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  1. Jackal_

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Nah i don't believe there is any mechanic like that tbf, but as I've previously stated it's role-play, also who says i can't strip him naked for RP reasons? -User Was Warned For This Part Of Their Post - Also, why is Jamie holding a grudge outside of the game? i'm pretty sure that's against the rules pal.
  2. It's failrp as he's clearly not valuing his life, as i have previously stated if you just read my statements. However, i felt threatened as well as i was being chased by an individual who wasn't saying anything and had a weapon out, as soon as i confronted him with my mates he pulls a gun out after we told him to stop multiple times. 'Stop' meaning to stop what you're doing, not pull a gun out.
  3. Why would he pull a gun out in the first place when there is no need to? there is four people with guns and he decides to pull out a gun, that is FailRP in my opinion as he's clearly not valuing his life. I also repeatedly told him to stop, and he did not.
  4. Jackal's POV: So the situation started by me meeting three individuals at the NWAF in a construction compound and then we both greeted each other in which i could barely hear them to be quite honest i don't know if that was down to glitchy VOIP or just a bad mic. However, i greeted them by saying 'Hey' and they did the same and they all had there guns out which was an instant red flag to begin with. I then was attacked by a horde of zombies in which the three individuals started firing their weapons which attracted more, i was over encumbered so i couldn't run away from these zombies so i decided to drop one of my items in order to flee from the scene. I was a little shocked to see that they were chasing after me but i couldn't hear them and they had their weapons out so i carried on running to meet up with my friends on the other side of the wall at the airfield so i knew if anything were to go down i could at least stand a chance at protecting myself and my team. They didn't demand anything from me as i was valuing my life and decided to flee the scene to get away from the zombies which were coming en mass. As i headed down to meet up with my mates at the wall, i kept running along the wall and to no avail the individual was still following me until my friends showed up in which he started to back up, all four of us were surrounding this one individual guy who was split up from his group and then he started saying to me something about me not answering him but i couldn't hear the guy he was extremely quiet so i tried to explain to him that all they said to me was a small greeting and then i went on my way and they did nothing to stop me from leaving except that one individual who tried to chase me through the woods as i tried to meet up with my friends. Anyway, as my friends were surrounding him we had our guns out and we were shouting and telling him to 'Stop' multiple times over and over and i was asking him why he was following us and he didn't answer and instead he pulled out his assault rifle so i valued my life and shot him. I shot him because he had no reason to pull out that weapon because we were surrounding him and he should of valued his own life but instead he tried to pull a weapon on us which is ridiculous. After this situation we decided to run as we knew he had friends so we hid in a bush in the treeline in which my friend @RangaDanga and @Deathly were shot dead instantly, so our best option at this point was to flee from the scene, me and @Pyrewolf decided to run and save ourselves from being shot up and we didn't see them again except from when they tried to loot our dead friends so we fired a few shots at them but we didn't manage to kill them.
  5. Jackal_

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    You never mentioned anything to me Jamie, otherwise i would of responded. As i said before if you actually read my statement, @CaZ is the one that said you can go and you can pick up your stuff, whether we laugh or not has nothing to do with you as the robbery had ended. You're talking about us not taking this seriously when you're making sly remarks saying it's 'cringe worthy' and saying this is a 'meme' yet you're the one that made the report. Also it's role play, baggy clothing could of affected you getting the handcuffs off so i made it easier for you. As I've also said I've stated this before. Also whilst we were in discord you dragged in a random person called 'TheImpossible' who isn't with us and it isn't our fault that he couldn't control his laughter, i'm sorry that he's offended you so much.
  6. Jackal_

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Jackal, (James Moshennik) POV: We started this situation by wandering and looting the Stary Military Compound, after i finished looting i was notified that my friend @CaZ was talking to a stranger who he had found next to the big red building, we then decided that we would initiate on this individual so we did. The initiation was going well and Jamie was compliant at first, but i was told he was acting sketchy and wasn't answering questions clearly so to ensure our safety we brought him inside a barn whilst he was handcuffed so that we couldn't get shot by any outsiders or affiliates Jamie might of had. We made our statements clear and demanded what we wanted from him, at no point during this did we break RP by saying 'My mouse isn't working' because all of our mouses were surely working, i can assure you of that. We then tried to put a bag on his head but it wasn't working so we didn't bother in the end. We then escorted Jamie into the street and for RP purposes i stripped him down to make sure there wasn't any concealed items or weapons which we did inform him of, We then got the stuff we wanted and then decided to leave but before we did that we told him that he can wiggle or struggle out of the handcuffs as we didn't have a key and we told him we put the handcuffs on loosely for RP reasons so he was able to wiggle out of the handcuffs easily and without his clothes it would of made it easier, once again for RP reasons. We then decided to walk off and notified him that we were letting him go and he was free to break out the handcuffs and pick up his loot and go about his business. We did notify Jamie of what we were doing with him, we did not walk off without saying anything as @CaZ and the group were talking to him throughout the robbery. I should also mention that Jamie brought us into discord, we discussed the matters at hand and he was apparently fine with what happened and i apologized for any miscommunication through VOIP that he didn't understand as well. Jamie did seem pretty heated so i apologized on behalf of myself and my allies as to not create a toxic relationship outside of the game. I also don't have any video or screenshot evidence of this as i didn't expect to be reported as it seemed to have gone well.
  7. Jackal_

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    Personally, i believe main bases should be built by official groups. However, small settlements in forests for example should be available for lone players or a very small group to do. This is because i believe players shouldn't be forced to join a main group in order to secure and fortify their loot. But as previous users has said there needs to be some sort of regulation so the map doesn't get saturated with abandoned bases such as tents and the like.
  8. I'm James Moshennik, a military veteran of the Russian Armed Forces with whom i served multiple tours in different countries which allowed to involve myself with new experiences, this of course was before the outbreak. Before the outbreak i was settled in my hometown of Moscow, i had a beautiful family with two kids and a wife and was the happiest i have ever been in my entire life and there was nothing else i wanted, i visited them as much as i could but of course that was sometimes made difficult due to my military lifestyle but i loved them none the less and they were my reason for living. Unfortunately, my family didn't survive the outbreak and i lost them all. Because of this i was forced to forsake Moscow in which we evacuated via a military helicopter which crashed in a nearby ocean near Chernarus, we were then adrift until we washed up on the shores of Chernarus, thankfully we weren't seriously injured but we were forced to take refuge in Chernarus along with my fellow brother as i couldn't deal with the loss of my family. Because of this some have said I've become a cold individual who lacks empathy but it's hard to get over the fact i can no longer be with the family i held closest to my heart and the feeling of losing them is something that will always remain. However, since the outbreak I've been in contact with the only family I've got left, his name is William Moshennik and he's my identical twin brother who i hope to meet with in Chernarus in order to survive the apocalypse for my family as it's what they would of wanted, their memory lives on in me.
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