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"The Chernarus Space Program will never die"

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  1. JobScholten

    Server wipe

    There were a lot of abandoned bases and just randomly placed barriers all over the map. Honestly I wouldn't mind playing further on the wiped map.
  2. We used to use the radio ingame for radio shows. But since like 2 - 3 months the radio's broke if there were too many people on the frequency. Hope they fix it again.
  3. Wow, hit my 500 hours of ingame playing time mark.

    1. Billy


      oh man no GIF by NETFLIX

  4. JobScholten

    Is this heaven?

    I launched myself to heaven.
  5. JobScholten

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck again Mr. Lemons
  6. Updated profile banner and music

    (Looks like kiwi3 mp3 hosting was down, so had to change the location of the file)
    Check this if you want to know how: 😉 


  7. Isn't it if you see someone in your base raiding your stuff a valid right? Sorry I am not really into the raiding and defending stuff. (most of the times it is just a offline raid)
  8. But what if you login at the place where the enemy is. For example when someone is raiding your base and you just randomly login, see the bastards and shoot them. There is a lot of gray area in the rules which cant all be filled up. Cant really think of every different situation.
  9. I think the staff has other ways to check activity of groups. If not they can surely use this bot. (Found a bug that is relevant for big groups (24+) Your members will showup in 2 pages. So I've gotta think of a fix for that. In the meantime you'll have to do with the current script)
  10. Redwood Radio is currently on the move. Maybe you will spot a couple of us just roaming around the map. We used to stay at one certain location all the time, what would make sense for a radio group. But since there are bigger threads facing us right now it is best to stay on the move.
  11. JobScholten

    The Coalition

    Good job on the Graphics. Looks amazing.
  12. JobScholten

    Good Morning

    Ahh, morning. The nice sounds of birds chirping and gunshots in the distance.
  13. You need a toxic cure found in clinics and hospitals
  14. Sounds like a really nice idea. If only there was a great way to spread propaganda about it ingame (Looking at Redwood Radio group) Im sure you will find a way to do it
  15. Not German, but Dutch (close enough) I also get laggspikes sometimes. It has nothing to do with the specs of my PC, but just the fact that the server is hosted in the USA. I sometimes get that people are talking to me and I hear the first sentence and a random pause and then the rest of the sentence. This does not really affect my gameplay as it is only like once or twice per playing session that I notice it.
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