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  1. Ralpho


    O_o These 225 kilometers aren't big enough for the both of us.
  2. Ralpho


    Hi everyone, I'm Ralph. I've looked forward to joining the community for a while now and now that I've been accepted and have the time to play I really can't wait to make some memories !
  3. Giovanni Battaglia born August 10th 1985, had a turbulent childhood, and unlike many others who succumb to their pasts he used it as inspiration to persevere and strive to be helpful and useful. Despite the odds he faced and after years of struggle and constant instability Gio would graduate Highschool with excellent grades in mid 2003, going on to graduate from University, Medical School, and finally the Orthopedic Residency Program in late 2016. With many years of education under his belt he'd settle down in southern Florida working at a local hospital as an Orthopedic Surgeon helping people with issues pertaining to the musculoskeletal system or in laymens terms the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. After about three years of working at the hospital it would be mid to late 2019 and Giovanni would be approached by an old colleague to join him and other associates in a research venture in Chernarus sponsored by the Hospitals for Special Surgery, they wanted to understand the effects this new developing disease had on the body specifically the neurological and musculoskeletal systems. Though reluctant because of the disease Gio would still accept the offer and would eventually join his new research associates on a plane to the foreign land. After arriving and starting research things would start to develop for the worse as 2019 came to an end and 2020 would begin to unfold. Many researchers had already fled back to the United States but Gio and a bold few of his associates believed that extensive progress was being made, so despite warnings from the others they would remain in Chernarus, stuck as international travel was severely limited. As more time passed the situation in Chernarus deteriorated very quickly, and after being escorted to and from a few different locations by the Russian Armed forces in the area the remaining researchers and soldiers would find themselves overrun at some point during a transition resulting in a slaughter amidst the chaos. Gio having been lucky had quickly escaped from the situation running into a dense sea of forest, not looking back.
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