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  1. My Name is Jimmy Dallas. I am from a small country town in Australia, 28 years old with my wife, Ashy Dallas and our daughter, Lucy Dallas. We were holidaying in Russia for 2 weeks visiting the Siberian tiger as I am an avid big cat enthusiast. On completion of our holiday we were heading back to the airport when we were attacked at a set of lights by a group of men in masks. They took our daughter on one bus and were transporting us to Chernarus on another, we assumed to work as slave labor; until the bus was overwhelmed by what seemed to be infected people. Amidst all the chaos my Wife and I managed to escape and head into the forest. Before the chaos my wife was Nurse and I was in the Navy, She worked at a hospital in the Emergency section and I specialized in communications and warfare. We are good outdoor survivors, we always used to go camping in the outback Australia. She plans on helping others while in Chernarus while I will help to enforce some form of order amongst the chaos. So far we are just roaming around Chernarus searching for any clues or hints of our daughters where about. We do not know much about this place, nor are we accustomed to the culture and way of life. We are unsure as to how bad the current state of the world is however our number one priority is to find our daughter and then establish a way of life to eventually get a boat back to Australia.
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