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  1. Matiss has always been a little paranoid about everything that comes his way, and makes the worst case scenario in his head. He also likes to plan things ahead, and not rush his actions, something that comes in handy these days. Matiss might be a little shy when you first meet him, but once you get to know, he will open up. Matiss ended up in Chernarus, by taking a hiking trip eith his old school friends. Since they spent most of their time in the wilderness, the news of the infection spread slowly, and once they got the news, the were unable to get out of the country in time. The group held up in the cabins they had originally stayed at. However, shortly after, Matiss's school friends had the infection, and he killed everyone but Matiss, who had to kill one of his friends. Now, Matiss is looking to meet new people he can trust and survive the apocalypse.
  2. Ilya was born and raised in St. Petersburg, and had a relatively easy childhood, as his parents we're quite rich. After high school, Ilya attended university and earned a degree in Economics. Ilya was studying countries with economic potential, when he came across Chernarus, a war torn country. So, Ilya decided to travel there and learn more about it. It was a really bad time for the visit, as 2 days after arriving, a virus broke out and chaos ensued. Ilya could not make it in time to the airport, to get out of Chernarus. Now, with barely any survival skills, Ilya has to find a way to survive in the new world.
  3. Kiril grew up in Chernogorsk, after high school started working as a waiter to support his family. However, the pay was little, and Kiril got involved with the local mafia. After Kiril failed a job set by the mafia, they raided his apartment and killed his family. Kiril himself was saved by an infection that had originated, here, in Chernarus. Though, it seemed like a punishment. With his family gone, Kiril had little motivation to move forward, but a man named Dima helped him, taught him all the survival skills Kiril now posesses and accepted him in his group. When bandits raided their camp, Kiril was one of the few survivors who managed to escape. Now, Kiril has to start all over again, find new people, who he can trust, because being alone can make you go insane...