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  1. POV: I was headed south towards Zelenogorsk when we ran into a local at the Pushtoska checkpoint, once we learned he was a local we asked him to place his hands on his head due to some hard feelings Ritchie wanted to let go. We stripped him to underwear to make sure he wasn't carrying and other gun besides the mosin he had strapped to his back. Once we had our discussion we told him to get dressed and told him to leave his mosin in the house and told him to run off. We continued west knowing that any moment we could get ambushed at any moment when a group starting chasing us at the Sosnovka military checkpoint. Knowing it was most likely group we retreated to a house where we attempted to make communication. The next thing we knew a man with an ak pushed up the stair spraying us both down. we* very beginning
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel this verdict in unfair due to the fact that was banned since I didn't respond... I understand that for that sort of report and reports in general it is essential to respond but I'm afraid I left the country for Thanksgiving vacation. There was not a way to respond to the and give my personal POV and after talking with ExoticRP I also didn't think this was KOS he was granted kill rights so I was happy and moved on. I think that sure my POV is very useful info to this report but with all things aside I feel it is unfair and unnecessary to be banned due to the fact my teammate started up a report. Even though I was unhappy like I said before I had no problem once I understood the whole story. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Left for vacation came back and was banned from the server since I was unable to access internet. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be unbanned and be able to play DayzRP What could you have done better?: Not to come in with a bad attitude or be a smartass but really there is nothing I could've done better I was away and once I logged of I was certain that though some hard feelings from Ritchie its whatever its a game respawn restart.
  3. Hello my name is Maksim I am a Russian/American who was born and grew up in the United States but my parents both Russian. Working side jobs until the age of 18 I enlisted into the Army as a grunt in the infantry my first few years were tough and I seem to be forgotten and many people raised questions about my name and many would beat me up or segregate me since I wasn't 100% US material, but that all changed very quick after serving for 10 years at the age of 28 I was deployed into the front line dealing with rising issues in the Chernaraus region. Though never actual was in combat the feeling was tense but that's when the walkers came and destroyed everything me and some fellow UK/US guys hope to destroy and kill everyman who is Chernaraus blood and the walkers on the side after a whole Chernaraus group of scoundrels killed 3 of my bestfriends... I am here to shed blood and will fight till the last bullet.
  4. New Zealand Infantry combat medic, 30 years old, fit, healthy, smart and good with shooting rifles. Enjoys playing sports and playing cards. Emotionally unstable. Comes from small town in Ohio, Edmonton, around 10,000 people. Very close friends with Charles Davis (enlisted with) and attended school with. Both of us were deployed to Chernarus to attempt to keep the peace. Has a slight medical background received basic training while with USMC. Enjoys recreational things such as fishing and hunting. Has little to no family only lives with his mother, was homeless for 2 years during highschool.
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