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  1. Abel Darko, Born on 7th of April 1991 dropped off the front door of a orphan house in town just above Berezino by a Soviet Red Army soldier during the dissolution of the Soviet Union , lived in there throughout his childhood , Has no memory of child life just a random photo dropped off with him at the orphan house, It looks like a couple a man and woman dressed in Soviet Red Army uniform, The orphan mother Marie took care of Abel like he was her son, she would describe him as a quiet boy that did as he was told. Joined CDF on his birthday at age 17, 7th April 2008. Completed Basic Recruit and Infantry Course within 6 months. Posted to different military bases throughout his CDF career i.e Bashnya, Green Mountain, Pavlovo, Veresnik, Zelenogorsk etc always moving, Christmas 2008/New Years 2009 was posted to Bashnya Militry base conducted Patrols, Engaged his first contact on New Years of 2009, Chedaki ambush engaged on CDF INF Patrol 1700 there last patrol for the night to celebrate new years, CDF INF Patrol Conducted counter ambush, confirmed all CDF INF patrol all confirmed killed, confirmed all Chedaki casualties killed 8. Abel was part of the QRF just 300m away from the ambush at Bashnya, None of the CDF INF Patrol were alive. Abel confirmed 2 Chedaki soldiers confirmed 2 contact engagement killed 2 enemy. The ambush conducted by 8 Chedaki soldiers 7 died by GSW and 1 died by blunt object in the head smashed in as if multiple beating were practised. That night the 9 soldiers part of the QRF toasted for there brothers the INF patrol they had been stuck in Bashnya together and just a week ago they had just celebrated Christmas with there fallen comrades. Throughout the civil war the last 9 soldiers of that QRF slowly perished as the blood and carbon spilled, Just as the civil war had come to an they had a promise to celebrate together, but only one soldier was still left of that New Year QRF team. Abel Darko discharged 2010, His own aspirations for military and infantry were gone. Moved to Ukraine, Started work as a lumberjack, became evolved a person, Anya. 1 April 2017 recalled to Chernarus just before his birthday dinner with Anya. On the 7th July 2017, panic started to erupt, Abel was denied travel to Ukraine, throughout the days as July went on. Last contacted Anya was the 20th of July the last words she said to me were "I love you" It's the 24th and news erupt Ukraine has been completely taken over by the infection. I grabbed my 17th birthday present from a safe box, Marie had gotten me a bottle of Jack Daniels, I hadn't touched it when I joined the military. I wandered into the woods to shut my self from the outside world. I had found a empty house secluded from the outside world. It was unlocked, I sat on the wooden chair and slowly sipped down on the bottle as the sun went down. My life was gone. I started to recall and remember my time during the CDF I hadn't thought of that life , I had forgotten about it when I met Anya, Slowly my INF instincts kicked in and knew in my gut feeling I was going to need everything I knew during my time in the CDF for inevitable.