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  1. Personally, I find a knife to be the best way of dealing with infected. They seem to spawn in masses at military buildings, as well as summer camps. If you time your hits right, you can deal with them with two hits. I don't really use any other mellee weapons - they seem to hit slow and infected usually have time to hit you. Make sure to sneak around and take them out one by one. Maybe let one infected aggro on you and let it run to you, and so on Another way of dealing wth them is to lock them inside a house by letting them follow you inside a building and when they get close to you, run around them, run outside and close the door behind you. Do this when there are multiple infected aggro on you and you can't take them out. Hope this helps!
  2. @Veryniceperson Was good rp from you boys, was shitting my pants I am a horrible liar + @Ducky's screaming didn't help
  3. Rutkiy

    D7 Mercenaries [Open Recruitment]

    Glad to be here!
  4. 1 server with 100 population. While the server still lags with 100 people it is not as bad as it was with 120 people. There is no point in 2 servers, as the second one will be used to gear up and all the main interactions, settlements will be on server 1. Furthermore, the server population will go down soon as people will have tried all the new things from the update, as somebody mentioned it earlier.
  5. Rutkiy

    Removal of buried stashes

    +1 I feel like most of the time when a stash is created, people would rarely go back and grab the stored guns anyway. Rather, people would travel to the airfield or rob other survivors in order to keep the guns in their stashes. Therefore no assault rifles go back into circulation for others to find.
  6. Rutkiy

    D7 Mercenaries [Open Recruitment]

    Well deserved guys! Go get those contracts!
  7. Andrei Smirnov grew up in Moscow as the son of a Russian army soldier and a nurse. Andrei always looked up to his father, who was in the army, and after finishing high school, joined the Russian army. He was sent to Syria as part of the 58th Army. When the outbreak hit, 58th Army was sent back to Russia, where they assisted local military forces, protecting important military sites near the Caucasus Mountains. In Spring of 2018 the unit was mobilized to the Northern Border of Chernarus to await mobilization of SVR and GRU units involved in Operation Aurorra.
  8. Finally! Let's get that bread boys!
  9. Ilya Zelenkov POV: We are sitting at a fire with my allies, PAMYATI, as well as @Mademoiselle. All of a sudden I see all my friends get out of a sitting position, this is where the first initiation happened. However, for some reason I could not hear it, as you can see in the video, I am the last one to get out of the sitting position. I hear ONE person initiating (this might be a DayZ sound bug, as on the stream, multiple people can be heard initiating). A second or two after, shots are going off, so I head to the white barn to seek cover and locate the initiators, and fight for my comrades, as they are being fired upon. I spot two enemies by the haystack. I see Pavel, I believe, so I supress the enemy, and when the enemy goes behind cover, I decide to push him. After going over the haystack, my game lags and I miss all of my shots, and get killed.
  10. Rutkiy

