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  1. Tortov

    DayZRP Social Experiment [In the Teamspeak] [Gone Tdawg] EXPOSED

    Narcissism disguised as a joke.
  2. Very sad day for Kenya, particularly as those students are desperately needed for the country's future growth. Once again religious fundamentalism makes everyone worse off.
  3. Tortov

    Leaving threads suck

    Some of us don't make a leaving thread and instead view the site from time to time.
  4. When we progress to collectivist anarcho-socialism there will be no need for leaders.
  5. Tortov

    Are you shy?

    Teaching 11-19 year olds about sex & relationships, STIs and drugs, no.
  6. Tortov


    Because it hasn't descended into flaming. The views of some here are seemingly highly authoritarian and right wing, though not explicitly offensive, merely extreme. It's a valid discussion, though in my opinion the discussion should not be whether or not police brutality and racial discrimination exist, as this should be a given, rather how to tackle them.
  7. Tortov


    It's very easy to get infuriated over political issues, I find myself doing it all the time. You should read this: http://www.amazon.de/Righteous-Mind-Divided-Politics-Religion/dp/0141039167/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1430524569&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Righteous+Mind I always separate the person from their views. Even if it's a neo-conservative calling me a marxist for supporting progressive taxation.
  8. Own these on vinyl, other than the second which is extremely hard to find. [video=youtube] [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  9. Tortov


    In your opinion it may have not been police brutality. The State Attorney disagrees with you; the death of Freddie Gray has been ruled a homicide, and the officers involved have been charged respectively with second degree murder, manslaughter, misconduct and false imprisonment. You accuse me of racism for making it into a race issue. Again I stand firm on this point it is a race issue without question. We haven't achieved a utopian society where race, gender, sexuality and so on no longer matter. They do still matter. I never said that the white man is keeping anyone down. I never said that any conflict between whites and blacks is automatically linked to race. Police brutality towards black males is commonly accepted as a highly racial issue. Nobody is saying that this individual case was 100% because Freddie Gray was black. It's highly likely though. As a black teen you're 21 times as likely to be killed by police as a white teen. If we live in a country where there are no race issues, then why do we have this statistic? The refusal to acknowledge/ignorance of race issues back in the days of Martin Luther King was viewed by MLK himself as a much larger obstacle towards black liberation than the KKK and other extremists. Anyone who claims there is no race issue is doing nothing to solve racial inequality. Again I go back to a feminism as an analogy. Statistics exist that prove there exists a pay gap between men and women for doing the same work. I would conclude from this that there is gender inequality at play and we must try to solve this problem. However, by your logic I am needlessly turning everything into a gender issue and clearly don't want equality for women. We all know you can't change your gender, sexuality or race. But humans have a history of discriminating against certain people based on these variables. I really wish we could live in a world where none of it mattered, clearly you do too, but I simply can't understand how you refuse to acknowledge the problem of police brutality against African American males considering the statistics. I want equality which is exactly why I am bringing it up, even though it surfaces huge and complicated questions and it's human nature to want to keep everything simple. Even if we lived in a society without discrimination where everyone were equal, there still exists a police brutality problem, given that the United States was asked by the UN to investigate the extremely high levels of police brutality in America compared to every other western nation. I revert back to the beginning of this post, information which proves that there are grounds to assume that this was indeed a likely case of police brutality. That means there is a problem within our police which needs to be thoroughly addressed as quickly as possible, whilst acknowledging that the overwhelming majority of our cops are good people. Our views differ too much on this for me to even attempt to convince you, but I just had to say something on this. There are places where this happened in the past, including Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Personally I don't support the idea of a police officer becoming a judge, jury and executioner. I also don't agree with capital punishment or execution without trial.
  10. Tortov


    Pasting in his criminal record is meaningless. I don't care what he did or didn't do , you are entitled to not be killed by the police whilst in their custody. The attitude of a select few here worryingly appears to advocate on the spot murder of criminals. Are you genuine in your belief that all criminals should expect to get shot by the police? " All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. " - Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights The police are entitled and trained to use the necessary force to detain a suspect. According to witnesses, unnecessary use of force was used while arresting him. Once a suspect is in police custody, officers have full responsibility over their well-being. In this case, it was severely neglected as Freddie Gray was fatally injured while in transit. Also this is a race issue no matter how you paint it, you need only look at some statistics regarding police violence towards, specifically, black males. The relationship between white people and the police and black people and the police are two very different things in America. It's hard to recognize privilege when you are on the receiving end of it; there is routine maltreatment of African Americans in US law enforcement, backed up with statistics. As white people it's hard to see this, being treated relatively well by the cops. It is vaguely comparable to men who deny the need for the feminist movement. From men's position of privilege, we find it hard to recognize the systematic and conventional double standards placed upon women in society, so when feminists make a fuss about something many men then react with contempt and snobbery, because they cannot empathize with the problems. That is why it's a race issue. Bringing it back to the topic, many here are implying that there is no reason for the Baltimore citizens to be rioting. I partially agree with you in that I also condemn the riots. Violence is never the answer, it's common sense. However just because the riots are wrong does not mean there is no cause, or no reason for them. To deny that riots are the voice of the unheard is to say that the riots are completely unprovoked and just a random occurrence. This was a clear cut case of police brutality, something which was clear right from the start. Sitting around complaining about the rioters being idiotic or Freddie Gray being just another criminal who had it coming doesn't achieve anything. Is that going to do anything to stop all this happening again? Logically, we need to go to square one and acknowledge cause and effect. What sparked the rioting? A problem within the police, and in society. Let's set about dealing with that problem collectively to make the USA a better place for everyone.
  11. Tortov

    A Very Canadian Thread, eh?

    Other countries have milk bags too. Surprisingly when I visited Vancouver BC a year ago I didn't see milk bags in food stores.
  12. Tortov


    Exactly. Also that boy was resisting arrest, so one he already broke the law, and two he was going further by trying to run and got himself injured/killed in the process. This isn't a game of free for all. The police are paid professionals with responsibilities, unlike criminal gangs. To say that he got himself killed is downright twisted. Freddie Gray looked at the police officer the "wrong way ", and decided to start running away. He was pursued, caught and arrested. He managed to sustain a broken leg and was then dragged handcuffed to a police van with this broken leg. Whilst in the van his spine somehow fractured, and it is highly likely that he was given a " rough ride " where the suspect is not belted to their seat and will bounce around against the hard walls of the van unable to break the impacts as they are handcuffed. (People have died this way in Maryland before) Again it is very easy to sit as a white person from the comfort of your own home, watching the news footage of rioters to think that it's just some blacks getting violent, then go online and make edgy comments about how "Don't commit crime if you don't want to get shot by police!" Over simplification of issues is the media's speciality. Get some perspective. Here's some. The majority of protesters were peaceful, the media didn't show that because it's not good television. In the words of MLK, riots are the voice of the unheard. People don't just decide one day that it will be fun to throw rocks and get arrested. Obviously there is an underlying long term issue, an issue that people who aren't mistreated by police will find it heard to empathise with.
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