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  1. Rutkiy

    A rare sight

  2. Sasha was born in Vavivolo, in a small family and the only child. HIs father was always a supporter of the communism regime, participating in the protests arranged by Working Man's Defence Alliance. These strong beliefs transferred to Sasha over time. In 2009, Sasha was part of the attack launched by Lopotev on Chernogorsk and barely made it out alive when Lopotev's men had withdraw from the Province's capital. W.I.P
  3. Marek was born in Novigrad into an average Chernarussian family. His mother would care for Marek’s two younger brothers and sister while his father worked at his own established bar ‘Láska’. Growing up, Marek would help out his father at his business, at first cleaning, but after turning 18, Marek would start serving drinks. Marek had no purpose in life – he didn’t know what he wanted to become. However, this changed when ChDkZ launched its attack in 2009 and gave Marek a new purpose – defend his homeland. At the start of the civil war, Marek enlisted in CDF and was sent to South Zagoria where he was part of the 415th ‘Skála’ Battalion. Evem though Marek’s job was to deliver ammuntion, he saw plenty of action – being ambushed by Chedaki was almost a weekly occasion. After being shot in one of the ambushes, Marek was transported to Pavlovo military base where he met the love of his life Darja – the nurse who cared for him. After recovering, Marek had to go back to frontlines but he promised Darja he’d come back. After the end of civil war Marek kept his promise and came back an moved in with Darja in Pavlovo. After three years, Marek left the CDF and purchased land on the outskirts of Bor and lived off the land with his soon to become wife. When the infection hit South Zagoria, Marek went to back to Novigrad, along with Darja, in hopes of finding his family. However, Marek was unable to locate them after sticking around the region for a year before heading back to South Zagoria. However, on the way there both were swarmed by infected and as a result, Darja left Marek alone. Now, he wanders around the region again in hopes of finding a new purpose...
  4. Due to most of the members taking a break from the game, we will be archiving the group for now. Thank you to everyone who has roleplayed with us so far and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! This is not the end of ‘67th ‘’Lopotev’’ Sotnya' as we hope to bring it back in the future! Slava Chedaki!
  5. Rutkiy

    S1 - Combat Log/Avoiding RP - Sosnovka Barns - 20:45ish - 4-28-2019

    POV: I log in, hear there is some shenanigans going on between Chedaki and House. I head to Pustoshka to avoid the situation, turns out House is there, as two of my guys get followed and initiated on. So, I change directions and decide to log out as I don't want to get involved. I never saw anyone following me, nor did I see anyone behind me, I wasn't involved in any hostile action.
  6. Thank you all for the kind words! Also, welcome @Lungan to the group!
  7. -1 No point to be honest, most of the spawns are good and I can see there being more violations of NLR if this was added
  8. Rutkiy

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    I know you'll do bits with this, good luck!
  9. Hello, We started this group not too long ago and we wanted to give people a good time, we wanted to focus on roleplay and focus on storylines. This is going very good in our and other people's eyes. Yet I hear some people complaining about our group. I know you can't make everyone happy and I respect that, but it makes me pretty sad to see that people complain about us on Discord and assume we do certain things, not having even met us before, but don't post feedback on our group page or PM us. I would like to ask all the people who have feedback, positive or negative, to post it on our group thread or PM myself. We want as much feedback as we can get so we can make this group better and better each day.
  10. @Zanaan, thank you for taking a look at our group. This group is meant to be hostile, however, focus being on the roleplay, not the firefights. We hadn't been in a proper firefight in a week until yesterday. Our purpose is not to just pvp and kill everyone, in fact, we try to avoid firefights as much as possible, and when we capture people, we try to make it as interesting as possible. Community members seem to be enjoying our roleplay, as can be seen on the 'Whose roleplay did you enjoy' thread. Furthermore, we usually leave people with most of their belongings, only taking things when absolutely necessary. This group is already making an impact on the server as can be seen on the radio thread and in-game. While we forcefully make some of the civilians to support our cause, they can choose to denounce us afterwards, there is an already growing resistance that actively hunt us. We already have people working for us, gathering information about resistances, when we get word of this, we try to set them straight, make sure they are doing what we tell them to, if they don't, well, it is their choice, this is roleplay. As for the attack on the medical camp - our members executed a memeber of Old Timers who is now in our group. After the execution, we were walking out to leave and started to receive gunfire from inside the camp, so we decided to retaliate, thus we had valid reason to attack. In the long term, our goal is to convert settlements with our enforced communism regime, thus having control over South Zagoria, which is our main goal. For now, we want our presence to be known and create fear to the populace, so when we do convert settlements, they are loyal. If you have any more questions, please let me know either on the thread or in the DMs. Thank you.
  11. @Ducky Your feedback is taken into consideration, trust me. From what I read on discord it got pretty heated, and it was extremely ignorant for @Jackfish to say we won't change our clothing. If loremasters do find a problem with what we wear, then 100% we will change it. I know you only want the best for us and for us to be as accurate to the lore as possible.
  12. Rutkiy

    Mak's uncool clips

    Some nice roleplay!
  13. *Timur presses the ptt* But your bratri are not around anymore. I wonder why? Maybe it's because you weren't strong enough. It's time for you and everyone else to accept the communism regime. If not, we'll be seeing you soon. Slava Chedaki. *You'd hear Chernarussian anthem in the background*
  14. @Phatal Hello, the thread has been reworked with the help of yourself, we are now civil war remnants of a platoon within the chedaki that has decided to leave the main forces to follow through with the annexation of South Zagoria, the goals have also been reworked to fit the context. Feel free to shoot us a pm if there is anything else we should add or revise.
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