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  1. He was born in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, but moved to the UK while he was a baby, he grew up in the outskirts of London and excelled in academic achievement. He Went hunting during the fall out in the country with his cousins. He graduated from high school at 16 and studied about his home countries water crisis and how bacteria and poorly sanitized water can lead to shortened life spans and diseases and birth defects and lately went to a English study embassy in Kazakhstan to further his study of this issue. While he was in Kazakhstan the outbreak happened, he quickly went to Moscow as they were one of the few cities left who didn't have any major issues with the outbreak, that didn't last for long. He left Moscow before things got out of hand and wandered aimlessly for about 4 months in the Siberian Desert, he decided to wander into Europe because its climate was a lot less harsh than the Siberian desert, He passed through Belgrade and nearly died to a group of cannibals but escaped in the middle of night before they could do anything to him. He recently decided to reside in Chernarus due to its abundant wildlife and multiple military locations for anything he may need to protect himself as the Group of cannibals in Belgrade took about everything he had. He was able to find a group of survivors who were trading with people in Chernarus and got on a boat with them, but unfortunately a heavy storm caused the ship to wreck while it tried to land on the beaches of Chernarus.