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  1. My character name is Ibby Red, he is an Ex NATO General of Takistan who now runs his own PMC Group (Private Military Contractors). I was born in a small village in Takistan where all my fathers side of the family were in the Police or Army, I grew up in a peaceful time but around 15-16 years old extremist groups rose up and started taking the villages and farm lands by force, pillaging and using other villagers lands for their own hideouts. My father who was in the army at the time was dispatched to help out with the growing threat and we only heard from him twice within a time frame of what felt like 2 months. One night I woke up to bullets hitting my walls, I went down to see what is going on and bullets whizzed past my head opening a hole in the front door, I ran upstairs and grabbed my mother, emergency supplies and we ran to my uncles place. I did not know if extremists wanted me in relation to my father or if there was a fight nearby, either way I got out of there to protect my mother. I enlisted in to the army after we stopped receiving letters or hearing from him to find out what is going on, I never found out what happened to my father but instead I had to protect my family so I worked on my self and my ranks to provide money and shelter. I ranked up very fast until I was able to apply for NATO, when I got in NATO, I made it to General after a short while due to my dedication and the work I had shown. It took us many years but we did it, we had cleaned up Takistan to the most and we left the rest to the Takistan National Military, I discharged after Takistan and with my squad we made a PMC to better use our services and make money to survive in London. We now find ourselves in Chernarus trying to help a Charity organisation 'FMA' help out with the crisis and show people the reality of what is going on here and how we can help. I have so far only just got past the border after 3-4 days of negotiating with border guards. Currently I am enthusiastic to help but let us see where fate will take us.
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