared with everyone that you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group. I look forward to the outcome and hope everyone has a great day! Update to POV: Something I left out was I was hiding from the individuals for a while watching them until they separated for enough time for me to take them out one at a time so during the 40 min it took from them killing Stannis and me killing them was me running from Kab and stalking them the rest of the time.

    KOS outside Stary

    I agree 100% with @Samaritan its up to you to put up a report I can ask one of my guys if they were recording but we did not want to shoot you man but the way your body was acting and the non compliance from the megaphone we had to do, what we had to do especially since everyone was on edge from attacks I just wanted to ask if you saw or had info on a group but the situation turned for the worse and I know my men felt bad but we just didn't know what actions you were going to take especially since you were doing the pvp dance back and forth I feel like we gave ample amount of time but you have to do what you have to do I understand its your right as a member of this community. I hope we can discuss this in discord if not I understand.

    KOS outside Stary

    Hey @bigb43 that was me and my boys outside stary we yelled on megaphone 3 times to put you hands up and you turned and started pacing back and forth after this we gave you a countdown of 5 seconds and we counted down actually twice in case you didn't hear us. After not complying we saw you still pacing and we yelled one last time to put hands up to which one of my guys shot you after because you were not complying. Sorry I can go to discord if you wanna talk further.

    United Nations Contact Broadcast!

    *Yuri sat in Tisy on top of some rubble as he reloading his magazine while hearing the radio buzz about UN, he picked it up and kind of chuckled* *With a thick Russian accent he pressed the ptt* "Da, it looks like ol Watson made it out, you UN are no better than the CDF I fought against in the civil war. You sit in the woods and reminisce about how you are going to save us all and give us aid, but in the coming weeks I have heard nothing but torture and robberies from the like's of all your men. Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. The UN are not to be trusted they will likely turn on you than to aid you. To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair. There is still the good in this world, don't fall for this trickery stand up for yourselves trust the people that have looked after their civilians and have provided a home for them! As for the UN me and my boys know who you are now and have showed your true colors I look forward to meeting you." "Dasvedanya!" *Yuri released the ptt in hopes that someone would get the messege*

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yea I noticed moody and was like oh shit moody whats up man haha that cowboy guy was making my character mad lol but all good RP boys really was tense! @saviors

    Free Territory

    F for Kirov will be loved and missed

    The Ubuntu (Dynamic group)

    From going to Kab and Novaya a couple of times together to fight the Saviors really had a lot of fun with you guys so far and you scare the crap out of a lot of people when you RP so keep up the great work and continue the RP you guys are currently doing its already showing that you guys are committed and have a lot to contribute!

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Ayyyy good luck bois hopefully get the server to have another progressive lore and I can’t wait to see you guys again!

    The Game

    @Sylva looks like we lost the game bud

    The best way to play music via in game VOIP?

    I don’t think so bud like Sylva said it is easy and fast to just use your phone or an iPod for music and if you have a decent mic then the music will sound just fine.

    Nighttime time

    I also wouldn’t mind nighttime coming back because along the way many people find a place to stay for the night due to it getting extremely dark. It also increases RP people tend to stick around a campfire and it has a type of setting that relaxes people. Plus finding a light source is very easy right now and you can walk with lanterns and flashlights and even in combat use the weapon flashlight if necessary.

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8/10 greater moderator and RPer!

    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

    @Camokid95 please do bub! We miss you and your wierd jokes and your expert base building techniques haha hope to see you apply soon you know how to contact us!