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  1. Pyrewolf

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    @Brayces No of course there isn't but it's role play isn't it. Jamie also stated that if we asked he'd give us his stuff when we were talking in discord. That is just unbelievable and unrealistic.
  2. Jackal felt threatened when he was being chased by your group through a forest. You didn't say anything clear to him so he had no reason to stop and you were still chasing him.
  3. I never had my gun out when approaching. I only pulled it out when your friend pulled his gun on Jackal and then Jackal killed him. I also don't think I hit anyone with a bullet as I spent a lot of the time in cover. Logs will show maybe. Also, in the video footage Jackal repeatedly tells the person to stop and he walks backwards. They both then stand still and Symmetrical walks and pulls out a gun. Not very smart.
  4. Pyrewolf

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    @Brayces Deathly is our friend but he was no where near Stary Sobor at the time. Our fourth member is @RangaDanga who was in Stary Sobor and on comms but wasn't part of the interaction.
  5. Pyrewolf

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    The reason I replied with 'Right' was because I didn't say anything when we ran off. CaZ was the one who spoke most of the time and said bye when we all ran off.
  6. Allies: @Deathly, @Jackal_ and @RangaDanga Since this was 4 days ago my memory of it is pretty vague. I do have a video showing my POV (William Moshennik) and Jackal's (James Moshennik) POV. The video doesn't show what happened in the treeline. As we got to the treeline we hid in some trees and we saw them running down the hill after us and then @Deathly (Ben Besshumnyy) spotted someone coming around the tree (that I was in) with a gun out and then shot and killed him. After that shots were fired from both sides which resulted in the death of @Deathly and @RangaDanga. I and Jackal escaped.
  7. Pyrewolf

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    There were not. In the actual robbery there were 3 people. Me, Jackal and CaZ. We had another ally in town that had nothing to do with it.
  8. Pyrewolf

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Yes. I listed all that was involved. The sniggering at the end is from a guy named TheImpossible who was dragged in along with us. He isn't even with us yet you dragged him in. We also took your head accessories and hat off because we were going to put a bag over your head.
  9. Pyrewolf

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Allies: @Jackal_ (James Moshennik) and @CaZ (Chuck Winchester). POV: We arrived in Stary Sobor in a group of 4 and then we split up to loot. After minutes of looting I got notified by @CaZ that he had met up with an individual (Alexei) and we decided that we were going to rob him. After we all grouped Chuck initiated on him and told him to put his hands up and then we proceed to handcuff although it did take a while as we couldn't put them on since Alexei was waving his arms about. We were talking through this whole interaction although I did stop talking while I was trying to figure out how to put a bag over Alexei's head (this is a game bug which I didn't know about since it just wouldn't go on his head). We tell him to follow us into a barn and continue to rob him as he told us it'd be a "bad idea" which made us sceptical as he might have allies nearby. After taking what we needed we made him follow us out onto the road where we told him he can struggle out of the handcuffs as we didn't have a key (Chuck told Alexei that the cuffs weren't put on that tight so he could struggle out). Alexei wasn't struggling in the handcuffs so James (@Jackal_) took all of his clothes off to help in getting the handcuffs off. We then all run off into a field and carry on with our journey. We were told to join the help desk room and had a conversation with @Jamie who seemed pretty annoyed. We apologised and he said he might or might not do a report. He did seem pretty annoyed specifically about leaving him "naked" in the middle of road. In my eyes what we did wasn't BadRP as in real life the robbers would only care about getting what they want which is the items on the person they are robbing. I also do not have any video footage.
  10. I'm William Moshennik, in the past I was a computer scientist student who studied away from my family in a state university. My parents were proud of me and most importantly, I was proud of myself for what I had accomplished. I was very close to my family and visited them whenever I could although I had to spend quite a bit of money and the train took forever but it was worth the wait. I was extremely happy at this time, although I didn't have a partner I was working and building up my future, this was before the outbreak. Me and my family wanted to leave and start a new life as they were struggling, it was a stressful time as I was doing so well but I complied and we all left.. We left our house, our jobs and friends and boarded a plane with multiple other families. As we were flying over the ocean the plane suffered an engine malfunction and was sent into the sea, my family and the others died on impact although I was extremely relieved to find that I had atleast someone with me who had survived, my identical twin brother. We managed to swim to shore and found a map of the land of Chernarus where the outbreak occured. After the outbreak the only survivor of my family was my identical twin brother James Moshennik who I grew even closer to in these dark times. Since I suffered such a traumatic experience which was my family being killed before my eyes, I've grown to be very respectful to others and do not take life for granted, but that does not make me weak. If anyone threatens my family or friends I will not hesitate to protect them with any means necessary. My brother believes we should survive for the sake of our parents as it would be what they wanted, and I believe him. I will continue to venture through Chernarus, keep making friends and building up a team and wipe any murderous beast off of the land.
  11. - User was cautioned for this post -
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