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  1. Lewis was in Russia for a conformance meeting about there new plain design, that would be the "future in fast travel". That night him and his girlfriend went out for a meal later that night they walking back to the hotel, and a man came ruining at him and his girlfriend they ran but he grabbed lewises girlfriend and scratched her. He ran back and pushed the man away from her little did he know that this man was infected with a virus, they got to the hotel Lewis spoke little Russian so didn't bother to find out what was on the news and little did he know that his girlfriend would turn into a zombie just from one simple scratch. That night they went to bed and he woke up to his girlfriend not in bed but staring out the window he put his hand on her shoulder and felt lumps, he looked at her straight in the face it was all winkled and her puples massive she stated to attack Lewis, but he made a dash for the door and slammed it shut. he tried to call the police but the phone had no signal and it was like everyone had just gone mental, he looked out the window to see swarms of people in the streets he saw blood spatted across the pavements and felt sick with disbelief. He dashed down the corridor and saw a dead mum and child and preyed that this was a dream he knew if they were zombies he could cover himself in blood and get away from the city. he started grabbing hand fulls of guts from the mother as her belly was wide open he covered him self head to toe in blood and made a dash for the road leading out of the city after lewis made it out of the city he made some friends called Albert and Viktor, that said they knew a place where there was promised safety to who ever could get there it was called Chernarus. They set out on a 4 day walk to the border of chernarus on day 2 of the walk viktor had fallen very sick from the stagnant water that he had collected from a pond, he became very ill and we decided that the best thing was to leave him. We carried on depleted of sleep and hunger we carried on feeling worse then ever before. We came across an abandoned supermarket in a town 5 miles away from the border, we were sure there were no zombies about and decided to loot as much food as we could. It was like all the food was untouched Albert was looking for his favoret meal and opened up the door to the back storage. A massive horde came rushing at me and Albert he didn't stand a chance. I kept ruining and couldn't look back i knew if i did i would feel too much guilt, my eyes watered with sadness i ran all the way to the border between Russia and chernarus..... When I got to the border there was no one guarding it. dead people littered the border children, women, men and family's all dead i thought to my self what next i carried on walking into the country of chernarus and this is what happend next.....
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