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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Calling a violation of rule 3.6 is incorrect Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: After carefully reading the warning, I agree that BadRP was a contributing part of that situation, i accept all responsibility for that. However, the power gaming rulebreak was not fair. In the current state of the game, Human steak does not cause any adverse effect on the person eating it. The effect, when working, is permanent and leads to death, could basically be considered RDM. Calling rule 3.6 is not correct because we did not force an action or belief on another player beyond game mechanics, we simply fed him human meat, which again, has no adverse effect at the current time. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A reduction in ban time to 2 days, an addition to rule 3.6 that specifically states whether or not if a current game mechanic is working is relevent and a recognition that I do genuinely take responsibility for the other rule(s) that I have broken. What could you have done better?: Remember that rule 4.7 specifically mentions protection from zombies, at the time i felt that whilst we were using zombies as a method of torture, there was never a credible threat to the hostage's life. Perhaps also consider the fact that rule 3.6 may have been broken in spirit, even if I still believe that in its current form and in the context of our actions, that the calling of that rule is not relevent in my current situation.
  2. Caraham

    S1 - BadRP - Ratnoe Outskirts - 07/11/2018 - 8:20PM

    I met up with @Richard Fisby in Grishino (I believe on the same day) and we went through north west airfield looting along (at this point I was not part of his cannibal group). We get to the ATC and he asks me how I feel about joining up with him permenantly, I say I like the idea, you seem like a cool guy. He then asks me all sorts of questions regarding cannibalism. I had heard there were people like that and I hadn't done it before, but based on what I had heard, it could be some good RP so I accepted his offer. We head north of north-west airfield to that little area with a jail and a few barracks in the woods and there we meet @TIMELAPSE, he goes through the same joining process as me and we all seem to be having a splendid time. At this point we decide that we need a car to get around and recruit some more people so we head even further north to the north road that runs east to west because I figure that it seems a popular place for people to drive. We're sat in an ambush position on that road and we spot @Onyx far off, coming towards us but veering off the road into a nearby industrial complex. We all dash towards him and like his evidence shows we rob him, strip him of his belongings etc. This was not bad RP. At the time all of our characters were heading towards being cannibals with @Richard Fisby having already been one. Our actions do not break rule 3.6 as, as cannibals-to-be our actions make sense. Cannibals are hardly going to be very nice towards those they eat, the same applies to our situation. We did not break rule 4.7 as your life was never in any real danger. The idea was torture, again at the pleasure of characters turning to be cannibals. And in torture, the idea is to keep the victim alive. Like others mentioned, the server went down and when we rejoined we assumed that @Onyx was dead as it is known that if you are restrained and log out then you die by default. Our actions do not constitute failRP, like you said so yourself @Onyxwe just so happened to catch you again in Grishino and you're salty that we just put you through the same process, in anything that proves our consitency, we continued with our actions, it was not a one off.
  3. David has always seeked to progress himself. This is not to say at no cost. He is a moral man, a man that looks for improvement for himself, his friends, his family. He is willing to defend those who he cares about and is adamant about not allowing people to progress through society crookedly, breaking laws for their own gain. He thinks this yet there have been many times where he has perhaps gone far beyond the line in order to achieve his goals, and to avoid persecution for his actions, simply moves the line. This is how he can justify some otherwise immoral behaviour. David is an entrepreneurial type. Once a software developer, David had travelled to Finland to meet a friend about a prospective new startup they could create. It was at this border country to Russia where he fell through a series of bad people and bad decisions that landed him in Chernaurus