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  1. Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

    1. Basko


      Thank you kameraad!

  2. Although I do agree that it would be nice to instantly be able to spawn clothing after you have died, I can also see the problem with reducing the spawn timer. As whitename already mentioned; you would be able to also spawn in clothing for your friends. You could also use the clothing for other purposes. For example: you could cut it up into rags and craft other items. The item shop is mostly to get your ingame cosmetics without having to search hours upon hours for them. Personally I only spawn in clothing after I have a created realtive good survivability chance. (Have some food, water and maybe a gun) I have had numerous times where I would die, spawn in my clothing and die within a couple of minutes again. This is really annoying, but it's also just a game.
  3. Always nice to have your mosin with bayonet sticking out of your car. +1 for the slings, even if this would mean that you can only carry 1 gun on your back.
  4. o7, It was fun while it lasted. But to be honest, I am surprised we lasted this long.
  5. Hello former MetaGame Master and fellow Dutch lad JobScholten/Job/KermitTheFrog

    1. KermitTheFrog


      Hello fellow Dutch lad and Team Belgium member Duplessis/Bryanus

  6. This dude still out here with a vibin' Kermit as his profile picture 

    Happy Woman GIF by Kraken Images

    1. KermitTheFrog


      Always vibing

  7. Nice one Moderator Dingle!

    1. Dingle


      Im Back Wake Up GIF

      I back

  8. After all this time, you finaly did it!
    kermit GIF

    1. Basko


      Yes! Thank you 😄 

  9. I only have this nice staff event.
  10. This is all you will hear before the storm hits


    1. Woodzie



    2. Duplessis



      Mio Honda creates an emission event

  11. Thank you! Finally we have shared fishing rights.
  12. It is already hard to keep yourself alive. Tried to go to the trusty fishing, but did not succeed. Unfortunately died, could have lived to see another day. Please add the worms, since even in frozen times you should be able to dig some.
  13. Unfortunate for the non monetization, still super excited to go and fish on the island.
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