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  1. Hello my name is Maksim I am a chemical/biological warfare specialist. Working undercover with several disclosed organizations I began to use Chernarus as my playground to develop the most lethal and effective biological weapons to hopefully wipe out all countries except of course the Motherland!! My lab was quickly overrun by these creatures that are now known as walkers/zombies killing all my fellow scientists and the soldiers guarding the lab. They tore through the lab I threw my fellow scientists in the way with the hope they would hold them off until I got away. Since most the lab was destroyed I ran and ran picking up essential supplies as I go. Killing or robbing any individual I deemed fit... though obviously killing people will not stop the infection neither will these "friendly" numb heads. They only beleive in trade posts and keeping Chernarus safe well they have another thing coming their way. Its a kill or be killed world out here.
  2. USMC infantry private, 18 years old, fit, healthy, smart and good with shooting rifles. Enjoys playing sports and playing cards. Emotionally unstable. Comes from small town in Ohio, Edmonton, around 10,000 people. Very close friends with Charles Davis (enlisted with) and attended school with. Both of us were deployed to Chernarus to attempt to keep the peace. Has a slight medical background received basic training while with USMC. Enjoys recreational things such as fishing and hunting. Has little to no family only lives with his mother, was homeless for 2 years during highschool.