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  1. Seamus Doyle is a member of the IRA ( IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY ) He was born into a big family on the Green Isles of Ireland with 5 other siblings. He had a happy childhood with his brothers and sisters while his father worked hard and his mother raised them. But everything started to go down hill for Seamus at the age of 12 . His mother died of cancer which she had been battling for 4 years. His father left his job and became an abusive alcoholic. He would beat Seamus and his siblings when on his drunken rampages. Seamus fell to drugs and crime while at the age of 12 by taking anything he could get his hands on and drinking himself numb. He would spend the rest of his teenage years on the streets. Dealing drugs and partying to get him by the harsh realities of life. By the age of 17 Seamus was caught drug dealing but not by the authoritys but by a member of the IRA. He was dealing on there territory and they did not like it one bit. They took him in to one of there captains for questioning but Seamus ended up telling his life story to the captain. The captain seen an opportunity and took pity on Seamus, but seen some potential in him. The captain started explaining who he was and who is the new IRA. Seamus was shocked by this and was eager to join but even if he did refuse, He would've be shot knowing IRA members and not being a member himself. The captain offered him to join the IRA but he would never see any of his family or friends ever again due to it being a secret organisation. Seamus agreed and was taken away to one of there safe houses for training. 5 years later at the age of 21 Seamus was a well known and respected member IRA member for his drug and gun smuggling operations. He was trained in firearms, hand to hand combat, stealth and human engineering. He was even well respected in villages out in the Irish country side who sided with the IRA even though they were labeled as terrorists in modern days instead of Ireland's saviors back in the olden days when the English occupied Ireland. News of an outbreak started to appear around the world of a strange disease that was turning people into cannibals! The world thought it was a hoax, But the IRA knew it was true from connections they had around the world. They started preparing for the worst and to protect the Irish people even though this could get them killed by the Irish government they knew they needed all the help they could get! The outbreak started in Munster the heart of IRA territory. Seamus fight off the infected many a time with his fellow members and knew how to take down the infected swift and quickly! A few days went by and Seamus was tasked with a mission by higher authorities to fly to Russia to meet with connections for guns and ammunition in exchange for drugs. Seamus agreed to his assignment and was on a plane with 3 other members. As they were near there destination, one of the members of the team was bitten from a previous fight with the infected. While everyone else was sleeping excluding the pilot the IRA member turned and attacked the pilot resulting the small aircraft to crash into the ocean. Seamus swam ashore and has no idea where he is at this time! Hes the only survivor of his crash and has nothing but the clothes on his back! He has to get ready for survival against the infected and other dangers he might find. He finds a sign that says Chenaurs. He knows hes in Russia as he dealed with connections around this area before. He thinks to himself " whats the next course of action? Continue on his mission he was tasked back in Ireland? Find a community and settle there? Become a mercenary to survive? Continue deeper into the life crime and drugs? Or go as a lone wanderer, wondering the waste of this apocalypse? He does miss one thing though, The Green Isles of Ireland! Tiocfaidh ár lá
  2. Psychosis


    Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm a experienced RP'er from Ireland, Came across this server and applied for the chance to get to RP with yous, Hopefully I get accepted and I am looking forward to the future! ?
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