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  2. The backstory to recent events - John is a British Expeditionary sent by a Private British company to study and combat events that have taken place in chernarus his goal is to study the infected and the populous of the country and understand why and what caused the events to take place. John was left on the beach by the company with a notebook and a pen his objective to illustrate and write an account of what he sees. The reason for the company in leaving John with little supplies was so he could have a grasp of what it was like for normal civilians to evacuate the cities with little to no supplies and the document what he experiences. He plans to write every morning of what he finds or accounts of people he meets. John grew up in the West of Britain close to Wales in the town of Hereford His father a skilled Engineer in the Special Air Service. John grew up in a hard environment his father retired at the age of 32 leaving his spare time in teaching his son skills and lessons which would help his combat effectiveness and physical ability so that he could pass selection just as his father did. At the age of 16, he could snap a grown man's neck with ease as well as fully disassemble any firearm from an M4 to an AKM. even though John was highly skilled he also had a disability he had to work around his right arm was dominant but the corresponding eye was damaged leaving him with partial blindness. he could work pistols, and Automatic rifles with ease but had a specific problem with sniper rifles for this reason. When John aged 17 his father sadly passed away he died in an incident where he was struck by a car as he was coming out of the local Hereford Pub. John grew up to be emotionless as taught by his father although for the first time in forever he felt sadness. He attended his fathers funeral a small event consisting of him and a few of his squadron it wasn't a long event only consisting of around 3 hours his father's coffin lay into the grave next to the clocktower 3 men stood with M1 grand rifles giving him a Military send off. The only thing his father left him a notebook with the initials J.B and the words 'Learning is key to survival' inscribed on the front, the book made from a hard leather midnight black. 2 years after these events John woke to find a woman at his door a letter given to him without a word as she left...