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  1. It seems to me that you have already set it to your active character. If you want to switch to a new character you can visit: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/manage/ Also: /Moved to troubleshooting
  2. Been a while since I could game without having to look at reports.
    Keep it up community!

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    1. Inferno


      Don't worry, it'll skyrocket back up. Just give it 8 hours minimum.

    2. JobScholten


      Well, at least I can get some sleep while people are creating them 😉

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      Narrator voice: They would not, in fact, keep it up.

  3. Next raid all you will see is some red dots.
  4. I hope this explains enough. I like to switch between games every day.
  5. Depending on the queue just a couple of days. Welcome to the community
  6. Hello @Blisna, A separate team of staff have reviewed the original verdict and have come to the conclusion to deny this appeal. On review of the video footage, it is clear to the staff team that your actions were attempts to bait the other players into initiating on you. Baiting is in itself an offence that can occur without gaining kill rights, it lies in the behaviour and actions, not in the result. You were trying to get inside their compound by climbing on top of some houses. Despite multiple warnings from the people inside you kept on going resulting in the people inside initiating. The home owners were forced into an initiation due to the fact that you were actually already inside their base. These situations are reviewed case by case, the Ask The Staff you quoted also states: Roland answers to this: You tried killing a guy with the rights you gained from baiting, which resulted in your ban. With that said; Appeal Denied. Signed: @JobScholten, @Fae & @Scarlett
  7. Hello @ImBlisna Since your ban has already expired you do have the opportunity to get back ingame. There is however a risk. Once you have joined we cannot restore your old character again because the new character will overwrite the old one. We wanted to make you aware of this so that you do have the opportunity to get it back even when your ban has expired. - JobScholten
  8. Hey Beanblanket, To start off I am sorry to hear that noone was able to directly getting into the helpdesk. People have personal lives aswell, but I will try to get in helpdesk whenever I can. I might have interrupted you a couple of times, but that is partly because this is on discord and I cannot see when you want to say something or when you are done talking. The case was that I did hear what you said and you were repeating yourself. I can be a bit straightforward, but that is just how I am. Depending on the location of your base it can be annoying that people steal your car. That's also the reason why some bases are hidden faraway in the woods. The way you described the story it clearly looked like a normal raid. People will try to get your car and/or your storages. There is always a possibility that your tent/cars did despawn, but most of the times more people will get the same problem. I understand that it can be annoying to get the feeling that you are not heard, I have only been staff for about 4 months and yes I have heard multiple of the same stories over and over again. Just a quick thing to add. As of for now Eddie is no GM, he is a Moderator. He does not have the ability to get logs unless he asks a GM for it. (No hard feelings eddie <3) I will take your feedback into consideration and see what I can improve next time.
  9. Looking forward to working in Rolle his construction company. Perhaps even driving in the staffmobile.
  10. Since @Captaintophster & @Tenderised Spud have both visited the forums since being called in but have not responded, they will now be temporarily banned until they posts their point of view here in the report.
  11. Building logs: Connection logs: Calling in the following to post their detailed POVs and any un-edited video evidence they might have. @GreyScale243 - Karl Morgan - Posted @Scally - Lerac Nietsrik - Posted @The17thSubject - David Jones - Posted @miss_natcula - Hilde Kovaden - Posted @Anipuma - Andy Seitz - OP @JmVidz805 - Aleksandr Markez - Posted
  12. Connection Logs: Hit logs: Position logs: Calling in the following to post their detailed POVs and any un-edited video evidence they might have. @DuquesneLR - Michael Duquesne - Posted @C-J - Charlie James - Posted @punchie - Yannick Baros Posted @Atrix17 - Riggs Fuller - Posted @JJRambow - John Jameson - Posted @G_DateLR - Gareth Jones - OP @Earl - Hyde Nikolo Posted @Leejames123 - Lee Mannion @Eagle - Ramon Pushkin - Posted
  13. Connection logs: Building logs: Hit logs: Kill logs: Calling the following to post their detailed POVs and any un-edited video evidence they might have. @Lucas Ossas - Lucas Ossas - OP @MADGodMarc - Danny Choi - Posted @Captaintophster - Johnathan Graves - Posted @Tenderised Spud - Tadhg Furlong - Posted
  14. Your characters will share the same inventory on the same server. If you have 2 different characters on different servers.(1 for chernarus and 1 for livonia) Those inventories will not be shared.
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