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  1. I wasnt too close, i heard the shots and went to investigate but everyone had left.
  2. Chernogorsk born and bred. Worked in the port before the outbreak. Has a wife (Natalya) and two children, Boris and Svet. They bunked up in their apartment after the outbreak but they ran out of food so i decided to leave and go look for supplies. Chernogosk was completely looted, so headed inland and found a village that hadnt been touched. I loaded my rucksack with supplies and headed home. On the way i was ambushed and attacked by a group of bandits and knocked out. When i woke, all my possessions had been taken so decided to go home and try another day. Upon arriving home, i found my house had been ransacked and there were no signs of my family. That was at the beginning of the outbreak and ive since been travelling around, looking for clues of what might have happened to them.
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