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  1. This is the only good way to pronounce "Nyheim"


    1. Basko


      Yes, very accurate

    2. Isylon


      I just call it Ni Hao...

    1. Basko


      Time to update your profile soon 😄 

    2. Woodzie


      Ofcourse you had it clipped on the spot 😄

  2. Lets goooo. Redwood Radio 2.0 Electric Boogaloo.
  3. Tell me spoilers about Nyheim without "telling" me any spoilers about Nyheim.

    1. KonoSimp


      fortnite battle royale

    2. Kerkkoh



  4. Judging from the pictures, I would guess that this would be Amsterdam, The Netherlands around the 17th/18th century. Especially in this picture you can clearly see the marks that the dutch have left all over the city. You can also kind of see the beginnings of steam powered motors. My guess would be around 1800 years and in or close to The Netherlands.
  5. Greetings fellow roleplayers. I have recently seen an increase in people that are unable to join the server and are getting the following message: Can't compile "World" script module! There are a lot of different versions of this error, but only the mod file path will be different. (This fix will work on most if not all of the errors containing the "World" script module error) Now how does one fix this? 1. Try joining the server via the DayZ Launcher server tab. First open DayZ on steam like you usually would (Play DayZ) > Go to "Servers" tab > Go
  6. This might be something for @Rolandto look into in general. I just checked and it would appear that I am receiving the same message. I have been able to send broadcasts before, it might just be something that is broken after the update to the new website.
  7. Come checkout this awesome stream ft. @Basko


  8. Hello and welcome to DayZRP.
  9. Any interaction with the wall / storage container will refresh it's despawn timer. I recon that you will need a screwdriver if you want to keep the modded items (like tables, chairs ect.) quickly deconstruct and reconstruct them in order to keep them refreshed. All the base game items (walls and watchtowers) can be refreshed by putting in a nail or a plank like Final Banksyy mentioned. Most timers can be found here:
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