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  1. Petya Petrovic POV: I log on at Soup Kitchen where my fellow comrades are located. I’m told that Section:20 have said some bad things about Wagner PMC, so the lads decide to interrogate them. We see them leaving Soup Kitchen towards Potius Cras’ prefab. A couple minutes pass until we actually start pursuing them. Eventually we find them, and try to surround them while @Challenger distracts them and @GMAK initiates on their flank. A firefight breaks out and I manage to get fully behind them, I see someone shooting at my group members, so I start shooting too. At one point I notice a woman standing in the treeline, seemingly confused. As the gentleman I am, I re-initiate, asking why her hands are not up, and telling her to put them up or she will be shot. However, she aims her gun at me and I am forced to take her life.
  2. Already seen some great RP from these guys! Keep it up!
  3. I'm sorry, but the world has to see...


    1. Eagle


      Those are neutral grounds 🤣

    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I call horse shit, on my screen I stopped shooting as he died 😂




    3. Rutkiy


      You see, if you didn't scroll through TikTok while playing, these things wouldn't happen!

    4. Kordruga


      oh no, he exposed the tik tok addiction

  4. Cillian Joyce POV: Myself and the other Joyces leave Soup Kitchen in hopes of finding new lands in the south. As we leave Sitnik we see 2 cars in the open field and a bunch of people around them. As we approach, they attempt to flee, so we decide to initiate. One of the cars manages to flee the scene, while the other is still sat in place. At first, the car tries to speed off after getting initiated on but then they change their minds and stop. @Lucas gets off a few shots before they stop and gets called a retard by one of the hostages while he has a gun pointed at him and gets blasted for it. Then @Challenger tells the other 2 hostages to say on the radio that if we take any shots we will kill them, and so they do. A minute or 2 later, we hear shots flying over our heads and Lucas calls out that he's getting shot at. @Challenger then executes both hostages and we take our leave. My game crashes when I get back to Soup Kitchen. When I get back in I get JFK'd and some angry brit decides to flex on me on the radio.
  5. Cillian Joyce POV: @GMAK, @Lucas and I log on to find some of that early hour RP, all of us spawn at Soup Kitchen or somewhere nearby. As we enter Soup Kitchen, we notice that it has been raided. We move to Sitnik to maybe run into the people who raided it. We walk into Sitnik, and either Lucas or GMAK calls out people at Sitnik industrial area, more accurately at the ‘Tisy building’ who are wearing pink armbands. Upon closer inspection, some more people were breaking into Wolfpack’s base, who are allies of ours. I initiate on a man just outside Wolfpack’s base, and when he non-complies, I put him down. I am forced to fall back to the main road of Sitnik because of the ridiculous amount of infected. When I cross the main road, I spot another person on top of the garages east of the Wolfpack’s base. I get in a good position to shoot the person, and another one bites the dust. Then I move to the ‘Tisy building’ and help Lucas clearing it. This is done swiftly and efficiently and we move on to Wolfpack’s base itself. A good amount of shots are exchanged until Lucas is angered by Shaniqua’s death and he clears the base from the offline raiders.
  6. Great times, many memes! Got the voice of an angel too...
  7. Good group of lads here! Has been a pleasure playing with y'all so far! Good luck!
  8. Cillian Joyce POV: The Joyces wander south in hopes of finding a new civilization; however, after no signs of life, we wander back up north. On the way there we decide to check out the prison since it was on the way. I end up with @Lucas after I get separated from the others and we start running through the field south of the prison. At some point @Ryan Shepherd mentions that he's glitching through the map, and a few shots can be heard after which Ryan goes silent. Not long after, more shots can be heard and @Cuchulainn calls out that he's getting shot at. Lucas and I book it to the shots where he spots a man in a bush. Soon after i spot him aswell, and Lucas puts him down.
  9. Yes they should. It would encourage people's creativeness when, for example, making a group or even writing up a new character! + the recognition is nice too
  10. Well, take it from someone who lives in country whose neighbor is Russia - Russia's aggressiveness isn't pleasing at all. Who knows what would happen if NATO wasn't a thing. Anyways, I gave you an answer to how this 'Russia being bad' can provide good role play and I guess you just ignored it... Go watch Russia's propaganda...
  11. Like it or not, Russia has been aggressive in the recent years, going to Crimea and what not. While it may seem biased, Russia has certainly earned the role of being the 'bad guys'. Also, the Livonia map is in Eastern Europe - just by Russia's territory, so it would make sense for such a powerhouse to move into Baltics if they can, without any resistance In late 2018, when there was only the Chernarus map, there was supposed to be a Russian invasion into Chernarus; however, this didn't end up happening due to various reasons, but it made for good RP (atleast in my opinion). Besides, this is all fictional stuff...
  12. Rutkiy

    Rutkiy's Edits

    It's been a while...
  13. Man, those Irish pricks got effed Beans are still re-generating...
  14. Mate, I thought you were better than this.... 



    Wait, no I didn't... Ye weeb 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Woodzie


      Kabanino Anime Club? 

    2. GMAK


      Livonia anime fan club led by @Cuchulainn himself 

  15. Me and some friends of mine went to Topolin to have some roleplay. One of them, @OxeN starts having an argument with one of the people at the camp, until eventually he is initiated on by a blue armband. Since I was on the side of the hospital, I had a pretty good visual on the compound and I try to defend my friend. However, as soon as I try doing that, my game starts stuttering because of that hospital compound and the bullets go everywhere. I am then initiated on by another blue armband fella from behind, but he is swiftly taken care of by me. This was an honest mistake, it was not my intention to kill you at all and I apologise. If you would like to talk about the situation on discord @RoverBeast, let me know!
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