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"The Chernarus Space Program will never die"

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  1. This is a fix for the problem where you only have a black screen with your hud. Step 1: Close the game Step 2: Go to steam and click on the following things (see pictures) Step 3: The following screen will popup Click Settings and Options & Logs (These will not remove your character so don't worry) Continue clicking next. Step 4: Now you are done and this will all be fixed.
  2. *Alexander puts a battery in his transiever, set it to the correct frequency and starts talking* "Hello hello hello everyone! Alex here to announce a new broadcast. We will go live in a couple of minutes. Tune in and we hope we can make your day just a little better!" *Forgets to turn off the radio* "Hey Eric, can you toss me a beer?" *Alexander hears the static noises of the radio and turned it off*
  3. JobScholten

    DayZRP 19.6.5

    But does that mean The Chernarus Space Program is getting nerfed?
  4. Would be nice if they were added too, but it is hard to target the right person and you will probably kill/damage another player. (It is your own risk tho) Also don't forget about tripwires.
  5. I don't see the problem here. "Chernarus Space Program will never die"
  6. Hey fellow RP'ers, Since they have announced to reimplement grenades into the game I have a question for you all. What do you think about adding the grenades into the DayZRP server? I personally think they should add the grenades in the server, but only the smoke and flashbang grenades. Smoke grenades also attract infected and are also pretty, so they have a real purpose ingame. Flashbangs can be used if you are getting robbed. They are non lethal and will only stun your opponent for just enough time to run away. The lethal grenades should not be implemented in the game. They will just cause KoS because someone threw a grenade in a group of infected and killing a player with it. I also heard the grenades don't have a kill log. (That could be fixed but ok) Let me know what you think about this topic!
  7. JobScholten

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

    Gunters are my favorite cars now. They don't launch to space but just do a barrel roll
  8. Server and location: S1 between Drozhino and Kozlovka (3967;4743) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:50 Your in game name: Alexander Smidt Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: idk Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): idk Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I found 2 barrels so I was waiting for a friend to log in and pick one of them up. Meanwhile I was tabbed out of the game. The recording software is still recording sound ingame btw and when I returned I was dead. I know that tabbing out of the game comes with a risk, but this was only like (edited) 2 minutes. Every normal person will probably first check before shooting. I already contacted the help in the dayzrp discord but he could not give me the name of the person who shot me. I really wanna know why he did this (also why he was not saying anything)
  9. JobScholten

    Interview With A Community member: baskorthuis

    Space space wanna go to space yes please space. Space space. Go to space. Space, Orbit. Space orbit. Im my spacesuit. Oo. Oo. Let's go to space. by Core 1 - Portal 2
  10. It is server time, but we don't have any exact times. Stealing and destroying things in our base continues all the time and seems to be getting worse. I think it will be impossible to pin down an exact time of the griefings until we catch them doing it while we are ingame.
  11. JobScholten


    I need to learn how to read.
  12. True, you can also use s1.dayzrp.com as server ip and port 2300 (or s2.dayzrp.com and port 2400 if you want to play on the second server)
  13. JobScholten

    big kush

    Where did you get the seeds to grow this? Do they still spawn? Asking for a friend...
  14. A little update on this post: We got griefed again yesterday. I was not online yesterday, but others of the group were. The pictures are made by @baskorthuis- Jan de Vries The wire mesh that is now outside our little tower (2nd picture) was in between the two platforms (1st picture) They emptied the wire mesh and placed it elsewhere thereby also kinda decreasing the state of the wire mesh barrier to badly damaged and possibly make it despawn. Also they moved the generator and removed batteries from their battery chargers. My friend found this at around 8 pm. We don't really care about the items themselfs, but it is just pointlessly moving around and breaking things.
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