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  1. I came from the great old United States of America! Signed up as a grunt and shipped off to Ukraine to serve as a guard for some doctors. Little did i know that was the final time I would see my home, my parents, and everything I once loved. Once i arrived in Ukraine that's when things started to get odd. People were getting bite and dying off, all I could do is just sit there and watch the doctors try and save who they could. But to no avail one by one they dropped and one by one they rose by the night's end, that night changed me forever and even now as I'm sitting here eating my exotic meat it still makes me say why didnt i just stay home. At 1am i was patrolling the morgue and a doctor was trying to look at the bodies to see how the infection done once the host died, and thats when all of a sudden the man he was looking at rose up and looked straight at the doctor and nothing but white in his eyes. He then lunged at the doctor and was able to bite a small amount of flesh off his arm before I was able to put a bullet in his head, the doctor then looked at me and I looked at him and there was nothing I could do. I knew what had to be done I grabbed my M4 and put a bullet in his head, then all of a sudden more bodies started to rise and they made this awful disgusting sound if i had to compare it with anything I'd say it sounded like someone choking on a piece of food. As more bodies started to rise i ran as fast as I could out of the morgue and to the hospital but by the time I got there it was to late, the only thing i could think of is run and don't look back and that's what i did. I ran for two weeks and by the fourteenth day i knew now its either survive or die, one thing i was able to get working is my radio, i tried every station i could think of and while searching through the channels I came across one and the only thing i could understand from it was Chernarus. Chernarus? what the hell is in Chernarus? maybe survivors and maybe a safe place, I then grabbed my map and started to make my way to Chernarus. The trip was long but it was silent, by the time i knew it I was only a day out from Chernarus and thats when I ran into three men on the road. I said to myself maybe bandits? i tried to avoidem and done everything i could but to no avail, they caught up to me and asked if they could have some water and theyd be on their way, my response was yea sure let me get it. As i reached down to get the bottle one pulled a gun on me and said don't move or I'm gonna put a bullet in your skull and then eat ya for dinner. That's when i noticed the human leg in the man's backpack, the only thing i was able to get out was dont kill me please. I felt weak and hopeless but that situation reminded me of i still had four bullets in my M9, When the man with the gun bent down to grab some rope i pulled my gun and shot the first two and then shot the gun out of the man with the rope. I had one bullet left i told him dont move, but then a darkness just came over me and made me think of some of the worst things possible that I could do to him. I knew what I could do and so i put my last bullet in his leg and as he fell to the ground i tied his hands and feet together, he said what are you gonna do now? I said you wanted to eat me? well now your gonna watch me gut your buddies and eat them and once I'm done im gonna save room for you. I then started to gut his two buddies like i would a fish, quick, easy, and enjoyable I made sure i saved room for the last guy. As he screamed and cried after watching me eat his buddies i grabbed my knife and started to peel his skin off and all i could think of is yes! more meat! . Once i was done it was almost mourning and that's when i finally made my way to Chernarus once I cleaned up in a lake, my so much blood and so little time. Those three men made me the monster i am today and now the only thing I can think of is once I get into Chernarus either im gonna find out a way to get back home or I'm gonna make the best of my situation and hope this will end soon. A wise man once said, 'War can break a man" but my question is what if the man was already broke before he went to war.
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