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  1. Dwarfo

    S1: RDM, Potential Underage, OOC in VOIP in Stary - 2018-11-13, 13:40

    I will, again sorry for the late response.
  2. Dwarfo

    S1: RDM, Potential Underage, OOC in VOIP in Stary - 2018-11-13, 13:40

    I met these two guys randomly, I didn't get any names. The "nato" man him in the military gear was nice in the start and the other guy a bit quite. I was just looting and looking around the military tents in Stary, when the nato guy said to me there was one tent I couldn't touch, so I didn't, but I managed to get some new clothing and some ammo for my gun, and I reload it behind these two guys (I didn't mean to seem hostile or anything, I just wasn't thinking in that moment). The other guy said to me a bit after "this nato man doesn't seem very proffessional" and he laughed a bit, after that he got shot. I couldn't sense any provocation or irony. The reason why I shotted at Fanis was simply because I(or my character did) felt extremely sorry for Frendo and I wouldn't let his death just go on. Frendo wasn't hostile against me at any time, while Fanis was just a tiny bit. Thats my POV.
  3. Dwarfo

    S1: RDM, Potential Underage, OOC in VOIP in Stary - 2018-11-13, 13:40

    Hey, sorry for responding late. I logged out because I had to go, not because of combat logging. If you want to know why, it will be in private.
  4. Dwar Gaard is a former Danish "hjemmeværnssoldat" or "home-guard-soldier". He has been sent to war once, but after that one turn he decided never to be sent out again, but would defend his country in the hjemmeværn. Dwar Gaard has lost of all his family, he's dad to cancer and mother and two younger siblings to the dead. His father made Dwar the man he is today, he learned him honesty, loyalty, to be brave and strong, and to have empathy. He has always protected his family, even through the hard times, Dwar always walked first. His mom and two younger siblings, died when they tried to get out of their home city, but the dead came faster than they have thought, Dwar managed to escape, and he thought the rest of his family was with him, but he first stopped, when he heard their screams. Dwar was absolutely destroyed, he felt that their deaths was because of him, he swore NEVER to let his loved once behind again, and that he always would go first into danger, and last out of it. Dwar saw on some paper, that a place called "Chernarus" was the place to go, if you wanted a new start, he saw this as the only opportunity to forget about his past..
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