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  1. Rutkiy

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    Man, GMAK has helped me out numerous times, I feel like he is what the community needs at the moment to move it to the next level!
  2. Accidentally voted 'No'. This is just another way for people to hoard gear - bad for the loot economy. Also, if you have nice shit in your camp, I'll take your shit, this is a post-apocalyptic world after all
  3. Hey @Fae, I know this is kind of out of the blue but I just want to say that I noticed some of your posts in the Real Life Thread and I think you are really pretty. I've met you a few times in game and your voice is just as pretty. Maybe we could roleplay together sometime, when we met in game I was super shy and didn't talk to you and really regret it hahaha. I followed you on the forums so when you see this maybe we could dm if you'd like that. Byyee.

    1. Ronnie


      uwu what's this

    2. DrMax


      Please don't harass our staff members.

    3. SeversonRP


      Can I get a RIP for this lad

    4. Kenneth


      Haha, legend!

    5. JackZRP


      i agree, she is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen i want her all to myself

    6. NorwayRP


      o7 lad

    7. Conor
    8. Alkis


      That's how you nuke 1000Hrs on DayZRP

    9. Phoenix


      Calling @ItsChocolateMan aka her IRL boyfriend for his full and detailed POV

    10. StagsviewRB


      I'm all down for love and sharing. You should all be more open minded, and let the love be shared in this community. RL boyfriend should share too. Share, share all, share love. Share. I think she's pretty too.

    11. Alkis


      *gives Staggy 👀 look* I know whos not getting what he wants for a month @StagsviewRB

    12. StagsviewRB


      Update: Response by Nozzy:


    13. NorwayRP


      I 100% agree with this chad right here^

    14. Alkis


      @NozzyRP I will remember this betrayal to the Twink King

    15. Rover


      what confused GIF by CraveTV

    16. Hofer


      d&d hello GIF by Hyper RPG

    17. RiZStream


      Uh... I agree?

    18. Cuchulainn


      I'm proud of my brother @Rutkiy 

    19. ItsChocolateMan


      Can confirm. Really pretty. 


    20. GMAK
    21. Fae


      @ItsChocolateMan knows how beautiful I am at 7am when I just wake up.


      Also the man deserved beans @GMAK 😂

    22. Kenneth


      Team Rutkiy!

    23. Azu


      wine and pringles. master combo

    24. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


  4. Rutkiy

    Where is everybody?

    Half of the server was probably in Cherno where Wolfpack/Legion is. The other half, well, no idea. Some people in Kab, seen people in Novaya. Though most of the times I have trouble finding people myself.
  5. Rutkiy

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: SassyRP

    Best read i've had ever! Keep the interviews coming!
  6. Rutkiy

    Coloured military gear?

    Yet, the South Face jacket has been in game for quite a while and nobody has had any problems with it
  7. Rutkiy

    Coloured military gear?

    Isn't there a Gorka jacket that was re-textured to a South Face jacket, which is essentially a civilian jacket?
  8. Rutkiy

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    welcome @groovy stannis Great addition to the group!
  9. Rutkiy

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Treat him well, he's a goddamn national treasure... o7
  10. Rutkiy

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Stop watching Love Island and get in game, ye wanka @GMAK
  11. thank you for the roleplay: @Challenger @OxeN @Cuchulainn @Lucas @tosstheball @Queerios @NorwayRP @WongRP @Roland @JimRP @Saunders @Rover Y'all are MVPs and all others that were in Polana.
  12. Always been a helpful guy, plus he has put in effort in the video! Good luck on your application @GMAK!
  13. We try, thank you for the kind words, we enjoyed your RP aswell! And yes, hopefully we run into each other soon!
  14. Ilya Zelenkov POV: We hear that there are some drug dealers heading to Lopatino, so we decide to intercept them on our way from Novaya. We spot them on the road to Lopatino, and some of our members have a chat with them, while others are set up around the group talking. I take up a position where I can see the group. The blue armbands leave and @tosstheball initiates. Seeing that the blue armbands are non-compliant - running around with guns out, I open fire. The server crashes, only one of them survives, and we have some hostile rp.
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