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  1. Mark Radler is a IT Programmer that was born in Berlin. He is married to his wife Sara Radler and has a 4 year old daughter Anna Radler with her. They decided to travel to Chernarus for vacation. As they were boarding the plane news came up that something is happening in Chernarus that the Army is closing the borders to visitors and such. But the plane left off. As the plane entered the Chernarussian airspace it was shot down by the military. Mark tried to hold on to his family but the plane split in half seperating him and his family. He woke up on a tree with some scratches and a broken leg. He climbed of made a splint from some sticks and his belt and then tried to find the main road. He had been walking for days in the forest and as he managed to come to a road he collapsed. He only heard a car before he passed out. He woke up on a bed and two people watching him a old man with a long beard blue eyes and a tough look on his face. There also was a woman who looked like a nurse that was taking care of his leg. He talked with then they were some locals that were helping people around the country as the outbreak was raging on. They also told Mark what the outbreak was all about and that the military is fleeing the country and leaving civilians for them selves to survive. He was shocked to hear that the outbreak made dead people reanimate and walk earth again. A week was over and his leg was doing better so they let him go out there but not before the old man gave him a rifle and some cans of food and water and told him to take care. And so Mark set off to find his family...
  2. So I am Marko and new here but not new to RP. Hope to make some new friends and memorable encounters ingame with ya all.
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