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  1. *Jerry sets down his blunt as he shakily grabs the radio after a hard night* "I'm in pavlovo man... you can find me there I'll be in the town just chillin." *Jerry sets down the radio as he picks up the blunt*
  2. *Jerry sits looking at the four empty kvass and vodka bottle before grabbing the radio* "Hello(hickup)... excuse me I seem to have acquired a(hickup)... decent amount antibiotics and morphine and was wo(hickup)... wondering if anyone had a decent amount of(hickup)... booze for trade." *Jerry releases the radio as he grabs another kvass*
  3. I was there and the guy was just saying random stuff about memes and how he had ligma etc. I did not hear his voicechanger but he was very odd and engaged in roleplay as if it were just merely a joke. I wandered into kab and found 3 people sick so i gave them some medication to help. I immediately knew that one person was a bit off when asked "Are you sick?" and his response was "I have Ligma, balls." I brushed it off and kind of ignored everything he was saying because it had little to do with in-game rather just random comments and such. We headed over to the military base by kab and we looted it but my game was having issues that entire time and as we left the base i crashed and had to reboot my computer.
  4. After a cruise ship Jerry was on crashed into Spain he traveled through Europe until ending up in Russia. He saw many horrible things that made him realize there needs to be someone brave enough to help all. That is his new life goal to help all that require it, because in a time like this if he won't who will? He won the cruise ship ticket from a radio broadcast in Canada. Calgary radio gave him the offer to take some time and relax but the ticket was cursed. Now he doesn't know if his parents or brother are alive. He makes up fantasies of finding a boat and sailing back to Canada but realizes how futile and dangerous that would be. So now he wanders finding what he can in abandoned buildings and helping all who request it. Too many times has he been in need and seen people turn away. He will not be like those people because knowing the feeling of being abandoned in a bad situation, he will never do that to anyone. He hopes to find a group of good people or at least decent people to join with. He is loyal to his friends more so than laws even though he trys his best to abide by a groups rules. his favorite band is the rolling stones and his favorite food is Sushi.