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  1. Katherine West - age 35 Katherine was conducting biomedical research as a contracted scientist at Ft. Detrick, MD when the news started spreading about the virus. While struggling to survive, she never lost her scientific desire to find out how and why this happened. She gathered several of her most trusted colleagues from those that survived and they made the long journey toward Chernarus. It took the better part of a year to get there and bribe their way into the country, but they were eventually able to set up a makeshift lab and start doing research. She recently returned from gathering supplies to find her colleagues overrun by the dead and the lab damaged by fire beyond repair.
  2. Addy Sorrel came to Russia with her father, who was a part of a humanitarian group. She would travel between America and Russia often, coming back to help her father when possible. She was away when the outbreak happened, but had quick knowledge of something distressing because of his work there. She made the journey back as quickly as possible, rejoining her father. They continued to provide aid where they could, even during the outbreak. Together, they created shelters for people to escape the infected, giving food, water and first aid where it was needed. Over the small amount of time since the outbreak, she eventually lost her father to the infected and now searches for a way to survive alone, still driven to continue the humanitarian effort that she and her father began here. She eventually made her way to Chernarus, striving to help those who need it. She has become more cautious over time, but hardly ever fails to help someone if she is able.
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