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  1. is the 25€ limit per referral or total from all referrals?
  2. What we really need is Taviana. Also: is there a meme i'm missing here? Surely not.
  3. I voted yes. Livonia is better than chernarus, therefore I want chernarus to die. This post was made by Livonia Gang.
  4. Whilst I believe omitting the bunker is underhanded, those who would have voted no had they known this are equally responsible and really shouldn't complain. As things stand, it's the job of group leaders to keep the others in check for things like this. Quite frankly, I give all the praise to An Pobal for pulling it off. If anything, it's an example of how those deciding on prefabs should be more vigilante. Don't complain because you were derelict in your duty and you had one pulled over on you.
  5. Also, do none of us have video evidence of the incident start to finish while with Deagle the whole time? This is not going to go anywhere as is, its 'he said, she said".
  6. The reason I didn't kill you the moment I spotted you was because I thought you looked different to the people who I saw in the woods first and I couldn't confirm that you had taken part in taking Deagle hostage It was only after our conversation that I realised you had in fact taken deagle hostage because you literally said you 'had' him down at the compound following me see your two boys have guns at deagles back, which confirmed you were apart of the group. I then tried to stop you running off, I said "I have more questions" but you ran off regardless. That is when I went and threw the nade, I figured if Deagle was inside the container (which is a fair assumption to make when you are stood outside it, facing it and I don't see deagle), he'd be fine. Not to mention, I'm not responsible for keeping Deagle alive, as hostage takers, it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of your hostage. I could choose to enter negotiations or not. I chose not to.
  7. Hello I'll lay out the order of events from our side and then conclude with some extra points / questions. @Deagle and I head to raid a base that I had found a few days earlier (position logs will confirm this): Note that the above screenshot is likely not of the people that we engaged with but were at the base before. Back to it, @Deagle and I decide to raid the base, we hop in our car and drive down there, a few hundred meters before we get there I drop @Deagle off and hide the car in the woods and tell him to crack the code on their door. A very important point, if I try to radio a member in my group who is in the presence of others and does not respond after a certain amount of time, the assumption is that they have been initiated on and had their radio taken. Anyways, while I'm parking the car, Deagle runs down and discovers there is someone inside - "John" - After discovering this, we fake firefight shots out to the east of the base into the forest in an attempt to bait this person out to investigate so that we initiate on him and get inside the base. This does not work. After some more time, I tell Deagle to walk up and pretend as though he had killed a man in the forest and would like to enter to base for his safety. Almost immediately, a blue car pulls up and three people exit the vehicle. I see this and immediately reposition as I was in quite an exposed area. Some more time passes and I decide to go and move the car because I parked it just off the road in quite an exposed spot near the road that leads to this base. I then head back to the base to check up on things (all this time I had been attempting to radio Deagle with no response) At this point I assume he has been asked to drop his radio. I make it to the woods around the base and see that two of the people who pulled up have Deagle out in the woods without his weapon. It's at this point I thought he had been initiated on so I went to attack them in the woods. However, I had been spotted on my approach and one of the men raised his weapon at me but was too distant to hear him. I ran off into the trees again and stayed there. I keep looking around the woods but cannot find him, its at this point that I meet someone in a clown mask in the woods and I ask him if he has my friend, he says that 'We' are just talking to him and that he willingly gave his weapon and radio. I assume this is a lie, he asks who I am and I believe I said "Man of the woods". Anyways, the guy starts backing off and as he is doing this I tell him I have more questions but he continues running regardless. I back off a little and move around to get close to the compound without being spotted, I then spot a few of them around the container, and decide to lob a nade over the wall in the hopes I might get them in a group. One of them spots me as I'm throwing the nade, I throw it, epi pen and run off into the woods. I get to my car, leave the area and wait some time for the CL timer. Extra points: After having spoken with Deagle OOCly about the incident, he confirmed that he had been initiated on by one of the group members (I believe the one who died) before I tossed the nade - Quote from OP that he 'threatened' Deagle (bit vague, I know) As Deagle and I "Roleplayed recently", we gained defense rights when he was initiated on thus making the kill valid The metagaming points raised are irrelevant, Deagle and I did not make radio contact and when performing hostile acts like this, the assumption of no radio contact for a long time is that your radio has been taken and you're a hostage / dead. Neither Deagle or I recorded this incident, but I consulted the help channel on discord: I would prefer that I could talk to OP and group and settle this since it's just a misunderstanding of "dynamic group" rules.
  8. Myself and @Deagle were the 'other party' in this situation. I will edit this post with my pov later after work and Deagle will post his tomorrow.
  9. Perform a meta analysis of all reports checking those who were guilty of a rulebreak and then check the hours played of those who were guilty. You now have a spreadsheet of which rules newbies are more or less likely to break.
  10. Not with a Kashtan scope you ain't
  11. nice bronze mate

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      nice ain't it 

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  12. A declaration.

    From today my quests starts. I am pursuing the goal of most followers. I care not for beanZ.

    I will also attempt this goal with minimum content. Stay chooned.

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      This is a cause worthy of my contribution.

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      Thank you brother. I will do all in my power to achieve this goal and invite others to assist me.

  13. I do not know this man. I have no idea who this man is. 

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      I think I spoke to falk thinking it was western. what.

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