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  1. Mate, I thought you were better than this.... 



    Wait, no I didn't... Ye weeb 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Woodzie


      Kabanino Anime Club? 

    2. GMAK


      Livonia anime fan club led by @Cuchulainn himself 

  2. Me and some friends of mine went to Topolin to have some roleplay. One of them, @OxeN starts having an argument with one of the people at the camp, until eventually he is initiated on by a blue armband. Since I was on the side of the hospital, I had a pretty good visual on the compound and I try to defend my friend. However, as soon as I try doing that, my game starts stuttering because of that hospital compound and the bullets go everywhere. I am then initiated on by another blue armband fella from behind, but he is swiftly taken care of by me. This was an honest mistake, it was not my intention to kill you at all and I apologise. If you would like to talk about the situation on discord @RoverBeast, let me know!
  3. Petya, born a patriot of the Russian Federation who has adored his beautiful country. At age 18 Petya enlisted in the Russian Army where he spent 4 years of his life. However, after leaving the army, Petya was often lost and didn't have a purpose in life, working a dead-end job at the docks. This was until Russia decided to re-take it's rightful land in Crimea. Petya hopped on the plane to Ukraine as soon as possible to help the Russian separatists in taking back the land of Russian Federation. A year later, in 2014 Petya was badly wounded and he had to be taken back to Russia. Petya ended up back in Kaliningrad for rehabilitation and eventually back at his dead-end job at the docks until eventually the infection arrived to Eastern Europe and Petya fled south into Poland and eventually entering Livonia.
  4. Priecīgu Valentīna dienu, jūs lomu spēlētājs

    1. Rutkiy


      Paldies mazais, tev tāpat mans lomu spēlētaj! Bučiņas!!!

  5. Rutkiy

    Report War

    Reported for building mudpiles
  6. A lower chance to get sick or complete removal would be great! Even if someone does get sick, nobody really RP's it out anyway, pop antibiotics and you're good to go...
  7. Right now it takes way too much time to break down the locks, and the hoarders keep on hoardin'. It was good as it was before the update... I believe there isn't a problem of offline raiding, it's rather offline hoarding. What if we disallowed offline hoarding?
  8. It's getting real bad out here, they need to be stopped!
  9. Man, those dudes at 1:36 got fucked man
  10. Rutkiy

    Rutkiy's Edits

    Appreciate it lad!
  11. Rutkiy

    Rutkiy's Edits

    I think I deleted that clip accidentally and miss me with that NORICE shit
  12. Rutkiy

    Rutkiy's Edits

    It was me who found it...
  13. Rutkiy

    Rutkiy's Edits

    Some different type of roleplay today ft. @Rover's precious Queen
  14. My eyes now hate me. But if it helps in speeding up the loading times for some and the overall experience, good addition.
  15. Brooklyn 69 hehe xd lol,,,,./..... How are you?

    1. Rutkiy


      Haha, yeah man, you already know boi! haha lmao x fucking d. Other than losing my voice, i'm pretty good man! 

      Congrats on Mod btw!!! 

    2. Banshee


      HhahAHHhaHDSFFKSDF THnak /.//...you man, I apre..,n//////ciate it!!!! Rolep today tonight???? hmmm??????? maybe think about it, cya later [email protected]!!!!?????


    3. Rutkiy


      Hellz to the thyeahhd man! We gon rollllplay on zeeee dayzrp.com serverino duuuuuuud. Bahdhsha woooo. See you brghoski doskiiiio wiooiijjjj hahahababa!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao haha hehe. Wrroooom wroooom! 

    4. Banshee



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