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  1. Finnian Pryce is a 23 year old male, standing at 5'9ft with shaved sides of his head and longer hair on the top, which once used to be styled up using hair product, now hanging over his face, clearly ungroomed. He's a white male, with dark brown eyes, pale skin and red, roughed up skin from obvious lack of hygiene due to the outbreaks less than clean environment. Before the outbreak however he was a barista in a coffee shop in London, enjoying making the women different coffees while hoping to make them laugh, he was seen as "the funny guy" that only had a smile on his face when he saw another person smile. He loved his family, his pets and in general had a causal, non luxurious life. Enjoying partying due to socialisation rather than dancing he realised that without his friends and family he would be isolated, and feel extremely lonely. Finnian loved to read and travel and in several headlines he saw the name Chenaurus a lot due to the war, he found that a nation rebuilding was interesting to him and he felt an urge to travel there, explore and learn the country after it's civil war. He took a plane with a female friend of his, thinking that it may not be a luxurious holiday such as Hawaii, but an education non the less. He had to stay within more westernised areas, due to the tensions building within Chenaurus though he did not think anything too bad would happen within his week stay. He awoke one morning to the sound of artillery fire, watching the news finding out it was Russian artillery. He quickly got changed and headed outside with his friend where worried looking civilians were being herded by police to local shelters. He was confused but when he asked any police officer he was confronted with fierce attitudes and large batons. He stayed at the shelter after being split up from his friend, under guard by the police, hundreds of people packed into a small abandoned school. Rumours erupted about a weird military base but he didn't complete a concise understanding of the story. Suddenly all the guards radios lit up, they all ran out as gun fire was heard, people screamed and started to flee out of the school, Finnian joined them feeling useless sitting inside of a building while people were clearly getting hurt. As he exited the school he saw these people, bleeding out of their eyes with serious injuries running at the school while military vehicles fired upon them, everything went black for him, he just remembers the screams, the sound of his panting breath and the putrid smell of the blood, flesh and mud mixed together. He awoke in a barn, all alone, with no knowledge of the current situation, and his story begins from there.
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