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    go go irish
  2. The same thing happened to Lorie after they went back to her body it was gone.
  3. My friends and I knew what was gonna happen from the camera angles and were already were having feels about Hershel.
  4. Some people are not really just use to it. I bet most of the newer RPers haven't really tried this before and don't really know what to say or what to do. I know whenever I first RPed I was confused as hell on what to do, but as time went on I learned how to be a better roleplayer. It is just gonna take some time and with that time the people who just can't cut it or do good will leave or get dropped like a rock.
  5. See ya dude hope to see you back one day
  6. Before the outbreak, Allen and his family; his father, mother, and little sister, had a vacation over the world for his 21st birthday. After viewing most of Europe and moving his way onwards to the Asia continent something happened before they landed. The outbreak, once they arrived at the airport, his family and him saw on the news the horrors of what was happening all over. Unable to get out of the country they tried to move any way they could by private plane or car. They heard that on the eastern coast of Russia everything was much calmer out there. So they decided to head that way, after reaching a town called Kamenka, they got the first sight of what was happening. They decided that the main land was to dangerous, after leaving the town and heading to the city of Electro, they came face to face with a band of military vehicles. His father went to go talk to them, unable to hear what they were saying, Allen knew something was wrong. The soldiers raised their guns, his father tried to back away but they shot him down, his mother told them to run, and as they were running the soldiers started to shoot at them. After a couple yards his mother fell to the ground, he looked back and saw bullet holes. Still running with his sister they disappeared into the forest, After surviving for several weeks scavenging, they found a boat on the coast line. After a couple of days on the waters his sister began to get sick. Running low on food he tried to give what little he had to his sister to keep her health up, but one day before they found land she died of sickness. Fear for what his sister may become threw her body over the side of the ship. After he reached land, he had know idea where he was, all he knew was that he had to survive. He swore, after everything he saw and experienced, that no one would take him from the land of the living. He was going to do what ever it takes to live, on for his family.
  7. Name: Allenicus Shockley Age: 21 Height: 1.70 m Weight: 76 kg Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak: Student Demeanor in Three Words: Disconnected, Peaceful, Regretful
  8. Heya guys, just found out about DayzRP 30 mins ago and been looking into it, and I gotta say I really enjoy it. I just hope I get to enjoy some good game play and RP with you all.
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