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  1. CaptainKray

    Permanent Settlements

    I agree with this, even if it's a small group. It would guarantee that you do not lose everything. The only real loss is your time. I think this is fair since most people are not really even building bases for supplies, but rather for RP purposes.
  2. CaptainKray

    Permanent Settlements

    Would it be possible to up the spawn rate of nails to where they would be extremely common? This would allow people to build bases if they wanted, without having it be a huge loss if it does indeed disappear by the next day. I know I can edit the spawn rates of nails in my own custom server, and they become very common.
  3. CaptainKray

    Permanent Settlements

    My buddy and I experienced a persistence wipe yesterday. We had a small free-standing base constructed in the wilderness, that we spent hours building. This base contained NO barrels, tents, cars, etc. The only thing there was the wooden walls and the gate to get in. Log off and hop back on only to discover it is completely gone. This is definitely a Persistence issue because I highly doubt anyone would've spent the time tearing down a base that was not locked and contained nothing inside of it. Finding the nails and materials was a huge hassle. With all our hard work being erased overnight, I would say base building is not even worth it right now. A very broken system implemented by the Dayz Devs. I have been playing this game practically since it was first released in early access, so I guess I'll just have to keep waiting, as usual, on the devs to fix the issue.
  4. I am the first born son of Arthur Regulus Montague. My father was the first in command of the Royal Guardsmen of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg. Growing up as a child, I was raised to understand and follow the royal etiquette and went to the finest boarding schools, due to my fathers high standing amongst the royal family. After graduation from boarding school, I attended the University of Oxford where I received a Masters of Public Policy. I returned home to Luxembourg after receiving my masters and became an advisor to The Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, with a specialty in foreign policy and affairs. After several years of service to the Royal Family, I was sent to Chernarus as a diplomat. This was to keep up good international relations and to help improve the public opinion of the Royal Family. At the time, the royal family was considering donating a large sum of money to aide several foreign countries. I had several contacts in the Chrenarus government, that agreed to meet with me about this matter. However, while I was in Chernarus an outbreak occurred. This prevented me from returning to my home country of Luxembourg. After the initial outbreak, I decided to try and preserve the last remaining governmental system or possibly put into play a new form of leadership in the remains of Chernarus. I hope to soon control what remains of Chernarus, and one day the world.
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