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  1. After his studies of Chernarus at an early age, and the study of their government; he believed that their policies and style of governing was the best around. He built up a nationalism for this country even though he did not reside there. When he became the age of 18 he made his mind up that he wanted to move to Chernarus. A disagreement between his family arose. They left on a bad note, and whenever his family is brought up in conversation he becomes agitated. When he moved to Chernarus he studied in Criminal Justice, and Economics. He worked for the Chernarus government as a Tax Investigator. He researched people who did not pay taxes, then sent people to gather the taxes. He later created his firm which he himself gathered taxes from the people. He would use force, and he had a bad reputation with the people. When the civil war broke out he became so angry with the people that he joined the war effort. When he killed her would take their belongings and give it to the government. He did whatever he could to benefit the government. After the outbreak he still pledges his oath to the government, and looks to gather the well deserved taxes from the people. With or without force.
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