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  1. Crush the rebel alliance

    1. Mental


      You were warned what defeat would bring

  2. image.png.b7c10c2d361ab28c76e1fa8d407166ad.png

    The sun never sets, god bless the queen

    1. NozzyRP


      God bless 🇬🇧✋

    2. Duplessis



  3. Call me an alchemist because I just performed equivalent exchange

  4. I received the following warning: Link to the source of punishment (report or warning link): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/33974-caraham/warnings/8180/ Why the verdict is not fair: The destinction between the UK and northern Ireland in the warning "northern part of Ireland higlighted alongside the UK" suggests to me the warning was made in bias towards the view that northern ireland is not apart of the UK. The warning goes on "Political discussions have no place on DayZRP and your attempt to bait another community member into a political discussion is both unwelcome and unasked for." I made no political comment nor did I attempt to bait another community member into a political discussion, I did it as its an inside joke among myself and @JoeyOGyou have assumed motive when you simply could have asked, if motive even matters? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This isn't a picture of Northern Ireland alongside the UK, this is simply a picture of the whole UK (as highlighted in green). I posted this on Joey's profile as its an inside joke because we call him welsh and you have assumed motive and jumped to flamebaiting. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points and warning removed What could you have done better?: if this is still determined to be flamebaiting after appeal, then I should have written an essay of context to accompany the post so there was no confusion
  5. image.png.07a60978b75f6c17aa3586bfa8f34b56.png

    1. MontyOG


      I agree


  6. You keep stumbling into being my hostage, might get a second cross
  7. A locksmith working in the London area, David saw the carelessness that people have in regards to their own safety and their belongings. Taking off the top was easily done and impossible to prevent, learning that if you steal just a little, no one would notice. With a friend in Finland, David would make a trip to see him as this friend was the same person who introduced him to the idea of going where one doesn't belong. Meeting in a small border town near Russia, they spoke of old times and enjoyed many drinks. On a drive out of town they were stopped by guards and ordered through a checkpoint. This was when the outbreak began. Falling through many bad people and avoiding bandits as society collapsed around him, David found himself in Chenarus.

    please dont add base rules 

    1. MontyOG


      No matching the pace in bases

    2. Jay


      KindergardenRP with all these rules that might come in

  9. what the fuck is this and why am I involved
  10. this guy fucks

    1. Roland


      You know it boiiii

  11. Your argument is atrocious. I also dislike the flu mechanic. Still voted no.
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