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  1. My characters name is Matt. Matt was a field engineer who was used to travelling around the UK fixing many machines when required. He was very skilled and knowledgeable about how machinery works and how to use his ingenuity to make things work. He had a good family and a nice house before the outbreak. That all changed when his work contacted him for a break down job which was overseas and required him to pack very little clothes or tools due to airport restrictions. The flight started like any other journey but about two hours into the flight the plane had to do land at an airport somewhere in Bulgaria due to one of the flight members taking ill and collapsing on the flight. Once off the plane people where ushered to take a seat in the terminal buildings and await further information. That's where Matt had seen the news on one of the TV's at the terminal where people where attacking and biting other people for no reason what so ever. This seemed odd to Matt as he was no stranger to horror movies and video games but couldn't believe what he was seeing. That's when he heard a scream in the terminal and now his attention was on the victim rather than the TV, that's when he saw it for himself and knew he had to get out of there ASAP. He ran and fled the terminal not looking back with one thing on his mind just like in the movies " Head for water, Head for the sea, look for a boat ". With no charge on his phone he couldn't contact his family to find out if things where OK back home but things were far worse outside already with signs of people collapsing like flies around him. He eventually made it to the water where he met with a local fisherman who was just about to leave the port himself for his own safety, Matt traded his phone and some cash for a place on the boat but with a language barrier he did not know whether to trust the fisherman or not as there was no communication between them. The boat ride felt like a lifetime with no signs of life nearby or any knowledge of where he was Matt just had to keep his head down and guard up and endure the ride. Matt woke from a not so great sleep when he heard a loud noise. The fisherman had collapsed and was having a fit on the boat, Matt had tried everything he could to try and communicate with the man but when he felt that the pulse had gone Matt had started to fear for the worst. He quickly threw the body overboard taking no chances with being stuck on a boat with an infected. With no sailing knowledge and no map guidance he just lay on the boat through the dark night fearing that his life would soon be at an end. The boat eventually hit land of which he could see a billboard with the word "Chernarus". With no phone or warm clothes on him Matt took his first step onto the unknown land with only a few rags and a flare from the boat, he knew survival was first and after that was to find a phone to try and contact back home to find out if his family was still alive.
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