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  1. RangaDanga

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    RangaDanga's POV: So when headed into Stary we started to loot the buildings, my other friends came across you somewhere in the town and I continued to loot the buildings as I didn't have much on me. When I was going to meet up with them, you were already in the middle of the road stripped naked and within 30 seconds of me arriving, we then started to leave. Therefore I had nothing to do with it at all.
  2. RangaDanga's POV: So I met with my friends at NWAF and then we decided to go to the construction compound to loot up with some more ammo. A few minutes after we started to loot the buildings, gunshots were fired and sounded fairly close to us and then Jackel came across these three lovely gentlemen. Me Pyrewolf and Caz were next to each other so we then ran to the military wall to then meet up with Jackel as he was getting chased. Then when Jackel was also outside the wall, we were running down the wall to his location and when we saw him we then split up into a line so we weren't grouped up. This is when Jackel started to ask him to stop moving which he then didn't which was fairly stupid considering there was a total of 4 of us. He also then pulled out his gun without saying a word which then led to Jackel then killing him as then he was a threat to him. After this, we then decided to not to loot the body as there were other potential enemies in the area so then we ran into a nearby tree line. We then noticed one of there teammates pushing the same group of trees that we were in, he was then in the same tree as either Jackel or Pyrewolf and then Deathly killed him, as we then started to push even further back, me and Dealthy both got killed by the same guy.
  3. My Name is Harry Smirnov and I am from the small town of Novy Sobor and I lived in Chernarus all my life. I am at the age of 19-years old teenager who enjoys soccer, charity work, and painting. He is friendly and reliable but can also be very cowardly and a bit untidy. I am also a Russian Christain so I attend the Orthodox Church which is down the road from me and I often go with my mother. I live in one of the manor houses in Novy Sobor as my mother is a doctor and my father is in the military and fought in the 2009 civil war in Chernarus, I don't see my father but he still send us money for the house, food, and clothes. Ever since my father felt me and my mother, she hasn't been the same since and has been talking about going to live with my aunt for a while which was near the coast. I've asked her for a reason why we're going to make such a significant change and she replied with nothing so I knew something was up. After packing up our bags and belongings, mother was running around like a headless chicken for no reason as we had all of the time in the world, it almost looked like she knew something was going to happen. As we're traveling down, there weren't many cars going south but a load more going inland which left me spooked. As we were coming down my aunt's road, we got stopped at a military checkpoint which looked more like a pop-up shop. We got told to leave the area as soon as possible as an outbreak started. This obviously startled me but this started to send my mother over the edge and screamed "Its too late" multiple times and I had no idea why she started to shake and didn't help when she was driving. As we were driving back up the road, we saw my aunt running up so we pulled up on the side to get her, as my mother got out of the car to go and hug her, she turned out to be an infected and then bit my mother on her neck. I was in sheer panic and terrified, I got into the driver seat of the car and drove off. I was looking back in the rear mirror and saw my mother slowly fall to the ground in her final moments. I couldn't believe it, everything that I knew and loved was crumbling right in front of my eyes, after a slow and painful drive back home, in a flash, I got all of my important belongings and everything that I would need for survival and set off into the woods. My goal in this outbreak is to help anyone that needs assistance and treat anybody just like how you would like to be treated. Even if they need someone around for company, I'll be there as much as I can.
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