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  1. My name is Ashy Dallas, I am from Australia and before the outbreak I lived a fairly normal, if not boring life. I am married with one daughter, Lucy, and was working as a nurse in a very busy Melbourne hospital. Due to the busy life our family was living, we decided to take a vacation to Russia to bond as a family, some of the activities included, sightseeing, cultural experiences, enjoying the food and the highlight was seeing a Siberian tiger. After what felt the holiday of a lifetime we headed to the airport to fly home when our bus was hijacked by a group of men in masks. We were separated from Lucy and taken on a separate bus filled with sick hostages, the men who had taken us did not tell us why, but that we were being taken to Chernarus so we were unsure of our fate. As the long bus ride continued I noticed the health of the other hostages was rapidly decreasing and I overheard one of the captors talking and he mentioned the word 'infected'. With my medical background I had a hunch that something was not right and we needed to get away from these people, I told my husband this and at the first opportunity we got we escaped from our captors and headed into the forest. We are now apart of a small community in Chernarus where my nursing skills have come in handy and my husband has gained the trust of the locals, it is a temporary comfort whilst we desperately find a way back to our daughter. We recently got a tip off that our daughter may be held captive somewhere in Chernarus so our plan is to reunite with her and eventually make our way back to Australia and see what is left of our family and friends.
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