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  1. Michael "Misja" Kavinsky- born in Poland but emigrated with his family to Chicago with beliefs about "American Dream". It was really hard for him to acclimatize into the new enviroment he was now part of. In school he met Joey, which was about to become his best friend, one day they went outside on the streets of Chicago to have fun and enjoy the day, when the thing happened and Joe fell down because he missed the gap and fell down snapping his neck into the sewer, because the hatch of it was opened. Michael never could feel the same he did after this situation. Time has passed but memories were still inside of him, then he met her- the prettiest girl he ever seen, she was the daughter of Polish-Italian couple which immigrated into the USA as well. They have started to meet with each other and making the bond within them both. After long time they became a couple. Michael wanted to be self-sufficient to move out of parents house and live with her, so he decided to become sailor. He mustered himself into the crew of the cargo ship named Costa Risacca which intended to go into the big cruise. Eventually they have ended their cruise next to the Chernarus coastline in Rify, all that happened because of weather conditions which concealed a rock formation which ripped ship's Hull letting the water inside and causing sinking that's why the crew decided to ground the ship- to spare remaining lives, Michael hit his head into the gas pipe when the cargo ship got grounded. When he has opened his eyes only thing he could see was chaos and his crew and passengers walking lazy without any destiny, he decided to crawl outside the ship and find some help. Before the outbreak Michael used to like hunting, that's why he is preffering long range weapons than assault rifles, his dad was the person who learned him everything about shooting, how to skin animal etc. Shooting skills helped him when he was studying in the Carver's Military Academy High School, when he impressed his Drill Sergeant shooting such accurate and calm. The time he spent on the ship taught him how to be respectful- this job taught him to be kind for everyone while trying to understand them, regardless of the age, skin colour, relligion, gender etc. Michael is also forgetful because he went through very much situations in his entire life, that's why anything what happened to him will just pass by, he is also natural born risk-taker which means that he is not kind of person who is afraid to make certain moves, most of all he learned that skill when he was trying to earn money by gambling (and it went pretty well!), also the moment Joey fell down- Michael was first getting down to him and trying to help him somehow but he didn't knew it was too late after all.
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