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  1. Sergeant Pierre Dubonchamp reporting for duty. I've been affected in Afghanistan for the opération "Enduring Freedom" under the US commendment's for 5 years. Originaly deployed to battle against terrorism after the attack on World Trade Center, my section rappidly turned into civil protection. On July 11th 2017, OTAN sent on international call for peace protection in Chernarus. The night after, me and my squad were woken in the hurry to go to balota. we had no real explanation on our mission. We just kneew that we were sent there to protect those people from war. And what war there was. People there... they all looked so weak facing the cold of this country. Due to the Russian bombing, many civilians ended homeless. We helped them as we could, with heat blankets, soup and some human warmth. Rappidly, things got worse, people turned into zombies... institution were falling appart... I saw a lot of friends die. I don't even know why I'm still writting this... they're no one to read it. No more chain of command... no more army... No one.
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