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  1. Born near the border of Russia, Jacob saw a business opportunity early on - smuggling. It started when he noticed his father hiding some illegal cigarettes when the family was visiting the neighboring Russia. So, Jacob started asking his father how this smuggling works. To his surprise, his father had been in the business for 10 years, only because he was fired from his previous job, leaving the family with not much income. At first, Jacob was told not get involved with the smuggling; however, when he turned 18, his dad let him get involved. For the first few years everything went as smooth as butter, Jacob was earning more than enough money for himself, while climbing the ranks in the operation. However, during a meeting with a supplier, Jacob received a text message that the man he is in a meeting with, has snitched to the police. Jacob excused himself from the meeting, leaving some of his companions with the snitch. He sneaked out of the farmhouse, carefully checking his surroundings, and disappearing into the nearby forest. After 15 or so minutes, Jacob started hearing loud bangs and gunshots. He knew he was compromised and couldn't return back to his homeland. So, he started heading deeper into Russia. To make his life more difficult, a serious flu had started to spread in Russia, which meant more police and military on the streets. Eventually, Jacob made his way to Chernarus in hopes of laying low in the area
  2. Rutkiy


    happy to help out a newcomer!
  3. Rutkiy


    you should know where the rules are found, young man https://www.dayzrp.com/rules/
  4. Remove them completely? No. Make them rare af like it was and remove them from traders? Yes please
  5. I, Rutkiy, forfeit my PK rights to Dr Bradley, which may be used in a time of betraying the group and breaking one of the Pk'able rules that are listed on the group thread.
  6. yeah, haha, great story development, can't wait to see where this goes!!!
  7. hmmm... 👑

    1. Final Turk

      Final Turk


  8. flame, wtfff???? What if I don't play in the same timezone as the owners of a settlement? Do I have to wait for them to get online? I have my own real life needs and I don't have all day to wait for some people to get online so I could conduct a raid. Plus the solutions you are suggesting would require a lot of unneeded time and effort. And I'll add this - If people can be online to loot the airfield, Tisy and Kamensk 5 times a day when I'm not online, then I should be able to raid them whenever.
  9. At first I was skeptical about a UN group, but you should do whatever makes the server fun for you, and seeing Lore Master support for something like this, is great! Good luck!
  10. I don't know what this means, but either way, good to meet you!
  11. Congratulations on the transition.


    1. AndreyQ


      So proud of you! Slay Queen!

    2. Final Turk

      Final Turk

      Slayyyyyyy queen

    3. Hanro


      We stand with you! 

    4. Burak


      friends hug GIF

  12. Keep them in, they give that COOL GOOFY immersion!
  13. You're the real speirs ✌️

    1. Banksyy


      always and forever ❤️

    2. JorrdanVC


      This new name is kinda shite ngl speirs.

  14. transgender-flag_1f3f3-fe0f-200d-26a7-fe0f.png rainbow-flag_1f3f3-fe0f-200d-1f308.png We support you in your life choices!  rainbow-flag_1f3f3-fe0f-200d-1f308.png transgender-flag_1f3f3-fe0f-200d-26a7-fe0f.png

    1. Rutkiy


      Wow brooo, I appreciate it my man!!! 🥰

    2. Kordruga


      We love our trans queens 🥰🥰

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