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  1. Video Evidence... 3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you. I believe you should have talked to him then. Pulled out a gun during a talk when you were outnumbered, what were you going to with the loaded AK? 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in May as well just call off the report.
  2. @XenoGovernor I am confused. You said you were the last one but then @Symmetrical said two of you were left alive...
  3. Deathly's POV: During our journey up north we split up to loot the NWAF. During this time @Jackal_ was approached by "3 armed men" whilst he was clearing out some of the undead. We started to walk down the hill to meet up with him been as one of the men was still chasing Jackal. Once we all met up we confronted him asking him why he was chasing us in a threatening manner because of the stressful circumstances. As Jackal turned his back the guy pulled his gun out which we counted as initiation (What else would you do with a gun...). We shot him due to this and then decided to leave the area due to the noise we had made and any unwanted attention. Me and @Pyrewolf hid nearby each other when a man with a Blue mountain backpack and his gun drawn stumble's upon us with his gun drawn aiming at us. I felt threatened by this so I shot him in the head around three times before deciding to run again. I looked up the hill to see another one of there men aiming at us which then he shot me and @RangaDanga after we returned shot's, we died immediately.
  4. Deathly

    Base building rules.

    What about faction wars. What are the rules behind destroying bases for a takeover or something.
  5. Before the outbreak I lived in the city of Zelenogorsk due to educational purposes. My family lived in a small town called Rogovo which was around 1.2 miles away from where I was based on campus. I kept in contact making sure my parents and brother were okay, we were extremely close and made sure to meet up dew months whilst I wasn't busy with work and school. When we met up we would enjoy the time with my family friends and help out with the local store, everyone in my hometown were very close. I worked in the Green Mountain Broadcasting Station. Me and my employee's were involved heavily in the broadcast of the outbreak. The Chernarus Forces moved up and took over the radio station stopping all communications. Due to overhearing the frequency which the military where broadcasting on we were able to understand what was going on. A few months after the city was quarantined we heard that the forces where going to wipe out anyone who was sick. I tried to save my family in any way that I could without bringing attention to myself. I had to run through the forest whilst hearing gun shots and screams. I made sure I wasn't heard or seen. By the time I got to my Rogovo I saw the pile of dead bodies which I could make out a few familiar faces but none were my family. I walked over to my destroyed house which had been searched top to bottom but couldn't find my family, I searched everywhere except for the one place where I knew they would be in case I found them dead but at this stage I knew I had to look. I could already tell by the flies and the smell of when I opened the basement that none of them had survived. Due to my traumatic past I help out survivors as much as possible by wandering the land and setting up camps for as many survivors as possible where they can take any supplies they may need. to begin with this was hard due to scarce amount of supplies I had myself. I consider myself a caring and approachable person although this will one day get me killed. Nowadays most survivors can be dangerous which meant I have to train in weapon speciality and combat to help those who may be in need.