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  1. I am @Kranous partner in this video. --- Bo Wells POV: I wake up near Kamenka. I meet up with Luke ( Kranous ) and we loot Kamenka. With our base despawned, we decide to become nomads. We plan a trip to the NWAF. After leaving Kamenka we enter the military base south east of Pavlovo. While there we encounter the fellow in question. He approaches us with his gun out. I immediately pull my gun. We have been robbed way too many times to not be wary. We three initiate RP. I do not trust him and want to leave. We talk and share a drink. But I press us to move on and bid him farewell. We venture northward into Zelenogorsk and commence looting. Once again we encounter the man in question. His gun in hand the entire time. He keeps trying to get us to go into buildings and wait. I decide I was leaving. I leave but Luke stops to talk some more. I return and we all three enter a barracks so he can share a can of food with Luke. I ask why we need to enter a building. But we go in anyway. Then the man says we must got to a different building with more room. That is when I knew something was going wrong. I ask why we need more room. The man and Luke enter the second barracks and as I leave the first barracks I pull my gun and join them in the second barracks. I know better than to stand right next to my team mate, I move around inside in order to make it impossible to see both of us at the same time. I move from room to room like I am looting but trying to keep an eye on this guy. As I enter the middle room of the barracks with my back to the door still, I hear a shot go off, I spin and see the man aiming and firing at me, he misses. I fumble getting my gun up and see behind him a second person entering the building and someone says put your hands up. But, at this point, I am already engaged and have defense rights. I get my wits about me and quickly shut the door. I post up on the door and wait for it to open. It does and the man pops out and fires another shot and misses. I fire and I am unsure if I made contact. Then the second man, with a shotgun ( I believe ), pops in front of the door and fires, but I had moved behind a locker. I am not hit. I fire a couple of more rounds into the wall of the hallway to keep them away from the opening and see the outside door is still open. Fearing for my life, I darted out as they were re-loading and ran through a large group of zeds before disappearing into the fog. I did not return. --- All of this can be seen on Kranous' videos. I did not turn on my recording software during the session. I forgot. But seeing how important is it to have a recording, I will always record from now on. To me, the man in question played his character fine. It was an obvious set up. I knew hostilities were about to happen. However, I did not hear any verbal initiation until two shots at me were already made. I had no idea how many more were around. He was trying to keep us in a building until his teammates arrived. They knew exactly which building we were in but had not got to the building before the firing started ( as seen in vid #6, he is just getting to the door and saying hands up after shots had already been fired ). I believe the man in question was attempting to take out the one guy who had a gun out and was wary of him the whole time while the friendly guy was busy eating food. But, that is just like my opinion, man.
  2. My tent, barrel, and buried persistent storage vanished after the update. I could not find any information that this update was going to wipe the server or that it might cause some items to despawn. I am just wondering if anyone else has experience persistent storage items have disappeared after the update. I guess I should have logged out before coming to ask what happened to my stuff. Now bandits have killed me. lol
  3. Object's name: Bushranger 2-man Plastic Canoe + Plastic Oars as separate items Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: In order for 1 or 2 players to be able to quickly traverse the coast line. Requires at least one oar in order to move. If two players have oars, speed is increase some. Light enough to carry like a barrel. May have limited storage. Item specs: Length: 4.3m Width: 85cm Depth: 41cm Weight: 36kg Oars should be treated just like the shovel in mass and carrying position. Of course melee damage from a plastic oar would be much lower than most other melee weapons
  4. I just played on an official server and the VOIP seems broken in there as well. I guess there are not any reports because, well, official servers rarely have a talking moment. But, another player and myself encountered each other and tried to have a conversation. We ended up having to use chat. Then further down the beach I ran into another guy. I tried talking to him. and he walked around me, towards me and back again, all while facing me. You know that I am not going to stand still but talk to you anyway kind of thing? I heard nothing. I went to chat, but I guess he didn't see it and moved on.
  5. Mok

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    From what I have seen of base building, it will be rather difficult for a single player to build anything of significance. And the scarcity of certain materials will certainly reduce the chances that any loners will building bases all over the place. But to deny players who are not part of official groups is a pretty obvious favoritism thing. Big bases will absolutely require multiple players to construct. And as long as groups do not start a huge base somewhere and then change their mind and start somewhere else large unfinished bases should not be all over the place. Loners, or small unofficial groups, will most likely just re-enforce an existing building. Which would mean only a few walls and gates to take down if they are abandoned. To control how many bases are everywhere the admins only need to set restrictions on certain locations ( i.e. no building in/on/about military bases, ect. ) and control the spawn frequency of nails. Less nails in the world, less bases. They do not need deny rights of certain players over others.
  6. Hi, I am new to this server. And reading through all this, I completely understand how such language can really immerse a person into the scene. I also have experience on other servers where it can get down right silly and not really a role, but using a role as an excuse to be abusive and obnoxious. Not seen anything like that in here, though. But I have a couple of questions. In the case of a hostile character(s) using slurs ( as part of their character, not the obvious BadRP ) on someone he/she has encountered and the IC recipient found it aggressive and hostile. Would... 1. That action of the hostile character be considered baiting as per rule 4.8? Continued use of derogatory insults could cause someone (IC) to rage. Example ( Three white guys standing around a black guy calling him the N word, would eventual make the black mad enough to engage ). 2. If the recipient of the insults did engage in hostilities with an aggressor, would that character be in violation of rule 4.5? Use same example above. "As a victim you may NOT:- Pretend to be fearless, emotionless, not feel pain, or otherwise be unaffected by the situation where your life is at risk in a hostile situation." But, that situation is affecting the character to the point of making him/her do something crazy. Another possible situation that may lead to people not understanding motive. The following should be consider all IC Said three white guys berate the one black guy, but they end up letting him go. But the black guy is enraged from the encounter, follows the white guys and shoots them once he felt he had an advantage. To me, it would seem like "kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information." But the white guys might not even know why they are being shot at. I guess a report would be made and investigated in that scenario. I am just wondering how that would play out. My Character is 'a loud mouth oil working American who don't no lip.' And may likely do something....American®. Ok. Thanks for any answers.
  7. I am Bo Wells. I worked in the oil industry for a company called AmSpec LLC. I was working on the oil tanker Minerva Zenia. It was a routine six month round trip between Texas and Murmansk. We were two months out when we heard the news of the infection. I had no idea how bad it had gotten. I was detain immediately upon entering Russian waters. The crew and I were choppered into Teriberka and were being transported by truck to Butyrka Prison, that we were told was converted to a shelter. Two hours into the trip we were attacked by unknown men who were heavily armed. Many were killed. Most of us were taken as hostages. I know that we traveled south a ways and then west for some time. Once we stopped and we were lead out of the vehicles into a field. This was the moment they decide that we were of now use to them. They opened fire. I took one to the leg, and hit the ground and played dead. If it wasn't for the Minerva Zenia's cook standing in front of me, taking most of the rounds himself, and falling back onto me, my trick my not have worked. I waited for an hour with a dead man laying on top of me before I got the nerve to get up and run away. I have been roaming around for God knows how long. No idea where to go. No idea the language or the culture. No idea how I am going to get home.
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