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  1. Yuri was born in Novodmitrovsk on 02/04/1995 and grew up on a nearby farm, following his parents divorce he moved with his father to Eastern Scotland at the age of three. Yuri had a troubled childhood, struggling to make friends throughout school and an alcoholic father made him grow up fast. During secondary school Yuri gave up on his studies and instead became a farm worker, growing plants in a large barn in the countryside. He spent his free time in nature, honing his survival skills. He would often spend weekends on camping trips, living off the land. When Yuri turned 19 his father was involved in a car accident while drunk driving and died in hospital. In his last hours he told Yuri of his sibling - a twin brother who stayed with his mother in Chernarus - Shortly after this the farm he worked at was shutdown. With nothing left in Scotland, Yuri set off for Chernarus to try and find his mother and brother. On his travel to Chernarus he found a companion, A wolfdog he named Gambit. The two formed a close bond and spent many weeks in each other's company, However when travelling through South Western Russia a group of infected attacked. Yuri managed to escape but lost Gambit in the fray. Yuri presses on and arrives in Chernarus, intent on finding his mother and brother in the harsh land he was born.
  2. Gus Robert or more commonly known as "Scraps" is a Scottish born survivor who loves nothing more than a rare steak washed down with hard liqueur. Before the apocalypse Scraps would be found at work as a labourer or spending time with his friends and partner. His partner - Max - is a beautiful artist he met in college and meant to marry until the outbreak took all that away from him. It's this loss that finally tipped him over the edge and left him an emotionless shell of a man however, it has also given him strength. A man with nothing to lose is a man without fear. Scraps spent much of his childhood in the outdoors and has gained lots of valuable knowledge and experience with surviving from the land. His labouring job has hardened his body to be well suited to the apocalypse, with the strength to lift heavy objects and the stamina to work for hours at a time it's no wonder he has survived this long. How scraps got to Chernarus is a mystery. He woke up on a beach next to two empty whisky bottles with a killer of a hangover.
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