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  1. "Everyone is a leader here. Out."
  2. "The Free Medics hoard most of the medical supplies and medically inclined personnel in South Zagoria. They are the embodiment of the bourgeoisie and their possessions must be redistributed for the good of the Zagorian peoples. The Rangers are nothing but nighttime thugs who steal from other people's tents as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who stumbles upon our settlement leaves with a full belly. We offer as much medical attention as we can to anyone who needs it. We've offered refuge to people fleeing from hostile groups. The only think I know about you is that you steal shit. Glory to the those who work instead of stealing. Glory to our comrades all across the world. Glory to the Free Territory!"
  3. birduarent

    Just lost everything...

    We spent three days building a base and one unexpected server crash ate it. I would recommend avoiding the whole base building aspect of DayZ until persistence is fixed.
  4. The current meta in DayZ is sprinting around in third person spraying. Generally firefights which could have some more tactical value go like this: -Person One sits at a corner in a building staring at the doorway in third person -Person Two runs in the door -Person One knows exactly when to peak and does so, sprinting around the corner stunlocking and killing the intruder. It makes for really shitty combat scenarios that would never happen realistically.
  5. *An even Slavic voice surfaces.* "The thieving Rangers are enemies of the revolution. Let me remind anyone listening, the Free Territory stands as a beacon of light in these trying times. We wish for a voluntary society wherein we may live a free and beautiful life, nothing more. Anyone who infringes on our right to this sort of life can expect resistance."
  6. *An even Slavic voice weaves through the static, manifesting itself on some obscure frequency, broken up by interference.* "Laborers, survivors, comrades....time has come to sett-.....into the old capital, Chernogorsk. The Free Territory has established a safe and hospi-...place for the desperate prole to find respite in the crown jewel of what once was S-....Zagoria. Whether you wish to become a permanent resident or jo-...ranks of our militia, the commune has a place for you. So please don't fret pilgrim f-...hope is in sight. Get to Chernogorsk and help the Free Territory prove that life can be free and b-...iful.
  7. birduarent

    Free Territory

    lets seize some means boys
  8. birduarent


    never got around to making one of these im bird i lead some hippies in the woods
  9. Petir is a farmer who once tilled the soil on the outskirts of Chernogorsk. At the call of war his lifestyle was forcibly changed for the worse. Less and less cash started flowing in as a result of foreign aid covering the food expenses for a good portion of the nation. This led Petir to tend towards nationalist sympathies, although he was never really one for politics or anything of that nature. He managed to keep himself isolated during the beginning of the outbreak, until his supplies were eventually exhausted after several weeks. He was driven from his property due to the disintegrating state of Chernarus in wake of the outbreak, and now seeks a calm and stable life in an otherwise chaotic world.
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