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  1. what the fuck is this and why am I involved
  2. this guy fucks

    1. Roland


      You know it boiiii

  3. Your argument is atrocious. I also dislike the flu mechanic. Still voted no.
  4. Server and location: S2, car ride from southern woods to debug north of Topolin Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-03-16 Your in game name: David O'Brien Names of allies involved: @Retro (Other members of 503 were present but very briefly for the period I am making this report) Name of suspect/s: @RiZ Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): My car Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Example clip of 3.1: Various points in time where @Retro and I are speaking in game while @RiZ Is ignoring the RP to make comments / play music on stream to the detriment of RP. Shown at the 01:06:19 below and onwards: He says "I'm just gonna sit here and listen to music because I'm not goint to listen to this dude with a gas mask and a bag over my head" Lying in a report screenshot evidence taken from: He says he cannot hear @Retro and I. This is purely because he is choosing to interact with his stream / play music. We are very clearly heard at multiple points and he chooses to not engage in the rp. He also lied in the report claiming we were inaudible due to the burlap sack placed on his head and me wearing a gas mask. Detailed description of the events: I come into radio contact with @Retr0, he tells me that he has a hostage I can have, I make the journey there, tell @RiZ to get in the car that other members of the 503 had. I place a burlap sack over his head and another player 'Samantha' also enters the vehicle. During this time and at various points over the car ride towards our destination, we attempt to RP with @RiZ however he claims he cannot hear us and so he, basically, refuses to respond on that basis, despite myself and @Retro being quite clearly heard at the points where is not playing music / choosing to interact with his stream.
  5. My POV: As shown by @RiZ's video which he so kindly provided, @Retro walk's away from him various times to radio me, letting me know he has two hostages. I don't believe it can be heard as Retro will have been out of range at the times that we spoke about it. Anyways, I arrive and after a short conversation with the other 503 boys, I take the hostages into my custody. I didn't want the woman in yellow but she got in the car and off we went. Yes, the car ride may have been visually boring for you given the bag on your head, but I made various attempts to RP with both you and the other hostage. However, you can very clearly hear me try and talk to you various times throughout the car ride. As pointed out by @Eagle, you had music playing at one point so this may have restricted your ability to hear me in game. This would be your fault, not mine. I also spoke with Samantha various times, as much is possible with a mute character, and even had her RP with you a little. In fact Riz, I would say it is you that avoided RP as we can clearly be heard in game and you decided to dismiss these attempts as not being able to hear me despite you being able to. (Also, you never mentioned OOCly that you could not hear me) Post car ride, I talk to you for ~20 minutes which included a 'normal' conversation, some attempted torture RP which you denied rights to (didn't even ask to scar you) followed by a little bit of an interrogation and lastly, since you were avoiding the roleplay, I decided to let you go as I felt you did not want to be there anymore. It just so happened a man came up for you to be sold to. Quite frankly, I feel that this is an unnecessary report. You were engaged in a very lengthy amount of roleplay as shown in the clip you provided. It was in fact you that avoided furthering the RP when you decided to not give rights (which I agree is your right to do), but I would suggest you don't complain about BadRP / avoidingRP when you don't want to engage yourself. This is all without mentioning the fact that your painRP (or lack thereof) was laughable, you supermanned through having a flame against your face.
  6. @RiZ To what extent am I included in this report? What am I being accused of / what am I being asked to answer for. Just to be clear.
  7. *David Press the PTT* "Hey guys. I am looking to make some candles for mass distribution. If you have any experience, please get in touch as I am quite amateur." *He would pause for a moment* "Also, Kings Ridge sold their records to the corporation" *David Released the PTT*
  8. One of my personal goals is to have a lot of doors. Please don't powergame me. I vote no.
  9. is the 25€ limit per referral or total from all referrals?
  10. What we really need is Taviana. Also: is there a meme i'm missing here? Surely not.
  11. I voted yes. Livonia is better than chernarus, therefore I want chernarus to die. This post was made by Livonia Gang.
  12. Whilst I believe omitting the bunker is underhanded, those who would have voted no had they known this are equally responsible and really shouldn't complain. As things stand, it's the job of group leaders to keep the others in check for things like this. Quite frankly, I give all the praise to An Pobal for pulling it off. If anything, it's an example of how those deciding on prefabs should be more vigilante. Don't complain because you were derelict in your duty and you had one pulled over on you.
  13. Also, do none of us have video evidence of the incident start to finish while with Deagle the whole time? This is not going to go anywhere as is, its 'he said, she said".
  14. The reason I didn't kill you the moment I spotted you was because I thought you looked different to the people who I saw in the woods first and I couldn't confirm that you had taken part in taking Deagle hostage It was only after our conversation that I realised you had in fact taken deagle hostage because you literally said you 'had' him down at the compound following me see your two boys have guns at deagles back, which confirmed you were apart of the group. I then tried to stop you running off, I said "I have more questions" but you ran off regardless. That is when I went and threw the nade, I figured if Deagle was inside the container (which is a fair assumption to make when you are stood outside it, facing it and I don't see deagle), he'd be fine. Not to mention, I'm not responsible for keeping Deagle alive, as hostage takers, it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of your hostage. I could choose to enter negotiations or not. I chose not to.
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