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  1. Job


    Hello there,

    I have been programming a discord bot for a little bit now and already got some positive respons on it.
    The bot can check activity of every group member.
    If you are interested in the code it is published on github: 
    Here you can copy the code and edit it.
    Pleas note: it does not run now, you still have to insert some things yourself (TODO)
    You also need to host it yourself, I suggest using heroku.com for that but it takes a bit to setup.
    The bot is made in python, so it will run almost everywhere.

    If you have trouble, just message me here on the forums or on discord (find JobScholten in the DayZRP discord group)

    image.png.8583ac8edc520071db19446e2cc966e7.png (Just a little preview of what it looks like)

    1. Job


      I didn't know where to post this on the forums so here it is on my profile.

    2. Jamie


      Probably suggestion thread.

    3. Fae


      Thats pretty dope, I've worked with making discord bots before, its not easy. Nice one.

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