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  1. *David chuckles to himself before pressing the PTT* Live in Kabanino! Your government will rob you for the good of the state. *David barely contains his laughter* Starting to sound like the commies. Eh mister lizard man? *David releases the PTT*
  2. Caraham

    Close S2 until S1 is full

    I voted to keep S2 Open and its purely for overflow reasons People have made points about ghosting etc but here is why that is not a good argument. Saying that leaving S2 open is a bad thing because of rule breaks is irrelevant to S2. This comes down to trust in our report/appeal system. If someone uses S2 to ghost and gain an advantage on S1, then it can be dealt with in a report. While ghosting itself is not a rule break, appeals where ghosting occours typically also carry another problem like, for example, logging behind an enemy who has acted hostile towards a teammate. This problem also comes down to the balance between the number of Ghosting reports that take staff time and (if there has been a report) most likely also means there was a negative RP experience from the 'victims' and making sure that everyone can play. Whilst there can be an argument that S2 players should be on S1 to increase net interactions on S1, I believe that in the current state of S1 and S2, that leaving S2 open is the best option. The best solution to this would to have an automated system bywhich S2 would open automatically once S1 reaches a certain population, a number of 80 was mentioned.
  3. Caraham

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

  4. I believe if you catch them in the act of breaking down the wall you should gain KoS, especially given how long it takes to break a wall, if you catch someone then they are clearly committed to being hostile towards the base owners.
  5. *After a little chuckle, David hits the PTT button* Bit strange that the commies are trying to incentivise capitalist trading in their own territory. *after a pause* Liars or idiots? Probably both. Releases the PTT *static*
  6. Caraham

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    I have just been skim reading the thread and apologies if this had been said already but what I have quoted is similar to saying if you stay below the speed limit so you dont get a ticket is morally bad because your concern is the ticket and not the consequences of speeding. They DID give you what could be considered, in your own words, enough to not be a rule break or what has been dubbed a "5 second robbery". OP, I see what you're saying and it must suck to be in that situation but the only way something like this changes is if the minimum requirement of RP for a robberey was somehow specifically defined. I don't know if this is a good idea though, not to say it is a bad one either, I just don't feel like I have been part of this community long enough to comment. Thats my two cents.
  7. At this point, this post is BeanZ farming
  8. Last Man Standing, Kabanino Massacre.
  9. Caraham


  10. I don't want to publicly say the method that can be used to obtain the password within about 10 seconds, its quite obvious but nevermind that. As far as asking more questions, I think it should be a balance because if they are open ended it could take more staff hours and bottelneck entry. I think it would be better to remove the "Wrong answer" alert for questions that answered incorrectly as it becomes a bit easy to guess. That in addition to adding maybe 5 more closed, multiple choice questions.
  11. It's possible but given the work it would take it would be a bad idea. Nevermind
  12. You could make the rules page an image. Absolutely understand it would be horrible for quoting rules for reports. Just throwing out an idea since it would prevent the CTRL-F thing and would maybe give newer players understanding of the nuances of different rules as some, lets be honest, need a few read over's to really understand what is meant.
  13. David O'Brien PoV: I log into the game and then join TS. I ask whats going on with all the gunfire and hear there is a fight between us and Free Territory (FT). I move to the southern treeline and start to take aim. I confirmed all my shots before taking them and I believe I headshotted 3 people in the base compound in Novaya but got no kills as I believe they had headgear. A few minutes later I move position and am shortly crept up on by a guy with a ump who starts to shoot at me very close range, I kill him, move and the fight continues. I move east to get a better position on the attackers, I take multiple pot shots at attackers and I hear that the base was breached and I hear the massive amount of shots. With everyone inside dead aside from enemies I proceed to flank and I take shots at people who were confirmed to be FT. this process goes on for a long while before the server crashes (twice)? And I am killed in my new positon to the west near the apartments. In reference to the OP, I could not have killed him as I only killed one man, who attacked me personally, the rest got headshotted but survived. Edit 1: After more carefully reading the logs I did not headshot people and also appear to hit the same guy twice with the second time being 7 minutes after the first.