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  1. after Sammie encountered a group of other survivors almost dead limping down the road from Novy Sobar towards Mogilevka. Being in posession of a few meidcal supplies recently looted from a medical evac centre she approached the duo who could do nothing but watch as she aproached hands outstretched repeating that she could help. As the rain began to pour she helped them hobble down to a nearby abandonned holiday camp where the woman promptly colapsed from exhaustion. Once in the shelter of a cabin she closed the door and began tending to their wounds first bandaging the males arm and stiching up his wounds. When she began to help the woman she noticed the wedding ring on her hand this was his wife. Sammie gentley cleaned the wounds on the ladies legs and administered a saline drip to the weakened woman. After giving them both a few antibiotics she handed over a morphine stick to the man explaining to use it when his wife came round. "It will help with the pain in her ankle" she handed over a bottle of water and two tins of beans. Sammie advised the couple to stay in the camp overnight to rest and then to find shelter in one of the smaller towns and left them alone but not before the man thanked her for saving his wife. As she entered the holiday cabin across the park she felt a sense of achievement for the first time since the whole world went dark. As she lay on the cold camp bed she remebered the days when she would do this everyday driving round chernarus in her little amublance providing medical help to those who needed it.
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