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  1. Welcome to the community! I hope you will have a great time around here.
  2. Sorry thats my fault that they were missing. Added in 2 disconnects by accident. Also @Duplessis and @G_DateLR are said to be involved, but I cannot seem to find any logs regarding this report. Could you help me either PM the names of your characters or post them here with your PoV (I already checked your current characters and the once made for this lore, but simply cannot find anything) Edit: Found connection logs for Duplessis his character, but he disconnected before this happened. Edit edit: I am stupid. //Ignore what I just said. I will update the logs accordingly.
  3. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following for their full PoV and any video evidence they might have: Bata Kuchanek - @Duke - OP Kozlov Antonovich - @Trijim - POSTED Alois Vykopal - @Harvey - POSTED Mikola Dvorak - @OxeN - POSTED Oleg Maxim - @GMAK - POSTED Johnathan Dempsey - @Cuchulainn - POSTED Oleg Turkev - @TurkRP - POSTED Sassy Sullivan - @Sassy - POSTED Abram Sokolov - @groovy cali - POSTED Aleksey Lazimir - @groovy mexi - POSTED Konstantin Asimov - @Duplessis - POSTED Dimitri Ivanov - @G_DateLR - POSTED
  4. Hidden in the shadows the listening devices from Job & Co. are planted everywhere around Livonia & Chernarus. The main objective is to see how citizens behave themselfes in these dark times. Apart from listening these devices are also equiped with small camera's making sure that everything can be recorded. Please keep in mind: You are always being watched, recorded and reviewed by the local authorities. To the supports and others; This UAV has been approved and is only used for Game Master purposes.
  5. Job

    New here

    Gegroet makker, Welcome to the community. As you might have already noticed we have some more dutch lads around I hope you will enjoy the RP on our servers.
  6. image.png.6f596954eb7c00eb7478a9cffce6a0e8.png



    It was good fun playing this character for over a year. With 750+ hours, running a group I had a great time.

    o7 everyone, see you next lore.

    Also don't forget to check this post: 


    1. Basko


      R.I.P. Alexander. He was Jan's best friend. Alex will always be remembered and his actions will live on. Was a great time in the old lore!

  7. All good things must come to an end, and so does Redwood Radio aswell. It all started with me and @Basko back in May 2019. We had the best idea to start a radio group where we would play live music over the ingame radio. Along the way we picked up a lot of other players and received a lot of good roleplay. Ready to get music to the people of Chernarus we started small, only doing 1 hour sessions on the ingame radio. Eventually we attracted some more people and started to do Podcasts aswell Over the year we have been active on the server we met a lot of different people. For a short time we could actually keep up with the ingame music, but everything changed around October 2019. Radio's were getting bugged and we had to change our way of bringing music to the people. Ending the ingame radio was a sad time, but we had our new way of sharing the ingame experience. Doing Podcasts every week, having interviews with ingame characters and playing some music aswell. We used this to also reach a bigger audience. People that could not get ingame could enjoy them aswell. Others did not have to relog or not use their radio's anymore. Over this year we had a real good time. Doing this again sometime? I would like to thank all the people that have been part of Redwood Radio over the year. This includes the following: @Basko, @Billy, @Uhka, @Conkick, @Oryx, @Gandidoor, @Edwardou, @Venob0ss, @scarecrowb24, @Winter Lianne, @Pepper, @Ostara, @Groto, @DerrickStorm, @andysuter, @Burak, @Knight, @Daisy, @Tewudin, @SynO, @DrCrazyGamer, @Mr Smoking Dog, @Bastage, @Comrade Politruk, @DookieCS and @Mikey These are all the people that kept Redwood Radio going over the last year. I would also like to thank the people that have roleplayed with us and interacted with us. For you all I have made a special Rewind video: o7 to everyone and see you next lore!
  8. This is all I hear now for the next 6 hours.

    Good luck everyone on surviving this purge.

    1. Inferno


      julian bond squee GIF

  9. Job

    Hello all!

    Goedemorgen makker, Welcome to the community!
  10. I just cannot believe we came up with this idea over a year ago. We had our first broadcast ingame the 7th of May 2019: Back when radio's still worked Thanks to everyone that helped and was part of our group. Also check @Basko above.
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/jobscholten/clip/ResilientResourcefulDiamondNerfRedBlaster https://www.twitch.tv/jobscholten/clip/SpoopyFriendlyPeppermintDxAbomb https://clips.twitch.tv/CrispyFairMageFailFish Some nice clips of the recent event. If you want to see the full video, watch this:
  12. In case you wanted to know, there were a lot of deaths. Killed by CrSK_BMW_525i_E34
  13. Time for the Livonia Rally

  14. In order to change your charactermodel: 1. You will have to die ingame first, then exit to the menu. 2. There you can change your character name (right bottom) and once there you have to option to change your playermodel. 3. If you have to model that you like you can go back and search the server in the browser. 4. Once connected you should have the correct model. If not repeat all the steps.
  15. Team Name: Car goes Vroom Player 1: @Job Player 2: @Knight Player 3: TBD? Backup gamer/s (If one or two of the above don't make it): We don't need backup
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