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  1. I really don't want to look at that spreadsheet again 😤

    1. TurkRP


      groovy Rutkiy ?

  2. Only interacted with you guys once or twice in the first iteration, nothing but praise for these guys. Here's hoping the group stays around longer!
  3. Ilya Zelenkov POV: S-GRU are patrolling around South Zagoria, and after not finding much luck in Berezino, we decide to head back towards 'the triangle'. As we leave Gorka, we spot a handful of people with a car, we approach them, and are met with an angry man, telling us to go away, but we refuse. All of a sudden @neom gets sprayed down, I turn on the man who shot my colleague, and put him down, while dodging an RPG warhead from @SovietPj, who manages to kill himself (Mother Russia was on my side again). I also manage to hit the man running away while trying to take care of the people at the car, but the man gets away.
  4. You had me for a second, I was scared for your life
  5. Nice avatar , is that Chad kid ?

    1. Rutkiy


      That kid is taunting you, be careful

    2. Burak


      nice bait

      alligator attacking GIF

    3. Burak



    4. Rutkiy


      too late booooi, see ya in the appeals section 💩

  6. Can't wait for all the adventures that sprinter zombie is going to cause
  7. 1. (up) Joyce 2. Cerna Liska 3. S-GRU 4. DISTRICT 5. Apache Pizza
  8. Welcome back to society. 🤝

    1. Rutkiy


      Shit seems so different now that I'm out 😤

  9. Not everybody has time to run around the map all day. I have been building all kinds of connections without doing that, I don't think you get my point at all. I'm assuming this is because of S-GRU? I assure you, nor do we, and we don't. We are acting as a military force, enforcing laws that are still active in Russia. If you have some sort of problems with the group, I urge you to post those thoughts on the group thread, instead of throwing jabs here we also roleplay and build connections, but we do it for the sake of roleplay, not for the loot
  10. Free Rutkiy !1!1!

    1. Rutkiy


      On god I loved this, free me already 😩🙏 @Roland

    2. Stagsview


      Free this poor man..

    3. Cuchulainn


      dont free him he deserves it

  11. I never said it was DayZRP devs who made the change. I only replied to @DerrickStorm who said he liked the new dynamic loot spawning and said that there is still the item shop. So, my opinion is that there should be more loot, as DayZ is basically a scavenging game, finding stuff is great, instead of finding fuck all in half of the town, and spending your hard earned money on some imaginary items in a videogame. Additionally, since people aren't constantly killing each other (like it is on PVP servers), the loot doesn't circulate as much, and so may have an adverse effect on the loot economy. There isn't a solution yet, I realise that too, just saying loot shouldn't be as scarce.
  12. So, instead of doing the easy fix of increasing the loot, making the server more fun for everyone, you want people to get frustrated after not finding the desired items and resorting to spending their real money. Personally, I wouldn't want to loot for hours just to get that dank RP look, nor do I want to spend any more money on clothing. I get the interaction part, where people might be more eager to trade but I just think making things more scarce is not fun at all, and makes people care way too much about their stuff.
  13. @K2UFirst of all, we appreciate the good feedback! It is always good to hear people had a good time RPing with S-GRU, considering how many people despise us! Now I will address the points you've brought up in your feedback! While, yes, M1A SOCOM is described as a civilian weapon, it can only be found in military areas, so the only way civilians would have got this same rifle, is by going to military areas, which under our rules is forbidden. To add to this, in the hands of the wrong person, this rifle can do serious damage, being a .308, semi-auto weapon. So, first - I noticed how people have said that they had their stuff missing, things that none of the members of S-GRU would even need, and it was immediately blamed on us. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the civilians were stealing themselves. I believe one instance was on @Mia's stream where someone said that we stole all the seeds from the camp. FALSE. There is nothing in the world that would make me grab some seeds I'm never gonna use. Granted, every now and then, someone might grab something for themselves. While, I, myself, would usually ask before taking something, others might not. If civilians report this to a member of S-GRU, we just might tell the person who stole, to return it. However, you need to remember that this iteration of S-GRU is not just some ordinary military unit - they have seen/done horrible things in their previous missions, and were sent here, not to be the good guys, rather the bad ones and what we do ICly will also depend on people's attitudes. Lastly on this topic, it completely makes sense that we might lack supplies, because we have none coming in Chernarus, for the most part we are here by ourselves. If we do this, it might take some while to actually go through the items and deduce which items we allow, which we don't. Second, as soon as we do this, you already know there will be bad feedback - 'oh this item X is allowed, why did you take it'. Honestly, I don't think any of us want to deal with that, when that easily could have been a mistake or the person accidentally dropped it and now is blaming it on us, or in reality they didn't even have that item in the first place. That is not that bad of an idea, and I might suggest it in the group. However, personally, I love the idea of the messages spreading around ICly, after our first day as S-GRU, a lot of people were talking about us, what we do, what we take/don't take, how we act etc. Yes, makes a lot of sense, we will make sure to do this more!
  14. Born in the slums of Moscow, Andrei from a young age got into a lot of trouble on the block. He saw many bad things happening and, so, he wanted to get out of that way of life. The easiest way out was to join the army as soon as possible - age 18. In the army, Ilya established himself as a person, it's where he learned his manners, as well as the discipline he lacked beforehand. Getting beat down time after time made him respect others and not look down on his peers or those less fortunate than him. In 2013, Ilya was re-assigned to 56th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade as part of the first unit to be deployed into Crimea. The operation went mostly without a hitch and the brigade was praised for its efforts. But then came Takistan which changed everything. Takistan was the worst place Ilya had seen. And he had seen a lot during his times in the slums. Rebel attacks and their inhumane tactics didn't take long to get into the entire brigade's heads. Ilya himself had to watch alleged civilians stab one of his friend who was only trying to help the man out. Not to mention the many soldiers who went on patrol only to go missing until the next morning when their bodies would be hanging right outside the base. Ilya lost it - there was no humanity here, the only way to survive is by accepting that you're already dead. Somehow the unit was still standing, and received orders to leave Takistan and move into the neighbouring country - Chernarus. While Chernarus isn't just like Takistan, in Ilya's head he was still there, not taking any chances, and not taking people's word for granted.
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