    S1: KOS / BadRP / Invalid initiation / Attempted RDM - Kabanino - 12/12/2018

    Myself, @Sylva, @TIMELAPSE, @Hefemand @Veryniceperson head into Kabanino to look for people to RP with, while putting on accents. We meet some people at the well, and Sylva initiates. People at the well comply. After a minute or two we take shots and Sylva is killed. I then try to locate the shooters, I chase one of them to the woods, and lose him. After I get back to Kabanino, I realise that Timelapse is also dead. I have a chat with @Jackfish, who tells me that he was shot by one of us, which, I deny. He tells me how he is glad my people are dead, so I start being rude to him. He then runs off towards Stary Sobor. I decide to run after him and apologise and commit suicide, as my friends are dead and I see no point in living. (I feel like the whole suicide thing was not necessary and kind of regret it and can see why it would be considered as badrp) I do not know what happened after that, and the reason why @Jackfish was shot. I have no video evidence of the situation.
  11. @Sleepyhead No, in that case I wish to drop the report. Also, @MrBobo I did not wear a black armband. But, whatever...
  12. Server and location: S1 - Vybor military base Approximate time and date of the incident: 22:30 / 24.11.2018 Your in game name: Matiss Jakovlevs Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: logs will tell Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: After looting Vybor military base I decide to head to NWAF where my friends are. So, I run straight across the field north of the Vybor military base. I see two people coming towards me, so I stop and greet them. They don't say anything to me and one of them aims a gun at me, and shortly the other guy does so aswell. I start asking why are you pointing guns at me, with no response. About a minute goes by with me trying to ask if they speak at all, and I get shot, for no reason. I understand that this might be a VOIP bug.
  13. Matiss has always been a little paranoid about everything that comes his way, and makes the worst case scenario in his head. He also likes to plan things ahead, and not rush his actions, something that comes in handy these days. Matiss might be a little shy when you first meet him, but once you get to know, he will open up. Matiss went to Chernarus to enjoy the sights and the wilderness. Atleast that's what he told his family and friends. The actual reason was to search for his lost family. When Matiss was in high school, a part of a History assignment was to make a family tree. While researching, Matiss found out he had family roots in Chernarus. Matiss's second great-grandfather, as well as great-grandfather had been a part of the Green Sea Cossacks, a host of the Russian Empire. This intrigued Matiss, because when he asked about this to his grandmother, she seemed defensive and didn't want to talk about it. That's why he didn't want to tell anyone about his intentions in Chernarus. While in Chernarus, Matiss didn't discover much, as the Cossacks were hard to locate. Though, he learned that they were great fighters, having had an impact in driving communism out of Chernarus. The outbreak came as a surprise to Matiss, because of the countless hours of hiking in the hills to locate his ancestors. Now that Matiss is stuck in Chernarus, he has no choice but to find his long lost family.
  14. Ilya Zelenkov, born in Rostov, Russia, was raised in a rich family. His father, Denis Zelenkov, was an entrepreneur, who designed aircraft, Russian military being the main customer, so money in Zelenkov family was always more than enough. Ilya’s mother, Svetlana, mostly spent her time at home as a housewife, caring for her only child. Ilya grew up well educated and was often spoiled by his parents. After the age of 14, Ilya began to get involved with a local gang, where he served as an informant at first. Later, however, Ilya began to help the adults in various criminal activities. His relationship with parents grew worse and worse, when eventually Ilya moved out at the age of 16, staying with one of the members of the local gang he was working with. Denis, Ilyas father, tried his best to convince Ilya to come home, even hiring a private military company to get him out with force. However, the gang protected him, as he was an important piece in their success. However, after Ilya turned 17, his mother, Svetlana, passed away, cause of death – cancer. Ilya felt guilty because he had no idea of her condition due to being away from home for so long. After realising what he had become, Ilya seeked his father’s help to get away from the criminal life, who did everything in his power to help him and succeding. Ilya took his studies seriously and passed high school with flying colors. He went on to study Economics in London. Upon returning to Russia in 2008, Ilya was greeted by two men in his new apartment that his father had bought. The two men were dressed in expensive suits and made known that they had handguns on them. Ilya was informed by one the men that they were a part of SVR, and were in need of a new recruit. Ilya was a potential recruit due to his criminal past and his success in studies. Ilya had been on SVR’s watchlist since his teenage years. Ilya accepted, as the men would not take ‘no’ as an answer, and threatened to take him to prison with the crimes he had commited in his youth. Ilya told his father that he was moving to United States. However, he was moving to Moscow, where he received basic military training and later advanced SVR training. As the training went on, Ilya started to enjoy his new life, which reminded him of the old days with the local gang in his youth days. In 2012, Ilya was deployed to Syria as part of the Russian Army, where he gained combat experince. Two years later, he was moved to South Zagoria, Chernarus as an SVR agent. For a year Ilya shadowed a fellow agent in Chernogorsk. In 2015, Ilya was moved to Vybor to keep an eye on CDF and their activites in the nearby miltary base, as well as to report any other vital activities. After the bombardment of the storage facility north of Severograd by Russia, and CAF retaliation, Ilya was contacted by Moscow to go into hiding, not revealing any details. Soon after, chaos ensued, revealing the virus that was taking over South Zagoria. Ilya seeked shelter in the wilderness, keeping his identity hidden.
  15. Kiril grew up in Chernogorsk, after high school started working as a waiter to support his family. However, the pay was little, and Kiril got involved with the local mafia. After Kiril failed a job set by the mafia, they raided his apartment and killed his family. Kiril himself was saved by an infection that had originated, here, in Chernarus. Though, it seemed like a punishment. With his family gone, Kiril had little motivation to move forward, but a man named Dima helped him, taught him all the survival skills Kiril now posesses and accepted him in his group. When bandits raided their camp, Kiril was one of the few survivors who managed to escape. Now, Kiril has to start all over again, find new people, who he can trust, because being alone can make you go insane...
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