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  1. Ex-peacekeeper and police officer. Came to Chernarus after outbreak to save daughter Amelia who is alone somewhere in Chernarus. During a peacekeeping mission here in the 90's he fell in love with a woman (Anita) and they had Amelia, but when Jason's tour ended he had to return to Canada and has been fighting to bring his family there ever since but the outbreak tore the world apart and now Jason fights to get to them. He begged his brother, Dave, Little to fly him to Chernarus on one of Dave's small planes and he agreed. As the plane neared the coast the plane ran out of fuel and the plane fell towards the ground. The plane crashed on the coast and the crash rendered Jason unconscious. When Jason awoke his brother was gone and the wreckage was nowhere in sight. With many goals in mind he starts his adventure on the coasts of what he believes to be Chernarus.
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