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  1. Hjalke Olufson is a 23-year-old man from the Faroe Islands. Average height with blonde hair with no beard. Like so many others he is studying at a University. He is very fond of history and culture, which is why he is finishing his candidate degree in history. He has decided to write his major on the history of Chernarus and the soviet union’s effect on their culture. With funding from his UNI, he was going on a trip to Chernarus to experience the area for himself. He was going to travel to Chernarus in the summer, so the weather would be better. However, there was 6 months until summer. So Hjalke decided to join the Danish Military and complete the training course. It would align perfectly with his scheduled tour to Chernarus as the course were 6 months long. Hjalke got to learn the basics of warfare, furthermore, he got more disciplined and muscular. He learned how to survive without a lot of supplies and primitive techniques. While being stationed in one of the numerous barracks around Denmark, he got in contact with a russian cargo ship, which were travelling to Chernarus. He bargained himself to a seat on the ship. As his training ended, he had to travel immediately. When he arrived with the ship to Chernarus, the virus had begun to spread. They had traveled in a storm most of the way, so their connection to the world was cut off. The whole crew was in shock when they arrived to Chenarus's shores. Hjalke could watch the beaches from the top deck of the ship. A small crowd of people waving for the ship to stop and save them. The crew panicked and began to shout in russian, but Hjalke could not speak russian, so he didn't know what they were saying. He saw two bulky sailors coming towards him, they grabbed him by the arms and said with a rough russian accent "Not enough food". They began carrying him towards the edge of the ship and threw him over. Hjalke swam to the beach, shocked, afraid and wet. He was now among the rest and the only he can do, is to survive. Hjalke moved away from the crowd and found refuge in a shed. He was becoming thirsty, so he began to roam the land for water.
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