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  1. YOUTH Chris was born in LA. ..When he was 3, his yunger brother Michael was born. His child years weren´t anything special, he was a regular kid that liked to do all kinds of sports with his brother. His father taught him to be disciplined, loyal and to help the weak. When he had to start going to school he was rebelious at first, but later he understood that he needs it to be successful. His grades weren´t anything special, he was a classic C grade student but he was the most prominent at PE. TEENAGE YEARS His teenage years were filled with the classics... fighting with his brother over who is the man of the house, chasing girls, trying to sneak into nightclubs and all the other stuff. The biggest change was when he turned 17... he was still messing around and getting into streetfights but he started to understand how life works and made his decision to join the army when he got out of School. He graduated from highschool and his father made him go to a military college. ADULT YEARS His college years were the best years of his life filled with parties, studying and working his ass of at the gym to get ready for the training. After College he joined the US Marines. During training he saw what being in the army was about ... or so he thought. He saw several people leave or just break under the physical and psychical stress. After he went trough bootcamp and officer training, he was assigned to the 1st Marines 3rd Battalion as a 2nd Lt.. He got deployed to Takistan where he spent 6 months. During his deployment he killed people, saw some of his fellow soldiers get wounded or die and earned himself a promotion by showing his ability to lead people and concentrate under stresfull situations. CHERNARUS When he turned 23 he got deployed to Chernarus and was stationed around Elektrozavodsk. He spent his time there patroling around Elektrozavodsk and helping people in need. One day, he led his squad away from Elektrozavodsk to a place, where they were supposed to find survivors. His squad got attacked by several groups of insurgents where in some instances the infected got involved. When he returned to Elektrozavodsk with the rest of his squad, they found the city abandoned, they tried to contact command but couldn´t reach anyone. The morale of the squad was decreasing and Chris decided to go to all the military camps he knew about in a desperate attempt to find someone. They didn´t find anyone and over time everyone from his squad either died or deserted.After what happened, he spent several weeks trying to survive, joining several groups, getting into firefights and seeing more people die.It all led to him becoming a little shaken but he kept repeating to himself ´´You can´t give up now after everything you´ve been trough´´
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