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  1. I'm sitll wandering what happened to the black camo hunter set.
  2. Caraham

    Perfectly Balanced

    Balance in all things.
  3. Oh that sucks man. You must have been shitting yourself when you realised What a way to go - a ruined gun
  4. I got you in the end @Kai. MP7 is moderately strong, the fps was ass the entire time. Good fight though.
  5. Well @SullyDat, I must say I've been impressed with you IC. I hope this pans out. I'd very much be interested to see this group grow and see how they hold the elections.
  7. Caraham

    Halo on pc

    Time to complete Halo 3 Legendary campaign with all skulls on with @Symplekti
  8. *O'Brien presses the PTT* "I understand what you're saying anonymous but here's the problem. You cannot blame the Green Dragons for taking your weaponary, same as how you cannot not blame a snake for biting you, It's in their nature. The light at the end of the tunnel is, like snakes, these 'dragons' aren't particularly intelligent. Use that to your advantage. *O'Brien releases the PTT*
  9. @Aristocrat @SullyDat @J1988Dizzle. Problems were solved and friendships were born tonight. Hearing the news of that impending attack and the attitude inside the compound was so much fun. Obviously special thanks to M'Lord for setting the whole thing up in the beginning. Albion will be a very special place.
  10. Caraham

    Whats your occupation?

    I'm in Software. My knowledge is pretty excusively back-end so I'm not great at making shit pretty but I can make it work. I do a little bit of free work here and there.
  11. Caraham

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    I'm glad to see the lore of the group be based on IC events, we certainly need more groups like that. Makes things much more dynamic.
  12. Caraham

    Removal of buried stashes

    This change deeply saddens me.
  13. Caraham

    S.o.S. Open Frequency (173.8)

    *O'Brien presses the PTT* "Hello. Aux...was it? Good to hear it. People need some level of civilization in their lives. If you are promoting that then I think we can be friends. We'll be in touch." "O'Brien releases the PTT*
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